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03-27-2005, 12:19 AM
Archie P. Valdez has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

Challenge Page (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/view_entries.php?challenger=6706)

Latest Update: Final Image: Fallen Angel: an old memory
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1116179047_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1116179047_large.jpg)

Here you go guys. After all those blood shedding coming from my eyes, i freakin cleaned it up, hehehe. If you open it in Photoshop, it should retain more of the original colour.
ANY LAST WORDS before I send my TIFF files....


Growing up with a gift of magic and striving to become the queen of thieves, LEYNA particularly burglarizes and picks the tallest buildings known to the vast land, which also contains some of the most precious antiquities of all that are known to the world. It is also the reason why she is know as the “Fallen Angel” to this present day.
Accompanied by her trusted servants/guardians, she always performs her signature getaway of freefalling; and every time she does a freefall, it triggers old memories of her as a child. Those memories somehow remind her of how she has grown up to be and how her servants/guardians are always there for her no matter what she does or decided to do.
In a deeper meaning, her subconscious mind always remind her the bond, the loyalty, and trust that she have with her servants. So having doubts will never be her concerns.

So the scene above is one of her memories being played in her mind while she goes to commit to her alias as being the “Fallen Angel”… (See post #87)

Just a little poem to somehow tell a bit of the story:

Growing up, you let me have my way. Not complaining to all the things I do or say.
Stubborn as I was, you returned patience and tolerance toward me. Giving me a chance to redeem myself through your eyes.
Even with your simple smiles it depict a great love and care for me.
Concern you guys’ maybe, I never seem to let go of my ego, nor see the problems that lies deep inside your eyes.
Now that I’m all grown up, you still stand by my side even with all those times of intricacy.
Now it’s my turn to return the long favor. I promise that one-day I will find a way to set you free from these pages.
But for now… Let’s have FUN!!!

03-27-2005, 02:10 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1111889410_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1111889410_large.jpg)

Hello to All,
This is pretty much my very first posting here. I\'ve been a member for a while now. Just didn\'t have time to really post some works.
Anyway, I\'m Archie and i\'m a freelance artist. If you guys want to see other works of mine and want to know more about me, please don\'t hesitate to visit my website. www.chaosarc.com
I\'m updating it next week by the way :)

Thanks and Goodluck to everyone!

03-27-2005, 06:30 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1111905000_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1111905000_large.jpg)

Hi guys,
Here's a sketch of the female character.

03-28-2005, 01:16 PM
love the loose feeling of your sketch... very nice drawing style. can't wait to see more. Keep it up!

Cheers, & good luck!

03-28-2005, 01:50 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112017856_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112017856_large.jpg)

Hi guys,
I think i'm going to do this piece. I did a bunch of thumbnails which i didn't post, because they were hard to read, hehe.
Well, this story is about a female who has a pet pheonix that she trust a lot. I guess i should develop the story more later on, but i just want to give a hint of their relationship.

03-29-2005, 09:30 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112088606_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112088606_large.jpg)

Sup guys,
Well, i think this is my final composition and idea. It is set in a fantasy world, about a female demon tamer. So she has two demon so far. I might add more when i start the coloring wip.


03-29-2005, 09:06 PM
sup artjunkie,

Thanks for the comment. I think i'm going to change my piece again. It's too simple.

03-29-2005, 09:29 PM
Welcome to the challenge. I like the concept of the master having absolute trust in her servants. Looks like she's in freefall and the phoenix will catch her in mid air. You've got a dramatic perspective there. I think it will be a difficult concept to communicate in a single image, but would certainly be unique. Good luck!

03-30-2005, 06:13 AM
Thanks Christopher. You might be right about that. It might be a little difficult to communicate the whole master and servant relationship with this scene shot. It'll be more effective if it's animated i guess. So back to the drawing board for me to get another idea.

Thanks for the comment dude.

03-31-2005, 03:42 AM
Woah I love the angle of this one!:thumbsup: Very unique.

03-31-2005, 03:49 AM
i liked that
very cool angle pic
good luck :D

03-31-2005, 03:57 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112241447_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112241447_large.jpg)

Thanks for the comments guys. I really appreciate it.

Well, i'm going with the Demon Tamer idea and having a good relationship with your servants.
I change the piece a bit. I will add more demons and what not. Let me know what you guys think?

Thank you to all.

03-31-2005, 03:11 PM
interesting image. personally i prefer the dynamic scenes in your 1st sketches. :)

none the less great work.

best of luck to you.

04-01-2005, 12:38 PM
I am going to have to agree with Slav on this one...
Though I also agree that it is a hard task to tackle and not loose touch with the audience with your first concept sketch... But the fantastic dynamism and originality of the concept are too amazing to turn your back onto.

Actually there is going to be a text accompanying your entry anyway (Rules). And that text is going to be read no matter how descriptive your entry is any how’s. So from the first moment or last.. they will know what you did or had intended to do.

And I think I could say that the results achieved from the more challenging paths taken tend to be much more impressive, shall you agree. And when the task in hand is such a challenge, it becomes a bit more fun to have to struggle with. To be able to ask ‘How’ until the very last moment of your creation. As a result there is always a way. I am sure you are capable to find a way to describe it through to us, judging from your earlier sketches.. how more ‘description-capable’ can you get?!

Well at least I personally believe that you should give your idea a few more sketches at the least. I like your last concept as well. And would love to see where it goes shall you prefer to go on with it.
This is YOUR entry as a result.

I am going too try and tag along to this one and see where it gets to!:thumbsup:


04-01-2005, 12:41 PM
i agree wit black, first ones were original in their concept and composition , the last one sorta looks like a comic book cover

04-01-2005, 03:33 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112369617_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112369617_large.jpg)

Whats up guys,

Thanks for the comments and critzs and for the vote of confidence for the first idea. I appreciate it greatly.

Well, you guys convince me to do the first idea that i had. So here's the update on that piece.
Instead of a pheonix, i made it more of a hybrid between a pheonix and a demon of some sort. I will put more images of this in detailed. I did detailed the landscape at the background, hehe.
As for the last idea that i posted. I guess i'll just post it at the regular forum for 2d when i'm done with it.

Thanks agian guys. I'm also tagging along at all of your works.

Goodluck to all

04-02-2005, 07:46 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112427963_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112427963_large.jpg)

What's up guys,

This is not really an update. Just wanted to do a simple line art and lighting study. Anyway, i'm still working on the first idea. I think that will be my final piece.
I just want to post this for fun :)


04-03-2005, 09:25 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112520312_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112520312_large.jpg)

What's up guys.

some update for the my piece. mostly the background. I love colors, so i don't shy away from it. i know it's going to be useless, but i think i detailed it quite a bit. So this is just the bg part of my piece.

Let me know what you guys think.


04-03-2005, 12:44 PM
i like the newer drawing of your character, but - just as the others said - the first scene had a really good feeling of height and movement to it

04-03-2005, 09:10 PM
what's up guys,

To: CoreyArtE, Maozao, Slav, BlackDidThis, Nebezial, and GhostInTheMachine.
Thanks for the great comments and critzs. I really appreciate a lot. I am definately taking all your advice and work on the first idea that i have.


04-03-2005, 09:18 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112563103_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112563103_large.jpg)

What's up all,

Here's the latest update. I change the position of the hybrid creature a bit and shrink it a bit. Bumped up the contrast on the sky and clouds. I'm still trying to figure out the pose of the female character falling.

any comments or critzs would really be great.


04-03-2005, 10:02 PM
yo, goodlookin sketch u got there, goodlux!:thumbsup:

04-04-2005, 10:09 AM
now for more advices, coz now i got ur link on my post:D try implementing more colours , yeah this is the moment where people give me the weird look, but seriously, the secret to a ritch picture is colour within the colour, also different levels of saturation and confronting the warm colours in the light and in first plan, against colder, in the shadow and further plans helps us feel the space. in my opinion u can do it,i have this weird feeling u r just warming up, keep it up man:thumbsup:

04-04-2005, 10:38 AM
WOW, i like your concept man! really cool stuff! I will keep an eye on this! :)

04-04-2005, 01:20 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112620835_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112620835_large.jpg)

What's up guys,

Just wanted to put some concept sketches for the two characters. I kinda already know what color to used. I'm also going to put some hieroglyphic tattoos on her.

let me know what you guys think.


04-04-2005, 01:33 PM
I will post a better update later on.

To: ECLIPSON and AM7 - Thanks you guys. i will be also be following your thread.

To: NEBEZIAL- thanks for the advice. It is greatly appreciated. I do love using colours though. I'll post the update for the background soon, hehe.


04-05-2005, 05:08 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112677716_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112677716_large.jpg)

What's up guys,

Does anybody knows how to get rid of watermark that they are talking about in the FAQ forum?

I guess this is a good update for me, but it might be a useless information in terms of the overall piece, hehe.
I went in and paint at 200% and added details and people and whatnot (i'm a detail freak if you guys know me personally :)

Anyway, I will put the whole piece later on this week. Right now, i just want to get part of the background cleared and in a way clean.

Comments and Critzs are always welcome.


