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04 April 2005, 06:55 AM

This short script was written basiaclly to give me a universe to mess around with art-wise, and eventually turned into something rather nice.

The world of Seventy Six is very similar to a communist Russia, or perhaps NAZI Germany. This section of the story follows an assasination attempt on the dictator (Father), at a military research facility, using the Father's own people againsed him.

I wrote it as an action sequence, and as you can see, it is unfinished, although there is a bit of concept work that has been done, and some descriptions for area's already written.
I havn't touched this in a while, and if someone wants to elaborte, add their own ideas, or give crits on what I have so far-please do.



The Father

Black never see his face, just hear his voice.

The Guide

Wearing a 'traditional', ceremonial costume, to show the importance of meeting The Father.


The Father's bodygaurds. Tall, gracefull robots (see concept art)


Large fighting robots, with a direct neural link to a pilot pod.

Ghost Pilot

Pilots who sit in the control pods and share a direct neural link with the Ghosts. 2 Pilots in this scene, one wearing a black 'flight suit', the other white.


Scene 1

Futuristic Cityscape (Gothic Style Architecture...gargoyles ontop of huge city spires....).
Huge blimps with search lights 'partol' over the cityscape, with huge images of FATHER on there vid-screens.
Accompanying text explianing communist rule....

Scene 2

Shuttel flys towards camera, creating a quickfade to a mountainous landscape. Night shot....thunder lights up the scenery illuminating a 'flying convey' in the background...

Scene 3

Interior shuttel.
View of pilot sitting in cockpit, with holographic readouts projected againsed a curved panel of glass.

PILOT: This is AF1 requesting landing clearance
BASE: Please submit clearance code
PILOT: Transmitting

Pilot 'pushes' various holographic buttons

BASE: AF1 you are cleared for landing on platform 2A

Scene 4

Exterior shot of military base, partially built into the mountain face. Massive guns surround the perimeter, and troops perform drills in small groups. Longshot of shuttel landing on a 'platform', which sinks into the ground as soon as the shuttel has touched down.

Scene 5

SETTING-Shuttel has landed in a large hanger with various military aircraft inside it. 100 military personal on the left and right hand side of the shuttel, (Think RETURN OF THE JEDI).

Shuttel ramp comes down...
2 TRIFINIA Boydgaurds exit down the ramp. When they have reached the bottom...THE FATHER emerges, with another 2 TRIFINIA flanking his sides.

Camera shifts to a shot of THE GUIDE walking through the hanger towards THE FATHERS ship. He appears nervous....

THE FATHER continues walking down the hanger, surrounded by the imposing TRIFINIA, who slowly glance around...

THE FATHER and THE GUIDE meet, and continue walking towards a door at the end of the hanger.

GUIDE: is an honour to have you here.
FATHER: *Nods*
GUIDE: The temple is almost complete sir...
FATHER: I wish to see the Ghosts.
GUIDE: Yes sir, I have prepared a tour of the facil...
FATHER: I wish to see the Ghosts now.
GUIDE: *Gulping* Yes sir.

They reach the door, walk through it...and it closes with a metalic hiss.

Scene 6

SETTING-Ghost dock.

LONG SHOT of dock. Hall sized (100m x 100m) with the 2 GHOSTS on separate ends of the dock.
The Ghosts are surrounded by scafholding. One of them is in 2 parts.

A door opens to the left of the scene, and THE FATHER, THE GUIDE and THE TRIFINIA walk into the dock...

Camera focuses on THE MECHANIC Working on the GHOST which is in 2 separate pieces.
MECHANIC is human, with a massive 'welding/all purpose tool' atached onto his arm. He is engrossed in his work.
*note* Tool is CG. Can do some really cool looking stuff here

THE FATHER, THE GUIDE and THE TRIFINIA enter the scene, with THE GUIDE explaining...

GUIDE: ..The piloting plugs are on the far side, and will be moved to the test station for the demostration. This is the assembly dock where we do all work on the mechanical parts of the GHOSTS...

THEY turn to walk they do, one of THE TRIFINA drops something...a small sphericle device.
The device hovers slightly off the ground...and begins to move...manuvering itself around the various obstacles on the ground.


Scene 7

SETTING-Testing Station.
Large dome structure. Metal Rafters. Mainly a large empty hall.
NOTE-Props will be added when action scenes have been choreographed. Things to be thrown into...Vehicles to be destroyed...Rafters to hang off of, obstacles to duck behind, etc...
The two GHOSTS (Cleric and Bishop) stand in the center of the proving ground, back to back.

Camera focuses on the two PILOTS. They have shaved heads, with tattoo'ed faces. Some sort of religious symbols? *NOTE-Extended universe...the GHOSTS hold some sort of religious symbolism?*.
Jackets with very high collars, that on the back go right up halfway the head. DESIGN TO FOLLOW.
Must look intimidating. Classic Good vs Evil

CLERIC PILOT: Lets Lock n Load!

