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03 March 2005, 08:32 PM
Sorry for the title but this subject is rather broad, and has nothing to do with gaming also but since i'm here for a while and i know there are some great programmers on this board i decided post my question here.

i search google and the rest for decent programming boards but i must say that i did not really find a baord where i have such a good responce as here so i appologise for the fact this has nothing to do with gaming.

Although my own opinion is that this has to do everything with gaming, or at least a part of gaming that has often already been created by a studio to develop games with and often acts as the reference to the gamer.
I am talkin about Flows here, and the development that goes with it. At this point i am developing a Object Oriented API for the web, i can not discuss the insides of it and i must tell you it is web-based. But this project is so unbelievable huge that i don't see the trees through the wood anymore if you know what i mean.

I've read a lot about API's and what they do, but every book i read does not tell me anything about the development process that comes with building such an application. Now i do already have 6 year of experience in developing applications for the web, but this baby seems to be a little boy if you know what i mean, i can't really explain my problem like xyz but therefore i ask you to please give me advise on how to solve the problem that i'm loosing track on this project.

I've written over 100 classes allready and typed about 100.000 lines of code, and just to test stuff, and to test all the different subjects, classes, and objects by themselfs, but im now at the stage where i have to put the puzzle together, and i am working on that for over 6 weeks now and realised that i have so many elements and so many options i can't seem to decide what elements are going to be controlled by the program and which can be controlled by the user and visa versa. I did made my UML sheets but they are quite large and not fully worked out cause i did not want to spend more time on them than i already did, otherwise i will surpass my deadline...., and you don't wanna do that do you....
Also i have written down nearly every function in details in notepad and anough resources to write a whole manual so i'ts not the fact that i didn't spend enough time on resoarch, pre-tests and tooling you see...

Another thing is i do know my patterns and i've read many books about them, i also do realy understand them so that could not be the problem..

But i think my problem is that i was never properly trained and i thought myself and i have the feeling there is still something i miss, i have worked for severall studios and did lot's of work for them, i run my own company for over a year now and learned a lot out of that and made a lot of friend instead of enemies so i think i'm doing quite well, but this is the biggest project i've head since now and maybe i'm a little scared of it and a little to carefull but if i make a mistake now it's gonna cost me to much time to recover cause i'm doning this by myself.

So if you understand my problem and you have some advice please share it with me, it could be great, and therefore i thank you in advance!


03 March 2005, 07:02 PM
Hi Galo,

Unfortunately you're already well along in the project so no solution will be easy. Right now you need to identify the high-level structure for your program and set it in stone.

I'm going to assume that you already have a set for requirements that the application must contain. If not, then that is DEFINITELY the first place to start.

Next you need to divide your project into parts. Usually these are the objects in Object-Oriented Programming. What may come to your aid are called Design Patterns. Design Patterns are common OO structures used in software design. (Look up "Design Patterns" or "Gang of Four book" on Google for more information.

I hope this information helps. You REALLY need to get the whole design written down as soon as possible so that you aren't endlessly trying to code then revise.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:

03 March 2005, 09:43 AM
Thanks mummy, but the point is i do have everything written down but not into the details cause that is just to much work to spend my time on, and the patterns im using are MVC pattern based on the Object Model principal of the OMG group.

Here and there i use some singleton patterns and integraetd factories to build my objects, i use XML ans the SOAP protocoll to interact with the end-user and 3rd party companies.

Anyway, im gonna look over it today again to see if i missed or misscalculated some elements in my design and will spend one or two more weeks of puzzeling before im gonna start programming, i just can't make any big misstakes here....

thanks for the help, other comments are still verry welcome people...


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03 March 2005, 09:43 AM
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