04-05-2005, 05:28 AM
the bg tone looks dull in my opinion, pretty details tough, but goodlux! look forward to ur next update

04-05-2005, 05:40 AM
TO: ECLIPSON - thanks for the critzs. You are right, it is dull. hold on let me twick it and post it again. Thanks again


04-05-2005, 05:42 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112679762_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112679762_large.jpg)

Thanks for noticing it ECLIPSON.

Here you go. I twick the saturation of it (i knew i shouldn't have messed with it earlier, oy).

04-05-2005, 05:44 AM
I think the one thing you are missing and would be better off overcoming before getting into such beautiful details would be to have a shaded depth of the whole peaces. Like your environment is consistant of primitive geometries when you really rough out the details. You could make very well use of that to ensure that you get the depth there going.

Like for instance I would definately be expecting someone at your caliber to give me a nice sphere out of the dome roofs; of for those box houses to have the form of a box to start with. Yes ok I agree that it is not exactly a box nor a sphere. But the basic shadings wouldn't exactly change.
I hope I am making clear what I am getting at.

The watermark?
Are you talking about the digimarc?
It is a something like a image copywrite. You go and register yourself and get a registration number. And in a few photo-editing softwares, you are able to embed this water mark into your image via the filter Digimarc provides. So even if you image gets modifired or this'ed or that'ed... it will carry your digital signiture inside of it.

Hope this helps.


04-05-2005, 05:56 AM
TO: BLACKDIDTHIS - thanks a lot bro. I will definately clean up the shape of those buildings. I think i'm spending too much time detailing it. Honestly, all those details will probably be insignificant to the overall piece, but i'm just really a detail addict.

Oh yeah, for that DIGIMARC thing, where do i go to register?

thanks a lot. this really helps.


04-05-2005, 06:09 AM
Thats great..

Well ok as for the Digimarc thing.. I am SURE you will get much more information in www.digimarc.com (http://www.digimarc.com)

What it basically is is a sort of mark of your signiture as I get it. It is actually invisible to the human eye (So that means I am still able to see it :twisted: ) and even when you print out your works the mark is embedded into it.
You can only read it with the aid of the filter (So for printed out images.. you would have to scan it back into the computer)

Well enough said.. It is better you hear it from the experts :)

Good luck!


04-05-2005, 12:14 PM
thank you very much my fellow kababayan and new yorker ! i wish you good luck and looking forward for your developments.

thanks, i will try my best. good luck to you

imaginate guys...imaginate!

04-06-2005, 10:51 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112784708_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112784708_large.jpg)

Wa up guys,

This is a progress for the background. I'm half way done with it, just the background, not the overall piece (so more work to do, Oy).
I'm going to start working on the characters in a few days and give a better explaination of the story.

Comments, Critzs, and Suggestions are always welcome.


04-06-2005, 12:23 PM
looks great for now, here is a lil tip, set ur brush to overlay mode and give that further background an unifying tone it will help to separate the plans better:thumbsup:

04-06-2005, 01:08 PM
I like the colour choices. Reminds me of anime. interesting angle. Curious to see the characters enter into it.

04-06-2005, 01:34 PM
NEBEZIAL - thanks for the tip. That might be my solution for that. I know detailing that further background is kinda useless for the whole piece, but it is surely fun to do.

GAMORON - thanks for checking out my piece dude. Yeah, it kinda does. I guess that's part of my inspiration for this piece. I just wanted to do something fun and use colours. I'm gonna post the character separately first to get some critzs later on today.

Thanks again guys
Archie :)

04-06-2005, 01:48 PM
I really like your background, esspecially the bit of contrasting pink, gives it nice depth.

Good stuff.

04-06-2005, 01:52 PM
very dramatic effect you have got going there.... i like the radiant soft colours.... nice stuff mate.

04-06-2005, 03:23 PM
I love how you have tilted the angle of this and can't wait to see further developements. good luck...hopefully i'll get a chance to check back on this thread later. :)

04-06-2005, 04:27 PM

Thank you all for the nice comments. I am really gratefull. Hopefully, i'll finish the whole background by tonight so i can work more on the overall piece.

Thanks again guys,
I'll be following your threads too. GOODLUCK to All :)

04-06-2005, 10:27 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112826460_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112826460_large.jpg)

Wa up guys,

Okay, this is the creature "slave". Man, i should really stop having fun with detailing things. I'm posting this up so you guys can see the detail, because later on when i merge everything else, you won't be able to see it base on the composition that i have.

Let me know what you guys think.


04-07-2005, 08:16 AM
Hey man! this is coming along very well! I see you have problems with avoiding doing details right away aswell (just as me) But as long as it's not broken, why try to fix it? right? ;)

I like your colorstyle very much, it's really personal and original infact it looks psychadelic! :D Perhaps you should try to make you'r distant landscapes in the background more blueish/greyish, since they are so far away. Also the buildings and landscape seem very sharp atm. it depends on what you will have focus on, but perhaps make that abit more blurry?

Keep it up!

04-07-2005, 09:09 AM
excellent design it sorta reminds me of valefor from final fantasy 10, great work so far:thumbsup:

04-07-2005, 09:23 AM
yup. i agree with nebezial, i is a bit like comigc book cover, but keep the colours, they get along together perfectly, i myself like the firstcomposition you drew, it has a nice flowing effect, try to play around with it a bit more.. :thumbsup: just a thought

04-07-2005, 10:29 AM
What's up dudes,

TO: AM7 - thanks for suggestions and comments. As you suggested, i did put a little grey tone on the landscape and i blurred out the buildings at the back. I will post it later on today. I think i'm done with background. i don't want to detail it too much, hehe.

NEBEZIAL - thanks bro. I played that game. I didn't like the ending that much, but they have some cool creature designs especially the Aeons.

CALISTO - thanks for comment. I am doing the first idea that i have, hehe. Right now, i'm just finishing up the background, then move on to the characters.

THanks again guys. I really appreciate the help and comments. :)

04-07-2005, 11:29 AM
Hey Arc, finally mosied on over to take a peak. I LOVE the dramatic composition, the strong lines you've created with the buildings really give oomph to the picture and will emphasize the girl very well once she's dropped in. Nice details in the background, though I'd agree with previous comments saying you need to unify the far background, maybe fade it out a bit more to give more depth. But the phoenix demon is looking pretty amazing, great colouring on him so far! Can't wait to see how it shapes up with the girl in too!

04-07-2005, 11:54 AM
Wow that last sketch is very cool and impressive.:thumbsup:
I can't wait to see your final piece... Errrr.... Don't hurry too much, there's still 40 days before the end.:D



04-07-2005, 01:53 PM
Your work looks promising. I like the colour on your piece so far. I can't wait to see how you implament the atmosphere of the environment as well as the character :) Keep up the great work my friend!~

04-07-2005, 02:50 PM

Thank you guys for checking out my thread. I'm really greatefull. I'm working on the hybrid creature right now. I'll post the progress on that (and maybe the almost finish bg) later on.
ZEPYHRI, yeah i am working on unifying that further background and landscape. I think AM7's suggestion will work on that. Man, i need to stop detailing, but its too much fun ( i just hope i don't forget about my job. don't want to get fired, hehe).

Archie :)

04-07-2005, 06:52 PM
wow.. that is really powerful. love teh styel

04-08-2005, 03:06 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112929614_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112929614_large.jpg)

Just some minor updates. More detailing (must stop...but too much fun). Well, in this world, as you can see, heirogliphics and tattoos are pretty common. It's one way of show the connection between the Master and servant.

Let me know what you guys think.

thanks y'all.

04-08-2005, 03:44 AM
Hey man!
Your work looks powerful.
I like pose in your characters.

Keep it up! :applause:

04-08-2005, 05:48 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112939329_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112939329_large.jpg)

Okay, i think i'm pretty satisfy with this creature. Guys, i need your opinion before i add the wings and finalize the creature.

thanks in advance

04-08-2005, 06:48 AM
wacko the tripping bird, how s that for a title:D , love the details man!!!:thumbsup:

04-08-2005, 08:26 AM
i really like the design of your creature, it looks mighty! :applause:

tx for stopin by my thread,also.

04-08-2005, 12:34 PM
Whats up guys,

TO: W!L and CHINBIG2000 - Thanks guys. Always a boost of morale with your comments. I hope you keep watching my progress.

TO: NEBEZIAL - HAHAHA!!! dude, that's so funny... i love it. Then we shall call it "wacko the tripping bird" it is. Thanks for the comment bro. always appreciate it. :p

TO: Calisto - Thanks again. It's always a good encouragement to hear nice comments. I might work on the body hair more though. I'll see if i can get it close to realistic look.


04-08-2005, 02:22 PM
I love the bg. Have u tried putting the 2 together? cuz I dunno. Maybe the blue might clash with the red?

04-08-2005, 04:30 PM
hey cool concepts u done:thumbsup: ! i agree with some people said, the first ones looks better... this last one the creature has nice concept, good work on the colours!!!
gonna watch this!!! good luck!

http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?p=2138465 (http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?p=2138465)

04-08-2005, 06:37 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112985454_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112985454_large.jpg)

What's up guys,

Okay, after doing that hybrid pheonix, i've decided to change the creature. I need something that can show more expressive action pose and emotions.
I think this sketch can connect the relationship between the Master and Servant theme (i hope). What do you guys think. It's a quick sketch, but critzs are very welcome as always.


04-08-2005, 06:42 PM

Thanks for checking out my stuff. I really appreciate the comments and good advice.