They sit inside the PILOT PLUGS. Spheres that hover slightly off the ground. As they sit in them, the spheres drop SLIGHTLY from the extra weight, and then correct themselves.

A holographic interface opens up infront of one of the pilots. He presses a few 'buttons', and leans back...a helmet begins to 'grow' over the pilots head.

COMPUTER VOICE: Initiating Neural GHOST link.

Scene 8

Cut to a quick 3 second animation of the pilots mind being transfered into the GHOST. Basically a lt of flashinglights, down a virtual 'tunnel'. Goes straight to blackness.

Scene 9

Camera pulls back from an EXTREME CLOSE UP of CLERICs head, to show its entire body.
Both CLERIC and BISHOP stand up, and move around a little, getting used to there new skins,
Then....coming from holes in the ground, the drones appear. 8 of them-surrounding the GHOSTS. After a few seconds silence, one of the DRONES loads the machine gun attached to its arm. At the 'Click' of the gun, CLERIC springs forward with his sword, slicing the drones arm off, and with a sweep of his sword cuts the drone in half.
All hell breaks loose.


SCENE 10 = DRONE FIGHT SCENE. Labled as following:

Scene 10 A, Scene 10 B, etc etc etc...

During SCENE 10, The camera focuses on the hovering sphere, which upon reaching the pilot plug, opens itself up into a 6 legged mechanical 'creature'. *Design to be finalised*.
The creature jumps up 2 the PILOT PLUG, and inbeds itself in2 the unit...

A warning light flashes on one of the life support consoles that surrounds the PILOT PLUGS.


Scene 11

The last DRONE falls...FATHER stands up, and slowly applauds...

Scene 12

The 'insect' exectures its program...
A visual representation of a 'virus' spreading throughout the cabeling of the PILOT PLUG.
The BLACK PILOT's eyes twitch, and flash red for half a second.

Scene 13

BISHOP's head slowly turns towards the viewing platform, and focuses on an instant he rips his sword out of one of the fallen drones and hurls it straight towards FATHER...

Scene 14

The camera follows the path of the sword heading towards FATHER, slicing through the air. One of The Trifinia pushes FATHER out of harms way, and instead gets impaled by the sword, which carries her backwards and pins her through her chest to the concrete.

One of the Trifina moves infront of FATHER, as the other 2 jump off the viewing platform and begin 2 run for BISHOP...

Scene 15

Quick flash of BISHOP's PILOTS eyes twitching...

Scene 16

BISHOP crouches down, and jumps forward towards the TRIFINIA, landing on one of them, crushing her. The second TRIFINIA attacks BISHOP with her sword, but only hits air. BISHOP dodges every single swipe. He sumersaults backwards, and as he lands, uses his foot to flick up a jagged piece of metal that lay on the ground. It flies high through the air...BISHOP does a flying kick, connecting his foot with the metal, it hurdles towards the oncoming TRIFINIA, slicing her head off.....she drops to the floor.

Scene 17 (Setting up the major fight).

BISHOP looks up....and infront of him stands CLERIC, holding two swords...
Camera closeup of BISHOP's head...
Camera closeup of CLERIC's head...
Over shoulder shot focusing on CLERIC...
Over shoulder shot focusing on BISHOP...
Camera cuts to a 'classic fighting game view'. BISCHOP on the left...CLERIC on the right.

Scene 18

Camera cuts to BISHOPs PILOTS eyes...twitching...then to CLERIC's PILOTS eyes...

Scene 19

CLERIC attacks.



I wanted something feminine about the bodygaurds...something graceful...

This was when I was toying around with the idea that the Ghosts are organic creatures, or cyborgs. I've got a few other sketches of the purely robotic ghosts, and will upload those a little bit later.

04 April 2005, 06:41 PM
Some more artwork:

04 April 2005, 08:40 PM
well story is not bad but I like funny shorts more :-). Do you think ереф you'll be able to handle all this? It will be pretty long films I think... Well good luck, I'm sure you'll need it with such serious plans :-).

P.S. I think there is too much japanese in your sketches... Maybe you should add some difference to them, I don't know... some Fallout-like stylistic. Or a Star Wars...

04 April 2005, 09:08 AM
I agree that funny shorts are better-but this didnt really start out as a short....just a few ideas so that I could create a 'coherant' world for some drawings. I'm also not a funny guy! :)

It will be long-but I dont think its impossible. There are certain shots that i knoe exactly how I would pull them off (integrating live action and CG)....with the other shots being harder, as I'm not an animator.

The design style is very japanese-but thats just the art direction i've chosen. THe actual facility I think would be more 'dirty' and factory like.

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