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03 March 2005, 02:34 AM
Hi! I'm making a game called Dreams: Essences of Life.
The Game has a pretty long list of features, including Voice Actors, but one of the coolest...(And Stressful) one is the Fact that my game does NOT USE Tilesest at all... It Uses images as maps....
However, I'm still UNDECIDED whether i should use 3d Rendered Maps, or 2d Images.
As Of Now I've made just a few 2d Maps, and I really can't work with 3d >_<

*if You can Make 3d maps and are Willing to help me Create Towns Forests, Indoor scenes, etc. Please Post here Or Email me (Email on bottom of post)

*if You can make 2d Maps Contact me too! as I'm still undecided.

-YOU must show me an example of Your Work, (A SAMPLE MAP) and If You're using 3d PLEASE don't send me the 3d File...But a Rendered Image, as that's what I'll use in the end of the game.

AS OF NOW, the Game's character are gonna be 2d, but If you feel interested in making 3d CHaracters you can also Send me a pic of your work!

These are some of the pictures USING 2d maps and 2d Charatcers....they're ust tests.
EX: (

the Default map Size is 640 x 480

OK....So if you think you could help me make Maps/Characers for Dreams, Send Me an EMAIL with an example of your work, and any other info youthink may be inportant.



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03 March 2005, 02:34 AM
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