ETERNA2- i did put them together and it blended in pretty well (but i had to adjust the saturation and contrast a bit).

Well, i'm changing the creature, so let me know what you guys think. I'm keeping an eye on your works too.


04-08-2005, 06:46 PM
good work arc, this looks much better. i think this serves the purpose more than the hybrid you made and the pose in this drawing also looks great. :thumbsup:

04-08-2005, 07:12 PM
Thanks GHOST. But i just noticed that i exaggurated that left hand a lot, hehe. Well, i'm gonna fix it digitally and design it a lot better than the sketch. Back to the drawing board for me.


04-08-2005, 11:02 PM
Hey I really like that you have the hand in the foreground. Great perspective. I wish you lots of luck!

04-09-2005, 07:24 AM
First thanks for your reply Archie. Somehow the new creature reminds me of wolverine, perhaps its the claws and the mask? The left arm should be shorter due to the perspective view and the torso seems disjointed. Maybe its still in concept stage but i hope to see the update soon. Cheers!:)

04-09-2005, 08:59 AM

Thanks for checking out my stuff guys. I'm really glad you guys are liking it.

G-HAND - i see what mean and yes it is just a quick sketch (i know, i know, that's not an excuse... hehe). Right now, i'm kinda stuck on what to do with the creature. The hybrid pheonix was okay, but it didn't feel strong. So right now, i've just been doodling to get the right character for the creature...Oy


04-09-2005, 01:54 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113054896_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113054896_large.jpg)

WOOHOO!!! I figure the creature out. I think i'm sticking with this one now. check it out guys. Let me know what you guys think. I call it the Earth Guardian Beast.


04-09-2005, 06:09 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113070170_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113070170_large.jpg)

WOOHOO, i think i finished the background (unless you guys see something that i might have missed). Let me know what you guys think. Your critz are very important and it definately helps a lot.


04-09-2005, 06:11 PM
that looks excellent man!

although i wud like to see more detail in the things closer to us.

04-09-2005, 06:22 PM
Thanks NOOB!. Hmm...maybe i should add some relief sculptures. What do you think of that idea?


04-09-2005, 06:24 PM
hhmmm cud be a bit much,but u can try it and see how it turns out.

04-09-2005, 06:33 PM
Hey, great background too. The blue is really stunning. I think if you add too many details to the coloumns it may become too distracting. Perhaps adding a texture or subtle details. I like the floating swirling things in the background but almost wish they were a little softer.
Waiting for more!
PS: Love the angle, it's making everything really compositionaly strong.

04-09-2005, 06:38 PM
Thanks agian NOOB!. I'll keep that in mind bro.

Thank you too BIRDYBEAR. Always a pleasure to here good comments from everyone. I'll also keep your advice in mind. I have a freetime today and tomorrow, so i'll work on it. I might even show the progress of the two characters which i haven't done in a while specially for the female character.


04-09-2005, 07:22 PM
Very nice background, very nice work :applause:

04-09-2005, 07:24 PM
ahoy mate.

i love the background. but i think that building is occupies to much of it... just a personal though... instead of vastness i kind of feel nostalgia.

04-09-2005, 08:21 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113078096_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113078096_large.jpg)

Okay guys,
I should've done this before, but i flip the image and i think i like this one better. What'd you guys think? and what do you guys think of the vines add ons.


04-09-2005, 08:26 PM
looks better flipped,i'm liking the vines so far

04-09-2005, 08:36 PM
everything looks great!are they real wines, if they are, maybe u shod make them look a bit more 3d, or they ar they are a decoration onthe curtuins, if so then they are fine. i like the rest very much, it really reminds me of anime cartoons. wonderfull :applause:

04-09-2005, 08:43 PM
Thanks NOOB!. I'm definately going with the flip version. I really like the feeling of it more.
I should be posting this comment on your thread, but you have my support on the title of you piece... WICKED!!!

TO: CALISTO - Thanks for the supportive comments. I'm really greatful. I'm currently fixing the vines right now. It's going to look 3D definately. :)


04-09-2005, 08:47 PM
TO: ARLUTIK - thanks for checking out my stuff dude. I saw your 3D entry too. I'll post my replies in there. Thanks bro.

TO: SLAV - Thanks for the supportive comments dude. Once i put the character, i think you'll see why i made it that way.


04-09-2005, 10:04 PM
Much Better.:thumbsup:

04-10-2005, 12:24 PM
TO: SPACENAIL - THanks for the encouragement dude.


THE Wizard
04-10-2005, 02:18 PM
you know I think you should move the whole picture a little to the left... Show some more of that wonderful buildings in the background. This way the *pillar* with the vines just seems to frontal... if you know what I mean. I have the feeling it blocks the view... Anyhow, wonderful colors :thumbsup: (exept for the vines:twisted: :) Change it, quick, quick.... )

04-10-2005, 02:44 PM
TO: WIZARD - thanks dude and thanks for the advice and critzs and definately the comments.
THere is a reason why i made that pilar looking structure take a lot of space. If i was just doing a background piece, then what you said will definately work. But since my focal point has to be the two characters then i can show much of the cityscape (i wish i could. maybe i'll do a separate one later on and post it at the regular forum :)
Thanks again bro. I really appreciate the help and boost of morale.

Oh yeah, the vines. Don't worry, i'm fixing that one.

Archie :)

04-10-2005, 04:16 PM
man, thanks for your comment in my thread, now that im taking a look a yours, man loos awesome, those colors are great.i dont understand very well the idea, ill check out this thread more calm later. but i gues this is some kind of background, looks awesome dude, nice colors you got there.

04-10-2005, 05:35 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113154499_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113154499_large.jpg)

What's up guys.

Okay, so here are the characters in place. It's still a very early stage for the characters, but i'm working on their details (i will post a separate piece for the details).

Quick explaination of the scene:

There is a festival going on at the background. So everyone is distracted and busy participating. Enter the female character; she is a thief and aspiring to be the best. She is know as the "Fallen Angel", because of her trade mark getaway (as you see here in this scene). The creature "Leaf" is her servant, but she treats it with respect and with full trust. SO they are kind of like friends and partners in crime.

Well, that's the scene. The full story, i'm yet to develop it later on.

Critzs and Comments and Suggestions are always appreciated and respected.


04-10-2005, 05:43 PM
TO: GENESISA - Thank you for checking out my thread. I just post the update version. I hope this explain the piece a little bit. Thank you again for the comments. I will be keeping up with yours too.


04-10-2005, 06:28 PM
Yeah, this is comin' along great since last I visited! Love the composition (nice colours too) and I love your character designs. I think I kinda liked the girl's pose more in one of your earlier sketches (post# 16). Good call on flipping the composition, though. I usually try to do that when I'm sketchin' on the computer (or holding my drawings face down to a light table when working in my sketchbook). It really helps spot compositional or anatomy issues.

Dude, you got a crazy amount of detail there in the bg! That's awesome! Keep up the great work.

04-10-2005, 06:34 PM
Hey Archie! u improved your work since i saw last time, incredible pespective u've done here, this is far the best one, it's looking good keep it up!

http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?p=2138465 (http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?p=2138465)

04-10-2005, 06:52 PM
TO: ARTJUNKIE - thanks bro. I'll see what i can do with her pose and maybe twick it a bit. Yeah, i'm a detail freak. I love detailing...can't stop...too addicting...

TO: GRAFIK - Thanks bro. I really appreciate it.

I appreciate all the suggestions and comments y'all.


04-10-2005, 10:49 PM
its actually a pretty good story arc. i like the whole jumping off a building and precisely landing on a creature. the perspective and motion is still looking really good :thumbsup: . she is getting away right? what's she stolen?

04-10-2005, 11:29 PM
TO: GHOSTINTHEMACHINE - thanks bro. I'm glad you like the story. I think i'll develop it later on. And yes, she is getting away and her "servant" named Leaf will grab her with those vines coming out of his back. About what she stole, it is something very important and valuable to the client that hiered her, MUAHAHAHA.


04-11-2005, 04:59 AM
hi archie,

it's turning out great! can,t wait to see the emotion and expression on her face once you finalize it...is she scared? confident, hardknocks, so long suckers and all that jazz. it would seal the deal man! excellent job.

we create, we imaginate

04-11-2005, 09:15 AM
Yo Arch!

Interesting story ya got there (no wonder you're a writer as well :) ).

About the image:

Cool composition and great angle, the master and servant relationship is a bit hard to read, the creature "Leaf" is

I recommend that you check out a falling person's hair :). The thing is that the Angel's hair is being blown first down then up,... all hairs in one fat curve in your image as opposed to being blown in all directions (and it does look cool, but a wee bit unnaturalistic). Now I know this is not about following the laws of physics, but you might wanna check this issue :)! Just a thought.

And for God's sake: Red boots and red bras!!...please! :)

Will check beck later,



04-11-2005, 10:37 AM
TO: CHINO - Thanks for dropping by again bro. It's nice to hear from you. I was thinking of giving her a "So long suckers and all that jazz" expression, but i might have to make her kind look at LEAF "the servant" to give a little hint of their relationship (i have more on that to add though). Anyway, SALAMAT MENG.

