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12 December 2001, 09:47 AM
hey guys i was trying to use the snow procedural shader, now the thing is that to use it u have to have the normals facing up, and my scene has a box, that is sub-devided and the top of the box doesent seem to have any normals : \ i think i may have done soemthing wrong or if u have any tips, that would be great aswell : )

secondly, i am new to the particles, i havent used them before, i went to edharriss looking for a tutorial but it didnt talk about the basics, any who, i am wanting to have a particle system that blows snow in a specific direction. so far i have been able to do all that except make a snow shader for the particle system. what i am trying to do is similar to what is shown in the xsi 2.0 snow demo. i hope i made some sence....

thx :)


01 January 2002, 06:16 PM
Hey dookie

I'm not quite sure how they have done the demo of Manta however to create snowflakes you might want to try and use a spirte of a snowflake you can find a picture in your XSI Sample database:


To set a particule as a sprite you will need to set the following:
Particles Type>Shader Shape>then select Sprite and upload the snowflake picture. (from the path above)

As for your box that doesn't have any's sound a bit strange, maybe if you can upload a picture on the web I can take a look at it and have a more precis idea exactly what is going on.


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