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02 February 2002, 05:49 PM
Hi guys, I'm really interested in this forum...It's kinda cool to be able to talk with professionals for generals informations about game devloppement!

I got a question here, when you are planning to create a game for console, on wich resolution will you concentrate your works?


About the Xbox Specs it was said than resolution could be Up to 1900X1600 or something like that? What the ****?

Do we have to start havin in mind that new generation TVs(HDTV...) are arriving?

I hope you understood my english and to have some answers about this begginer question!

See ya!

02 February 2002, 06:36 PM
It varys on the game, and the console,

but I know PS2 is pretty low,
like 512 by 4something on many titles.
of course some games run higher, like in the 6 or 700's
but thats as high as it goes(maybe 800x600 max).

wouldnt be suprized if xbox titles are a bit higher, but not much.

Dreamcast really had this sort of thing down,
all it's games were very crisp, although I dont know
exact resolutions for it(never worked on a dc title) I have
heard from ex-colleagues that the dreamcast had
an extra proccessor that would render the image at like 4x the resolution then size it down, although I think that sounds a bit fishy.

02 February 2002, 07:14 PM
PAL resolution is 720x576, NTCS being smaller at 720x480. Anything over this is obviously a waste. The Xbox is capable of rendering higher for HDTV televisions, I believe up to 1080p.

Resolution on a TV is an odd thing though, as the signal is analog, but scanned in lines. This means that you need x amount of lines up and down, but horizontally it's more variable. 720 is the top of the spec, but quite a few editing systems even run at 640.

Most games now operate at 640x480, last gen ones were at 320x240. Most render full frames then interlace on output, though it seems that the PS2 renders interlaced. I'm a little fuzzy on that point, but it looks horrific if you ever fall below 60fps. Seems like you have to triple buffer the result to compensate.

Nvidia (xbox graphics) do say also, that if you have the fillrate, since the chip supports it, that to get better image quality you can render a larger image, and sample it down, effectively adding more antialiasing on top. Results look spiffy, but I'd rather spend my fill rate elsewhere.


02 February 2002, 07:54 PM
Yeah, about the framerate thing,
reason it looked terrible when it drops below 60
is because to avoid tearing, it will ONLY do 60, 30, 15, etc
so if it goes below 60 you see a dramatic 50% drop.

we locked many games at 30, to put more detail in
and not worry about framerate drops, 60looks nice and
smooth, but 30fps games look just fine(remember thats Televisions framerate).

The thing that puzzled me about the dreamcast,
is that if they WERE using that render higher and sample it down technique, you would see an antialiasing effect, with slightly
blurred edges, but if you look at DC screenshots, you can tell the edges are not blurred or filtered in any way.

Oh well, guess it's just one of those things, heh

02 February 2002, 09:42 PM
No, the PS2 by default _will_ render at finer granularity per second. The problem is that if you're not rendering at a multiple of the tv field rate, you get pulses because the interlaced fields are out of sync. The fact that it can't hold a still is the same story, as the interlaced fields catch different polys and flicker like mad. Tripple buffering is the solution if you need the granularity, but it's pretty expensive to have to do. As you say, the only other alternative is to pick between 60 and 30 fps and ignore anything inbetween.


02 February 2002, 10:11 PM
Thanx guys for the infos...I really appreciate the help!

The framerate seem to be a good point I've never really took care about since today on console games...

I think I understand a little more why new gens consoles games have so much polycount in comparaison for PC's games!

The players on PC are expecting to play a 1024X768 resolution and even more these days...
PC games Creators seem to have to bet on better resolutions and less detailled models to be accepted more easily by PC gamers!

We are trying to create a PC demo oriented on Xbox specs in case any publisher would be interested in our products. Because the game style we decided to create is a lot more appreciated by Console Gamers we decided to try to reach them by the Xbox console.

So...we are trying to figure out the Polycount for our characters based under the Geforce3 specs at 640X480 with a framerate 30 FPS...

I know It's not really precise, but I think it's the best we can do until we have enough money to buy a dev kit...;)
Any idea or sugestion about it?

Thanx again

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