TO: ADAMOS - Thanks for checking out my stuff bro and for the advice and comments. About the hair, I'm still not done with it. Just like you said, it will be all over the place. That is kinda how i block things out. I do the big shape first and then work on detailing. And about the boots and bras, I'll make it red just for you bro, HEHEHE.


04-11-2005, 12:08 PM
beautifull colours. keep em comin!:)

04-11-2005, 02:32 PM
Thanks CALISTO. I'm taking a break on this one right now. I'm kinda stuck on how to strenghten the idea of the Master & Servant relationship. I'm doing another piece with less colours on it. I'm thinking if i should post it or not? Any suggestions on my delimma?


THE Wizard
04-11-2005, 10:07 PM
Anytime, bro!:) :thumbsup:

04-12-2005, 02:09 AM
its a fact that filipinos got a knack for creativity and youre no exception. your wip is coming along.

mabuhay. cheers man and tnx for passing by.

hmmm. way back in school i had a lady classmate with youre surname. i think she was a model.

04-12-2005, 11:11 AM
TO: THE WIZARD - Thanks for dropping by bro.

JUGERAS - Thanks for checking out my stuff and thanks for the complement. I really appreciate it bro. Hmm... i think there is a lot of people who has that surname back in the philippines, but some ends in "s" and some in "z".


04-12-2005, 11:12 AM
nice update man,i like the idea,and the leaf character!

04-12-2005, 11:35 AM
Hi Arc80)

I see that girl is falling...but I can`t feel that she is falling from the very very top, I think that her hair is too accurate, may bee if U`ll add some disorder it will looks more dynamic and interesting:)

04-12-2005, 11:50 AM

NOOB! - thanks bro. i'm glad you like the idea of the story.

MAZZUK - Thanks for dropping by bro. Yeah, Adamos said the same thing. So i'm going to work on it and make it flow in different directions. Thanks for looking out.


04-12-2005, 12:16 PM
just one quick note... i think her pose is unbalanced. her hair looks too solid(like brick or something) while the rest of her body doesnt really flow with the head position. i think its really in your best interest to look at some reference poses free fall is incrediable and with very little limitations. you can achieve many interesting shapes and forms. anywho... i guess i just recommend google'in some poses for ref. :D

04-12-2005, 01:55 PM
Thaks SLAV. I appreciate the suggestion and i think you're right about her posture. I will fix that, but i'm kinda annoyed with this piece right now. Actually, since we have 36 days left. I'm really thinking of changing my whole piece. It's kinda hard to read the whole Master & Servant theme on this one. I don't know... we'll see.


04-13-2005, 07:20 AM
I like the perspective you have going on the hair, very dynamic, i thought the lineart pic was a better composition though, looking forward to seeing how it comes out...

04-13-2005, 01:09 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113397791_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113397791_large.jpg)

Wa up guys,

Here's another idea that i'm working (i will finish this one too).

It's the same story, the same lead character, but another creature. This is a flashback scene. In the story that i'm developing, everytime she does her signature getaway, which is a free fall from a high place, she gets this flashback of her when she was a kid. The reason why she gets this is because subconciously she is reminding herself how she had grown up and what she is doing is not a game anymore. In a way, she knows she's having fun, but at the same time those flashback is telling her, be careful, this is not a childish game anymore. It also reminds her how her servants are always there for her and always do what she ask of them.

So in this flashback, they are on a train station and she is being stubborn on not carrying her laggage and she wants her servant to do it. So the servant does it and looks at her with a smile.

What do you guys think of this piece?
Let me know, because i value everyone's comments and suggestions.


04-13-2005, 01:16 PM
I like the ambience of the last one, and the POV. Bear in mind, though, that the finished artwork will need to tell the story all alone, without text - the master and servant theme will need to be clearly and immediately evident. I'm confident I wouldn't know what was going on here without having read your descriptions! :)

04-13-2005, 01:26 PM

THE_MIGTHY_M - THanks for dropping by dude. I appreciate it a lot and thanks for the comments.

BARON IMPOSSIBLE - Hey bro, thanks for checking out my stuff. I'm glad you like the last post. I will finish both piece and put em here. Also, thank you for reminding me all those stuff and suggestion. I'm going to add the laggages, smoke coming out of a train from a distance, the gesture of the creature and their facial expression and more designs of the environment of course :) But what do you think of the first piece?

Thanks again guys. I am really greatful for all your helps.


04-13-2005, 04:10 PM
Some interesting stuff here, Archie! The first one you've been working on is really dynamic, but this new one is the opposite: Subdued and moody. As much as I like the openness of the former piece, I think this new one, with the right character rendereing, could sell the master and servant idea a bit better. Good luck with it!


04-13-2005, 05:47 PM
WALRUS man, thanks for dropping by dude and thanks for the comments. I'm really greatful.

Right now, i can't decided which one good to submit, so i'm definately going to finish both and see how they looks.

Thanks again bro.

04-13-2005, 06:01 PM
cool sketches dude. ill keep tab on your developemnt. thnx for drpping by my thread anyway.

04-13-2005, 06:11 PM
dude... if i was to say this concept was a little bit better id be lying ... its a lot better. very dramatic and powerful. it makes me hear music and that is a rare moment!:thumbsup:

04-13-2005, 06:35 PM

ARKINET - Thanks for the comments dude and thanks for dropping by.

NEBEZIAL - Thanks dude. I'm glad to hear that. So far i think i got have 3 votes on this one or maybe four... i don't know. But i'm going to finish both. I can always post one of them at the regular forum anyway :)


04-13-2005, 07:21 PM
that's kind of sad... it will cut you short on time just make sure you plan things so that you can finish. the new one is a nice classic image... however i would recommend that you move the folks in the shadows more to the right and bring the girl/guardian or mother figure closer to the camera so that they are a bit more centered. should be awesome. that's all for now! keep em comming. :buttrock:

04-13-2005, 11:54 PM
I like the somberness of the new concept. The greys, browns and blacks could contrast nicely with the brightness of her colours and the servant. Aside from that. I'm not sure dude. Do you want to know what one to go with? I personally like this one better then you're other image. I'd go maybe with a different image size though. Maybe longer in the width then height. Skecth it out some more and see how it feels.

04-14-2005, 03:25 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113449119_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113449119_large.jpg)

Wa up peepz,

Umm...i guess this is my line art. I followed GARAMON's and SLAV's advice. I'm pretty happy with this composition and piece. So i'm going with this. No more changing ideas. I will go with this. About the first piece, i will post it at the regular 2D forum (probably just the background).

So more details to come. This is just pretty much just blocking out everything and some details.

Thanks for the support guys. I really value them a lot.
Comments and Critzs are always welcome.


04-14-2005, 03:33 AM

Thanks for the critzs and comments bro. They are very helpfull to finally getting the composition that i'm comfortable with and thanks for the support too. I hope you guys like this composition.

And to everyone, thanks too. Let me know what you guys think.


04-14-2005, 04:44 AM
Looks good. Something tells me though you'll have to raise that area over the tracks though. It looks too low for a train to fit underneath there. I like it, and curious to see what you do with it.

No problem about helping out. Thats what these forums ar for... and for ranting too. I've done that in other threads. ;)

:beer: :beer:

04-14-2005, 06:48 AM
Hey Arc

this piece is really nice promising:thumbsup: I love the spirit of it
Remind me of "Wings of desire". Just one question : will you render it in a realistic way ?
If so beware of the perspective :twisted:
I also love the contrast between colored angel and grey common people !

Ah another remind me of : Stray toaster by Bill Sienkiewicz

I stay tuned for more happy (days) paintings.


04-14-2005, 04:44 PM
TO: GARAMON - thanks dude. Thanks for noticing that roof. I'm raising it as we speak.

SPACESNAIL - Thanks again for dropping by bro. I'm also fixing the perspective of it right now and i'm glad you like this piece. I will definately paint this pretty realistic. I'll see if i can blend in realistic painting with those creatures.

Thanks again guys. I greatly appreciate the help. I will post a line art of the characters later on today.

cheers and :buttrock:

04-14-2005, 07:39 PM
:surprised nice details on that bridge above..i like the idea, whatever u decide is alright..all ur ideas are great, and u have nice sense for composition! cheers!:D

04-14-2005, 10:04 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113516280_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113516280_large.jpg)

Wa up guys.

Okay, i added one more guardian. Refine the design of the other two. Add more details to the ground. Fix the perspective and raised the roof so the train can fit.
Let me know what you guys think.

Now back to work for more detailing and colouring.


04-15-2005, 10:14 AM
Wwooww wait!.. Whats happened here?!

Hey were did the flashback girl come from? And all her memory servents? Boy has someone been busy?!

Things are going great on your battle feild. I see the struggle to realise the image has come to a newer level for you...

I have been spending some time staring at your image actualy. The latest train station one that is... And I couldn't help but notice the amount of dark tones you have used all through out. It just go me to thinking if it would be a good idea to increase the contrast on her hair, and then to have a point where it gets literally black... or close to it.
Then you may just be able to integrate your second image in the first. Or maybe to really increase the area, and sort of draw a line from her ankles down to her hair where the shadows on her shall begin, then to split the image from two and have your second image on the left of it.

You are going to have to forgive my story telling aprouch in my proposed compositions. I guess it is from comic book backgrounds... but it looks like your style sure can afford it.

