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03 March 2005, 03:55 PM
Hi everyone..this is my first 3d short film storyline..made this for my major project 1~! I hope someone can help me develope this story~!

Once upon a time, in a deep jungle, lived a beautiful but cocky Hornbill. His name is Bill. One day, there's a small bird called Leane wants to be friends with him, but Bill thinks that Leane is not competent to be his friend because Bill is such a beautiful bird and it certainly is shameful if he was seen befriending a small ugly bird. But Leane is determined to make durian his friend. So he came up with an idea. He asked Bill to come with him to see a wonderful place but with one condition, Bill must become his friend. Out of curiosity Bill become Leane's friend. Leane is very happy.

So, Leane bring Bill to a secret place. It is a big enclosed place, in there was filled with lots and lots of mirrors, so ciku enters the room. He danced and hopped and laughed gaily. After a few moments he exits the room and then he asked Bill to enter the room. Bill thought the room was really fun as he heard Leane's laugh and danced so he enters the room and what a shock did Bill gets. He looks around him and saw many, many birds that look just like him, staring back at him. He freaked out. He was so scared that he actually cried when he came out.

Leane just looked at him. Leane told durian that what he saw was actually hundreds of images of himself. Leane told Bill that selfishness is not a good thing. People around us, friends we have are the things that shape us into what we really are. When we are good to another, then another will treat us with goodness and if we treat them badly, they will treat us the same way we treated them. So, don't do anything that you yourself do not want other people to do to you.

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03 March 2005, 03:55 PM
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