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03 March 2005, 12:04 AM

First I'd like to introduce myself. I go by the nick of Storm, my real name being Mihăilă Iulian, very hard to pronounce in english due to "specific" letters. I'm posting this thread in need of people for a project I am developing :deal: An animation project. The overall progress of this project is currently 5% or maybe under, and we still don't "have what it takes" to post the wip on cgtalk, because this is the best cg forum, and only the best of the best show art here. The main theme on this project is Star Wars, which will probably throw off a lot of people but it will also atract a lot as well. I've started this project about 1 month ago and when I realized I can't do it all on my own I started "recruiting" 3d artists and formed a team, The CG Entertainment team. We're still short in members since we need good textures, extremely well modeled characters and creatures and extremely well done matte paintings. These are the things we are currently missing. There are no money involved in this project. Everybody works on their own free time. Most of the current members of my team have joined in to this project because they were either Star Wars fans, either they wanted to learn while working, either they wanted to test them selves, either I have seeked their participations due to their skills(or have joined for the reach of the main goals of this project, which I would like not to unvail, unless members of the team want to know. It is to be mentioned though that the main goals and aims of this project would bring a lot of fame and money to the CG Entertainment team). I would've loved to post some wip here but the links to the projects are direct links to the 3d forum my team has it's hq, that making my post an advertising post, and not only, advertising another 3d forum, which is not good for cgtalk.

So if anyone cares to join this team, please do not hesitate in pm`ing me or mailing me.I've left both of my yahoo id and msn handler. I do not mind in anyone adding me to their list in demand of details about this project. It is easier for both parties this way. I hope this project brings up a lot of interests within the members of this forum. Do note that this is not a payed project. All you receive here is credits and admiration of others. I expect your messages(under any form).

Thank you for the time given in reading this message. As I said, I hope that many will be interested.

All for the best,
Mihăilă Iulian

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03 March 2005, 12:04 AM
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