Well my two cents. I like how you have broadened your concept... Keep em up!


04-15-2005, 04:05 PM

CALISTO - Thanks for keeping in touch with my thread. I'm glad you like this one too. I will put more updates later on.

BLACKDIDTHIS - Nice to hear from you again bro. Nothing is wrong with your replies. It actually sound kinda cool and poetic and you have a very smart suggestion and advice. I'm glad you like this one too. I'm actually changing the light direction. It's going to come from the left a little bit above. I don't really want to cast a long shadow. I'll put the update later on and let me know what you think of it.

Thanks y'all.
cheers and :buttrock:

04-15-2005, 04:38 PM
hehe cool that u found the picture in her memories :thumbsup:

this is coming along nicely ... i like that the main characters are in the center, but i'd suggest to make it a little higher and show more of the trainstation-structure above for a little balance....otherwise the characters might take too much space.

ill be back to see u progress :D

04-15-2005, 04:43 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113583438_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113583438_large.jpg)

Wa up guys,

Here's more update. Did more detailing at the background. I added some smoke effects. Blocked out the characters colours and add more people in the area.

Let me know what you guys think.


04-15-2005, 04:50 PM
Thanks VAHN for dropping by. I'll try and add a little more to the top later on. Right now, i just want to block all the colourings and details.

My idea on this is that the four characters are pretty much the only one that's going to have colours, but very settle and not saturated like my last piece. I'm also going to try and add a very settle volumetric lighting later on to use for focusing on the characters. You'll see the train coming too.

Cheers and thanks to all.

04-15-2005, 04:55 PM
Hey dude. Thanks for the thumbsup. I was thinking that it might help this piece out more if you made the girl in blue look towards her left. Towards the viewer but off a little. Just so these main characters aren't all looking in the same direction and in profile. Well the child is looking in another direction but the taller characters are all looking sort of in one area. Very anime. Looks cool.

THE Wizard
04-15-2005, 10:24 PM
It's great, thou I must agree with the posts from above... Add more dinamic in changing the point of view for some characters, this way it looks kind of too monotone... You know... Anyhow, .........sweeeet:thumbsup:

04-15-2005, 10:37 PM
its looking awesome in my opinion... i have only one more thing to say at this point... i work alot with 3d not professionally but just learning in hope of one day moving up to that lvl. but yea to the point. in your figures consider bounce light... they should not stand out that much considering that most of the light is comming from the out doors and the top... so the light bouncing from the wall in the shadows is a, lets say, warm brown... the color of the figures should have a hint of that closer to the wall... as well as vice versa... the figure should give off a cooler tone of shade due to the blue armor/costume. thumbs up i know you are far from done but i thought it would be something to keep in mind. :)

04-16-2005, 02:43 AM

GARAMON - Thanks bro. As i type this, i am changing the directions of where they are looking. thanks for looking out. Good thing you saw that, hehe.

THE WIZARD - Thanks for checking my thread again. I am changing it right now. I will post the update later on.

SLAV - Thanks bro. I will take your advice and suggestions and remember it. I am currently working on it right now. I am actually changing the ligth source direction. I'm putting it on the top left. I will post the update soon. Too much detailing on my end, hehe.

Thanks again for the great critz and help guys. I really appreciate it a lot and always listening too it.


04-16-2005, 03:20 AM
Thanks for the help, really, really helps alot for the tree bark idea.
By the way, your work is probibly the coolest thing i've seen so far. It's about time someone has a nice taste in the modern art.

04-16-2005, 03:30 AM
that's great!
i cant wait to see what you do with it.

04-16-2005, 06:13 PM
the background is great. are they elements? i like them, cus when i was in high school i was drawing them all the time, and was facinated by them. keep up!:thumbsup:

04-16-2005, 09:30 PM

DULSHAD03 - Thanks dude. I'm tyring my best, hehe. I'll be in touch with your thread.

SLAV - Thanks for dropping by bro. Update coming soon. I'm thinking if i need sleep or not, hehe.

CALISTO - Thanks as always for dropping by. Yes, they are elements. I'm a big fan of that too. Some of my characters that i have on my website have similar concepts and idea. I like using the the 4 elements even though sometimes they get overused, hehe.

Thanks again guys. I'll be putting the update soon.

04-17-2005, 12:51 AM
hey Archie,
wow, you changed your concept completely I see! Brave move, I really like the new idea. The composition is looking good, nifty idea of greying out all the people who aren't part of the story, that gives it an industrial feeling to it for some reason, kinda like some of the turn of the century paintings you see in galleries. I think once you've taken in all the parts of the picture, the story reveals itself and you figure out whats going on, and who's master and who's servant, which is nice. Lovely work on the bridge detail, and the rusty texture of the wall to the right. Keep up the work!

04-17-2005, 03:54 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113753292_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113753292_large.jpg)

Wa up peepz,

Okay, worked a little bit on the back. Cleaned it up, add a little bit of detail, and started working ot the rails.
The rails is not done yet of course. I cleaned up the extra people at the back too and added two lamp post. I'll put the full image later on.

Let me know what you guys think.

04-17-2005, 04:29 PM
Thanks for droppin by again ZEPYHRI. I really appreciate the comments and support. I am trying to make it feel old, but with a twist of something new. I will post the full image agian later on this week. Right now, i'm just taking a break and working on the detailing a bit.

Thanks again bro.

04-17-2005, 05:21 PM
HMMMM what do i think... U R SICK:thumbsup:

04-17-2005, 06:57 PM
No crit :cry: This is great. I especially love this last post :bounce:

04-17-2005, 07:16 PM
cool man - i like the new drawings! :)

04-17-2005, 09:28 PM


Thanks guys. I'm really glad you are liking this piece. I will put more update soon (just need a little break). I'm still trying to finish that first piece. Anyhoo, it is really nice outside today, so i'm gonna go take advantage of that (back to my other job for me tomorrow...sight).


04-17-2005, 09:34 PM
looking good man!

04-18-2005, 05:37 AM
SWeeeeeeeeeeeet. So atmospheric. I love it. New one is da bomb!

04-18-2005, 03:15 PM

THanks for dropping by guys. I'm glad you like this one and thanks for the comments and support. More update coming soon.


04-18-2005, 03:28 PM
cool composition:bounce: :bounce:
waiting for more

my master and servant 2d

04-18-2005, 03:32 PM
sick details man!:)

04-18-2005, 05:08 PM
Hello Archie;

I am VERY VERY sorry if I was really out of place by doing this. I normally never touch another persons work without asking permission prehand.. But when I opened your thread from my notification, I already had PhotoShop open... and then the next thing I knew I was just wondering how the two together would look like as I had earlier proposed. Then things just developed by my dragging the images into Pshop! :sad:
I did my VERY best to be respectful to your work. I only extended the missing parts and darkened/lightened accordingly.
If I was out of line, please feel free to bad mouth me and give me a warning, I'll just edit this post and remove this image with no hard feelings attached (I asked for it here)


Well this was sort of what I was talking about earlier. To kind of burn out the colours... and than earase them where they darken. Mine was done in a rush ofcourse, so it is nothing to what your details would present; but none the less I thought this might give you an idea.
I sort of had to sacrifice the brightness from the windows on the top corner to preserve the darkness passage.

The amont of detail you have gotten into with this last update is VERY impressive.
One small advise this should present to you is to try drawing with less saturated colours once a while.
I guess it would answer your propblem you told me earlier of your not being able to capture realisticness in CG as you do in traditional mediums.

There is very little to say at this point. I am liking everything I am seeing. And waiting to see some more of it. The composition in your flash back and the dynamism in your previous drawing is very promising (Thus my reason to just keep pushing you to use the both of them :))
I am anxiously awaiting for updates!
Once again VERY sorry if I went too far.


04-18-2005, 08:20 PM

XRIC7 and CALISTO - Thank you for the comments and support guys. Stay tune for more updates :)

BLACKdidTHIS - How dare you SIR!!! hehehe, JUST KIDDING dude. Wow, that's actually not a bad idea. It's a very interesting approach, very interesting. I'm actually liking that idea. Combining both can actually strenghten the story telling. I will mess around with that concept,hehehe. Just need to finish both piece though...sight...
But do you think it's appropriate to this challenge? Technically, i'm using two pieces of art works. But i'll still mess around with it and post it here.
Oh and this new piece is definately less saturated. I'm goiing to make it as close as to realistic colours as possible. I really want to make this world feel believable. Well, i'm trying my best on that :banghead:
Anyway, thanks for the advice, Critzs, and comments. It is greatly appreciated and i don't mind you messing around with my piece. It's cool with me, so there is no need to apologize or say sorry. It's actually very helpful and it opens up a lot of new ideas. BUt it's time to mess with yours :twisted: ...JUST KIDDING AGAIN.

cheers y'all

04-18-2005, 10:44 PM
I really like the fallen angel concept. The perspective is breathtaking and I really like those blue hues you used there. :) I'm curious to see how you're going to take this forward.

04-18-2005, 10:55 PM
Touch mine and you die! :deal:


hehehe.. well no I don't think it is unaproprieate. As a result you ARE entering one image. Think of how many images Nebezial presented seperately and than how he managed to blend them to each other.
Or better yet how about my entry which is literally a collage of irrelevent images?
As a result if you have a story to tell and they are asking you to tell it, you use what ever language you can manage.
I couldn't find anything in the rules against it, but take a look yourself shall you wish to.

