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03 March 2005, 03:58 PM
Krzysztof Madej has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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slave's tattoos - concept sketch

03 March 2005, 02:09 PM (

Hello everyone.

This is the first time I've taken part in a contest organized on CGNetworks pages and its a challenge for me. I don't consider myself to be one of the best participants of this edition, however, I made up my mind to participate to compare my work to my rivals' ones and just to have the pleasure of competing.

My first idea demonstrated in this simple drawing is as follows:

A wicked master is assaulted at night by his slave who manages to set free loosening a chain on the wall. The slave affected by hatred to her master does not take into consideration real chances to succed - she's acting influenced by strong emotions. So she attacks her master but he grasps her hand and keeps it firmly. Being stronger he doesn't allow her to pull out, it lasts just a moment. She, weak and resigned, slides to the ground - this very moment is demonstrated in the drawing. The master is excited by her powerlessness and vulnerability in this situation, he does not thing yet weather to punish her for what she was about to do.

03 March 2005, 02:15 PM (

2nd conceptional sketch. This time composition is paid attention to but it's an early version yet. I decided to incline the scene, seems it looks better.

03 March 2005, 02:23 PM (

3rd sketch is thought over a bit more and finished up. As it can be seen in the drawing a figure of the lord is without any armour so far but in a final version the figure of the master will have it as was showed in earlier sketches.

03 March 2005, 02:34 PM
Good luck Azakiel :)
i like the idea but you will have to think hard about her being a servant not a slave, i had the same problem but i dunno if slave is ok you would have to check that sticky to be sure. i didnt want to take the chance even though i dont think for a second i will get short listed :) i just want to finish the image :)

good sketch though i can see your skilled at drawing people :)

04 April 2005, 12:40 PM (

EVIL LORD - ARMOUR (concept sketch)

04 April 2005, 01:06 PM
interesting concept.
i have this ideas - try a angle above the master shoulder. or maybe close to the ground, looking to the master's face with a shining eye, and the slave at the left side... (well, i think you have a better idea, so i will wait for it)

(if i wrote something wrong, it's because i don't speak english so good)

04 April 2005, 03:22 PM
Hey what is she doing down there?? :)

Good Job

04 April 2005, 04:39 AM (

slave's tattoos - concept sketch

05 May 2005, 03:00 PM
Go, Go, Go! There is no much time! :wip:

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