I see what you mean about the "getting as convincing as I can manage" bit...
It is alot more convincing. I think a trick to such works is to make nothing seem as they would in a technical drawing. Like it seems you have made a hell of a design for the arcway. And then you move the whole composition around it to allow it to face us like it is.
Ok things can face you as they are.. but not really do you see every circle in it's design as a perfect one.
As you look at your image, does this make sence? Maybe a tiny skew or perspectie to get it slightly less perfect.
The colouring in though is going very good. Compliments to the chef!

Well I would really like to see how you put things together. And I am glad that you are fine with my murdering your works :)


04-18-2005, 11:12 PM
I like your progress so far. Can't wait to see the finished peice.( getting a little anxous to see the wholr thing compete, so hurry)

04-19-2005, 12:27 AM
Yo Arch!

That pattern is killing me! Funky cool funk ya got there ya little cool funk! I'll check ya funky coolness later!




04-19-2005, 02:17 AM

TEEMUR - Thanks for dropping by dude. I'm glad you like the first idea. I'm still kinda deciding what to sumbit.

BLACKdidTHIS - (don't worry, i won't mess with your work...heeheeheeheee) Hmm... i see what you are trying to say about the arc way. It does look precise for the rest of the piece, but i'll let you judge it again when you see the full image. If it still look too precise then i'll take your suggestion and twick it a bit. About the collage idea, i'll play with that when i'm finish with both piece, but i'm pretty sure i might just end up submitting one of the two pieces that i have. I want to challenge myself and see if i could tell a story with just one imagery, with just one snap shot. Thanks again for the advice and intellectual suggestions as well as for the supportive comments.

DULSHAD03 - Thanks for dropping by again. Dont worry, i'm working my way on that. I will post both pieces that i have later on and see what you guys think.

ADAMOS - Thanks bro. I'm glad you're liking the desing. I will be posting some update soon. PEACE

THanks y'all :)

04-19-2005, 09:33 AM
just popped in to say hello and wish you luck :)

her pose reminds me of my favourite scene from "ghost in the shell".. the moment when she steps over the border and falls...

keep it up!

04-19-2005, 09:51 AM
Hi Arc !

may I try some tweakings on your picture ?


04-19-2005, 01:26 PM

DUNKELGOLD - Thanks for dropping by. Hehe, that was my reference for her free falling. I love that show.

SPACESNAIL - You too? Fine, go ahead. You have my permission. As long as you don't ruin it :D ... :p
DAMN YOU BLACK!!!... Look what you've started. I will get you for this, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


cheers guys

04-19-2005, 04:00 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113926399_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113926399_large.jpg)

Wa up guys,

I bit of an update. I started adding some details of the rail. I will add more and it will look very fantasy. It will match the bridge design that i have. I will also be adding pipes on the sides and some posters. I just started working on the characters. As you can see, i gave her a summoning book and i will give the guardians a neck brace with some heirogliphic signs that will be glowing a bit as well as the book. They will be less saturated than that too (i actually have a separater layer adjustment to unify everything). Okay, what else, i need to fix the two characters in shadow and MORE DETAILS TO ADD...oy

Suggestions, comments, and Critzs are very welcome.


04-19-2005, 04:16 PM
It's looking good, archie! I like how the characters are fleshing out, especially the pouty little girl. The grating on the overpass bridge is really quite lovely. I also really like the mood you've set in the piece, and how desaturated the feel is. However, it brings up a little trouble with your center of focus: Right now, with so much in grey/sepia tones, one's eye is naturally attracted to the areas of contrasting saturation. In other words, the four splotches of color in the center, purple, yellow, red and blue. But here I get confused: Only the red one seems to be paying any attention to the girl, which makes me think that she's definately a servant.... but are the other two? If they are, they should have body language that might convey that better. If not then perhaps darkening or desaturating them (or both) will take the focus off of them and place it on the important characters. But just looking at this, I can't tell whether having as much emphasis on them as you do is an accident or intnetional.

Anyhow, good luck with it! Great work so far...


04-19-2005, 06:41 PM
interesting! i see ure using diferent sets to complete your final illustration, their all lookin very good, with great detail, i hope u can pull this one.

Thanks for the sugestions u made on my work, you are quit right!!! already changin demons expressions

http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?p=2138465 (http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?p=2138465)

04-19-2005, 09:03 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113944622_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113944622_large.jpg)

Wa up guys,

A little bit of a change. I think i had too much servants on the first one. So took one off and replace the other with a bigger servant, so i can get that contrast. Everything else is the same right now (well, you can see more details of the floor, hehe)

let me know what you guys think.


04-19-2005, 09:09 PM

WALRUS - thanks for dropping by and keeping up with my thread. Okay, i see what you were saying about the characters. So i changed it. Let me know how this is. Personally, i think this is much better, because i finally got a good contrast on the size relationship of the characters. Thanks for the critzs and suggestions again.

GRAFIX - Hey, nice hearing from you again dude. Actually, BLACK did that collage thing just to show me what he had in mind. I will be playiing around with the idea, but i think i'll just submit one of the two piece. It's more challenging to tell a story in a single image than sequential.

THanks again guys. Really appreciate the support and comments.


04-19-2005, 09:12 PM
have the little girl in the yellow standing in the track.that wud satisfy my twisted brain.

lol.looking great!!

04-19-2005, 09:19 PM
Lol, that would be sick and twisted. Hey, that just gave me a really wicked idea, heeheehee. I will play around with this more, heeheehee... MUAHAHAHAHA. I'll post it later, you'll see...

(i'll never finish my piece. I play around too much).

Thanks again bro.

04-20-2005, 11:15 AM
now thats quite a big guy u got there mate!:thumbsup:

04-20-2005, 11:18 AM
what to say, this is develping way beyond the quality of the first concept:thumbsup:

04-20-2005, 03:23 PM
Playing around is good! :) I'm going for a totally different concept aswell now. And the deadline is getting closer!! Oh, well.. I always work like an manianc when the deadline closes in. Keep up the playing, one can always improve the concepts done before!

04-20-2005, 03:55 PM
your details strting to come out, really nice, cant say anythng right now, i know this one will come out great... thnx for dropping by my thread & for the suggestions... cheers:thumbsup:

04-20-2005, 11:36 PM
very good. ill just wait for more updates!

04-21-2005, 01:27 AM

CALISTO - Thank madam for dropping by again and for the comment.

NEBEZAIL - THanks bro. Always appreciated

AM7 - Glad to here from you again. Yeah, deadline is coming soon. So i got to get my act together and stop playing around too much, hehehe.

ARKINET - THanks for dropping by bro. I hope my suggestions was a little help.

SLAV - THanks bro. Update coming soon

Thanks again guys. I'm glad you guys are keeping up with my thread. It's an honor to hear from all of y'all people here in this forum. I might have one more new composition left to post here, before I really decide what to submit. I think the last one will be a mix of both previous composition.

cheers y'all

04-21-2005, 01:59 AM
id go for a more fantasy attire for the kid as well. a hooded sweater? or if you want a dress - she can wear something like dorothy in the wizard of oz type? not to sure but just to give you ideas

the bridge is looking good. can it be a bit longer? the big servant can really stand out if you extend the bridge and widen the perspective a bit - with the window on the right.

i liked what youve done with the left side so far. will be dropping by again.

cheeeeeers maaaaaaan!

04-21-2005, 08:04 AM
Hi Archie

are they all waiting for The Hogward Express ?
One little crit about the perspective, especially looking at the railway. It seems too small if you consider the size of a train (width = about 5 passengers) ?

Coming as soon as i can with a proposition

About the mood and characters, it's just great :bounce:


04-21-2005, 09:34 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1114076075_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1114076075_large.jpg)

Wa up peepz,

Thank you guys again for dropping by and for your comments and suggestions. It is greatly appreciated.

Okay, according to SPACESNAIL's and JUGERAS's observation and suggestion.

I widen the of the train track and pretty much the whole piece. The contrast of the character, especially the big guy will be bumped up as you can see here.
I added more detailing to the main characters again. I will paint the train as part of the background just to show you how it's going to look like (it won't be an old fashion train. Leaning towards Light rail transit kinda train).
Let me know if the train track is still small.

Thanks again guys.

04-21-2005, 09:42 AM

JUGERAS - Thanks for the suggestions and comments bro. I'm glad you dig this piece. I'm posting the other one at the regular forum very soon.

SPACESNAIL - Hehe, they do look like they are going to the Hogward. Maybe i'll give the little girl a witch hat :twisted: and a broom stick :p
Thanks again for the help bro. Time for me to go to sleep... 5:41 am bedtime, hehe


04-21-2005, 10:07 AM
You've just replied before i post my lovely analysis :cry:
Anyway, posting it :<> (http://spacesnail.free.fr/Inpic/archie.jpg)
Cheers and have a good sleep time :thumbsup:

04-21-2005, 10:19 AM
Stoopid me, here's the picture :

04-21-2005, 10:21 AM
its looking good. i like the grill alot and i can see the smog giving a real good feelin g to it :thumbsup:

dunno wher the train is going but it better not block too much light, is it coming in fromthe distance?

04-21-2005, 03:52 PM

SPACESNAIL - My friend, i thank you for this image. Trust me, this will help me more. So don't think it's a waste, because it's not. I value and respect everyone's help. So dude, i'll be using this for reference. Thank you so much bro. Anyway... i work fast, especially when someone gives me a good insights :p So you can't out speed me :twisted: JUST KIDDING.

GHOSTinTHEmachine - Thanks for dropping by bro. I think i'm going to put the train in a distance. I just want to show a little bit of it.

cheers :buttrock:

04-22-2005, 06:35 AM
Now I'm seeing it!! This is really cool. I'm really feeling the Master/Servant thing between the kid and the monster. Looks like spacesnail has sorted out my comments. Keep it going!!

04-22-2005, 08:52 PM
As for me the traine track seems too flat. Maybe U have to add more height to rails and to cross wood blocks. It is seems like it is winter, but servant is look like it is warm, maybe if I understood U right about the weather it is possible to add fur wear on the girl. I realy like your background) sun raies looks nice I think that will be interesting to add one big on the front, it could cross your characters.

04-22-2005, 09:06 PM
Wonderful to see you makin' stides in your work here... looks like you're getting some AWESOME suggestions from folks far more talented than I, so I have no comments other than to keep at it... it'll pay off by the end I'm sure! :applause:

Now paint, damn you... PAAAAAIIIINNNNT!!!

THE Wizard
04-22-2005, 10:27 PM
hehe, I like these new guys especialy that Big muscle one - Great Job!

04-23-2005, 04:25 AM

CUPPACAM - Thanks for dropping by man. I'm really greatfull for the comments and glad you are liking it.

MAZZUK - Thanks for the critzs. You just gave me a good idea on how to improve on this. I fixed the train tracks by the way. I'll post it later.

ARTJUNKIE - BRO, always glad to see you drop by. Dude, don't down grade yourself. You are a KICK ARSE artist. WHy do you think i keep checking out your update?... big fan bro.
And yes MASTER :cry: i'm painting like crazy. Can i at least take a break? :cry: Hee hee, thanks for the support bro.

THE WIZARD - THanks bro. I won't disappoint you on his design. BTW, stop being lazy and some update on your thread :D ...... :)

Thanks again guys. I really appreciate the supports and help that you guys give me.
Now back to painting before the MASTER gets mad, hehehe.


04-23-2005, 08:08 AM
Hi Arc80, I'm starting to take the time to view more and more posts on this great forum. Your's has a special mood in it and a nice concept. I feel a bit of nostalgia in it sofar, with your choice of colours and details in the architecture. As if the characters are leaving for an uncertain destination on some paralel world. Aliens are already dweling in this land and the final destination could be the stars.
Cool man.

Good luck with it and looking forward to see it finished.:thumbsup:

04-23-2005, 05:01 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1114275667_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1114275667_large.jpg)

Wa up peepz,

Just a little bit of update. I added some pegions at the back and on the left floor.
I'm going to put some poster and news papers. I cleaned the rails and will be adding the details on that tonight.

Let me know what you guys think.

More updates to come.

04-23-2005, 05:05 PM
LOL, monsters catching the train..lol...They look they ar in London to me for some reason..I dont know why...Anyway perfect color scheme...that grey sky...less aturated background is a good choice for this scene. I always tried to pull this kind of color scheme off before but was unsuccessful, you do it easily! Sweet picture man ! Keep up the great work !

04-23-2005, 05:24 PM
this is brilliant! Really like the idea... perspective is good and love that old style victorian metal mesh thing on the bridge...

04-23-2005, 05:45 PM
Yeah the idea is BRILLIANT!

there is a very interesting feeling to it...
anyway another angle of view and more impressive ligths would give it all the power it needs :)

04-23-2005, 05:51 PM
Hey Archie. This is looking great. The characters have a good feeling, all with they're own personalities. The details in the background are really pulling this together.

04-23-2005, 07:38 PM

THIERRY2005 - Thanks for dropping by dude and thanks for the support. It is an Old memory, so you're kinda right about the way the story is. Will post more updates soon.

COREYARTE - Thanks dude. I really wanted to make it feel like it's old or in the past, but in a fantasy world kind of setting. I'm glad you're liking it and thanks for the support.

W!L - THanks for dropping by bro and i'm glad you like the idea.

NEOZOOM - Thanks for checking my thread. I think i'm going to stick with this perspective (well, unless i get more time playing around with it), but we'll see what happens. There's still 3 weeks left i think.

GAMORON - Thanks for your previous suggestion. They really helped out and i'm glad you are back posting some updates.

Cheers y'all :buttrock:

04-23-2005, 07:44 PM
aaarrrggghh envious!!! hey if u wanna see how much i respect ross follow my link here under my m s link, btw do u have msn messanger?

04-23-2005, 10:47 PM
Alot of stuff seems to have happened here!

Was I too bussy? or has your thread gained some serious speed?
I like the manner you changed the servent to one bulk of a helper. At this point those you coloured out (The main characters of the scene) are literally standing out to be cartoonish. It is an early stage, so I am not exactly sure it it's to change or if you tend to leave them cartoonish to contrast the rest. I know you had a mind in keeping them as the only coloured refference.

All that said, I think SpaceSnail has a point with perspective. Actually if I cover up the end of the tracks with my hand.. they do seem to be on a platform hightenment.
Things seem fine to a point. It is only that the extention of the rails suggest a sort of hill coming up, when a hill is not too often an option with a train rail.

It is aparently proving to be alot of work I am sure. But the results look very promising.
All the best!


04-24-2005, 12:44 AM
That is so cool looking. I'm liking the progress.

I kind of do agree with black about the characters being cartoonish. but i know that this not close be completed, and i am looking forward for the completion of this piece. so... in other words, make me proud Arc80.

By the way i made alot of modifications on my piece, that is according to you and Black. You two have been alot of help.

04-24-2005, 03:03 AM
i kind of liked what you did with the whole image but i thing you need to put thoes shadowy figures to front of the camera back... the image looks crouded up until the main characters... and cuts of at them... not sure if thats what you are going for but it looks empty in the front there mate. great job in the rest of the image.

MORE! :wip: :wip: :wip:

04-24-2005, 12:07 PM
ah your making good progress ...the lightning in the bg is very cool :lightbulb:thumbsup:

i agree with slav about the right side... either put back the shadowy characters OR move the group of main characters more in the right front .... mhhhm altough when i look at it i like them in the center ... add 1/3 more height up there for balance ( yeah i know i repeat myself :blush:) and it gets the movie poster character.

04-24-2005, 01:02 PM
good work dude. the birds look really good. looking 4ward to the train. :D

04-24-2005, 05:06 PM
Okay, i've been a little lazy lately. Maybe because i don't get enough sleep with all the works i have in my hands or my brain is telling me to take a damn break. Anyway, i'll get back to working on this tomorrow.


NEBEZIAL - Dude, just send me a PM. You should try and go to the San DIego International Comic Convention. It's pretty cool, but it gets crowded. Last time i was there was like a dork fest for starwars, hehehe.

BLACKdidTHIS - Hehe, I think you've just been too busy or i've just been bugging people to come to my thread :blush:
Well, for the characters, i will try my best to make them close to realistic looking, but i still need to have that certain style. Which is so difficult to do, because it's hard to find that nice balance between realistic and stylized. But non the less, i will give it my best. I'm also trying to fix that rail and platform issue...sight...this is so much work :banghead:
Advice too all, never become a detailed oriented :arteest: , HEHEHE.

DULSHAD03 - Thanks for the support buddy. I won't let you down. I'll check your thread later on today since i'm being lazy working on my piece, ehhehehe.

SLAV - Thanks for dropping my mate. I'm putting back those shadow figures in the front. I was just testing some other stuff :p I'll get back to work asap then so i can put more updates.

VAHN - Thanks for the suggestion bro (even though you repeated it again :rolleyes: :)
Don't worry, i will add a little bit on that top. I agree with you on that and it's a good call i think. You'll see it on the next update, heehee.

GHOSTinTHEmachine - Hey, thanks for dropping by again buddy. I'll be adding the train too.

Thanks to all again for the comments, critzs, and support. I am very thankful that you guys are liking this piece and will be putting update soon.

cheers y'all

04-24-2005, 06:52 PM
great background and good idea!

04-25-2005, 12:07 AM
Hi Archie!

wow, you went trough a visual odyssee to get to your solution. Wich looks very beautifull. love the vintage mood, the light is so awesome, the whole melancholy wich swings trough the air, could almost hear a lonely saxophone play songs of beloved sad memories... I love the silence of the piece, and i think its great the way is.
Love your character developpement, your rich amount of details in all you do promisses a huge final piece!
lookinng forward for more here, keep on rocking!
cheers!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

04-25-2005, 01:41 AM
As i look through your threads, i noticed that there is something similar between you and my brother. you both have so many concepts. And come to think of it, i have only one concept. Maybe i should've also started with sketches ideas and well... ideas. Do you think that this right of me to say.

I just noticed what i read and i feel a little stupid, but still, my brother encouraged me and told me it wesn't a big deal.

Now this is not only for you to look at Arc80, this for all who have done possibly over 5 concepts.

This is only for my curiousity, so answer freely please.

Oh yeah, and by the way Arc80 great job so far... and so on and so on!

04-25-2005, 02:41 AM

LUISNCT - Thanks for dropping by dude. I'm glad you like this piece :)

THE1st_ANGEL - Hey, thanks for checking out my thread and thanks for the great comments and support. I will try my best to not dissappoint you or everyone else who's been supportive.
btw. i checked out your website. Really great works in there. Love the wide range of styles.

DULSHAD03 - I answered your question and i hope others will give you advice too. Like i said its probably the best way to start working and it gets your creative juice flowing. Keep it up dude.

Thanks again y'all. Will be posting update soon (once i'm over my being laziness :hmm:


04-25-2005, 06:05 AM
your metalworks are great dude, love your textures too. btw, thnx for stoppng by my thread.

04-25-2005, 07:12 AM
Looking good, I love the buildings in the background and the fencing in the top left hand corner, it looks really cool, shaping up to be an awesome entry...

THE Wizard
04-25-2005, 07:20 AM
hehe, I'll just repeat whats said tooooooo many times here - LOOKING GOOD, INDEAD!:thumbsup:

I was just wondering, and thou this may be the stupidest question ever, but here it comes - Are you planing to little sharpen this guys or leave them like this, 'couse I think that they need more finer lines...?

04-26-2005, 12:10 PM
Cool I really like your characters and layout can't wait to see it finished

Good luck

04-26-2005, 12:41 PM
Cool update!

Hey man, just noticed your moto in your signature. You're right about it...Only can regret this technic is gradually disappearing. I was a traditionnal animator for some years in big studios...
But that was a long time ago... in a galaxy far, far away!:) :thumbsup:

04-26-2005, 06:29 PM
Thanks y'all for dropping by. I'm still a bit lazy to work on my piece and i'm kinda finishing up a freelance project in hand. Will be posting something this week. :argh:

ARKINET - Thanks bro. Will be looking forward to seeing your piece finish.

THE_MIGHTY_M - Thanks for stopping by again dude. I really appreciate the support.

THE WIZARD - Thanks for dropping by bro. If you are talking about the main characters, then yes, i will cleaning them up, but if you are talking about the extra people, then no, i'm just going to leave then like that. I kinda wanted to make them feel like a ghost since they're just extra people, like props, hehehehe.

DLOOTS - Thanks dude. I wish you luck too and am glad you like it.

THIERRY2005 - Well, it's kinda disappearing mostly here in the U.S, but Asia (specially Japan) continues to keep having 2D animated films and in France too and other parts of Europe, Indi Films (animated and live action) are getting bigger now a days. BUT I WILL BRING IT BACK :twisted: you'll see :D :argh:... :thumbsup: :buttrock:

Cheers y'all and Have a good day

04-26-2005, 06:42 PM
getting pretty close to the due date(perfect artist procrastination syndrome)

04-26-2005, 06:52 PM
why is the gurl not in the track yet!!!lol

04-26-2005, 07:10 PM

CHAOT1C1 - hehehe, thanks dude, but i'm just so lazy at the moment :argh:

NOOB! - Thanks bro, maybe i'll make a different version of it :)


04-26-2005, 11:11 PM
Wow! So sorry, I havn't checked this out in a while. This is really an improvement from the last. The servant is a great character. Love his arm piece. Only comment would be possibly the legs. It looks a little bit like one of his legs needs to go back a bit to support him from falling (unless he's going to get a tail).

Very elegant background, love the mood. I really am enjoying the pattern and designs... the pigeons are great too. Wow, all thumbs up (sometimes I seem to have more than two!). :cool:

04-27-2005, 08:33 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1114590834_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1114590834_large.jpg)

Wa up guys,

Just a small update. Working on the first character which is one of the servants. This is not finish yet of course.
Just wanted to put something to get back to posting stuff.

Let me know what you guys think.


04-27-2005, 10:11 AM
Yo Arch!

Cool close up! What's your resolution size? Oh and I checked out ya portfolio, ...chemistry eh? :) I'm glad you chose Art Mr. Cosmopolitan ;)!

04-27-2005, 05:20 PM
whats up archie!

sorry for not chekin out lately... some changes men! i see youre workin on close-up, it as potencial, so many work ahead... i ll check up late to see the progress, keep up!

http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?p=2138465 (http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?p=2138465)

04-27-2005, 07:25 PM

BIRDYBEAR - Thanks for dropping by Cryistal and you don't have to be sorry :) Everybody is busy working on their piece so it's all good. I'm glad you notice the legs, thanks. It's already fixs actually (This is what happens when you get lazy posting updates :argh: ). Thanks again for the comments and support.

ADAMOS - 300 dpi, but i paint at 300 to 400%. So it's kinda like pixel pushing it... i'm pretty anal and detailed oriented person, ehhehehe. Oh and thanks for the kind words bro.

GRAFIX - Hey dude, you don't have to be sorry. Like i said to BIRDY, it's all good. Thanks again bro.

Thanks guys. I will be updating more again now that i'm almost done with my contract.

cheers y'all

04-28-2005, 02:44 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1114656284_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1114656284_large.jpg)

Wa up guys,

Here's the finalize version of one of the Servants. She has a dark power, hence the dark purple kinda colours.
Again, as you guys probably notice by now, you won't see much details in the final piece. That is why i'm posting it here now and i'll post it at my website too.

Let me know what you guys think.

CHEERS Y'all and thanks in advance

04-28-2005, 03:01 AM
Cool.. updates all over (Thats what happens when you keep away for so long I guess :sad: )

This is turning out very nice Archie... I would actually go on and point out things on the details here and there. But to compair to your previouse update, I can really say that you are putting in some care on the details. So I guess it is best I watch.

One thing though; had the servent folded her/his arms like that... would we be seeing the nails in that angle?
It seems as if they should be a little lower down as if holding the arm... or a much more back like when you support your palm on your arm.
Hey come to think of it... they are not human right? They could also hae one segment less on their fingers :)

It's turning out really good there Archie. It all has really come a long way!


04-28-2005, 03:31 AM
I love the hair style...btw thnx for your advice...it's really fun to see how far my limits can go(ability to draw and paint-wise).

04-28-2005, 03:47 AM
yup id say contrast between the brush strokes might ad a bit of a kick to the pic. a few fine lines might help. a few very soft ones for defining muscles and shadows can also help - i think.

doing great. :applause: :applause: :applause:

04-28-2005, 10:32 AM
refining is looking good.... keep it up.. nice colours and charcter

04-28-2005, 12:03 PM
The girl you're working on currently looks so damn cool! interesting design. I'm just super fan of the overall composition if compare it to your previous blueish composition. the focal point is too centered and that's why it isn't so pleasant to look at. Things that might help you is, if you move your characters on the right and leave more room the way they're looking at. Then you could even paint more things to look at on the left side. I think it would give more relaxed feeling to your image. Second thing that's not so important though is that you could scale the big guy a little bit taller. :)

04-28-2005, 05:15 PM

BLACKdidTHIS - Thanks for keeping up with me thread Laddy :) I'm fixing the nails and fingers right now. Adding a bit more details (just a little bit). Well, i'm post it later, then post the whole piece. I might be detailing the overall piece a bit too much, but it's kinda fun, hehehe.

CHA0T1C1 - Yes, i was kinda going for the punk rock kinda hair style. Thanks for dropping by dude. I'll be checking your thread later today.

JUREGAS - THanks bro. I'm fixing it right now ;)

W!L - Thanks for dropping by bro. Will be checking for your progress later.

TEEMUR - Thanks for stopping by dude. I will see what i can do with that center issue (technically, they are not in the center, but i see what you mean :) As for adding stuff on the left side, i think that's a pretty good idea. I'll see if i can move stuff around...damn, more work for me :cry: Hehehe

Thanks agains guys. I really do appreciate the help and comments.

cheers y'all

04-28-2005, 05:22 PM
yeah, some muscle tone maybe & i agree, unique hairstyle... keep it up dude!:thumbsup:

04-28-2005, 05:27 PM
kabayan pala tayo eh, hehehe... pinoy power!!!...btw thnx for stopping by my thread...

04-28-2005, 11:13 PM

HEllo ARChiE!!!

Thank you a Loot For your Company !

Hey I really like your work its great really

Things that i really liked here they are :

- This below picture The composition on the end .. its very cool really , and gives a loot of possibilities

In many ways ..

http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1111889410_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=29804)

In the overall sense also .. this picture below its extraordinary really ..
Very well designed .. very well achieved

http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1114656284_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=39148)

its one of your precious gems here ..

Also you got some very nice detail designs ..

http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112826460_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=33878)http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112929614_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=34284)http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112939329_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=34309)

And things like this have a loot of possibilities

And a loot of cool creatures and chars design to join at one pic ..
this one below its extraordinary also ..

http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112985454_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=34464)

And many more to fulfill any extraordinary final image

http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112620835_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=33015)

and i imagine .. all this stuff in one picture together with detail backs like this

http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112563103_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=32794)http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112520312_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=32581)http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112369617_small.jpg


Continue in Review Part 2 »» Next post

04-28-2005, 11:16 PM
Continuation ( lol Sory .. posts cant contain too much images .. ^^ )

And also some kind off history behind the overall process

http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112017856_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=30315)http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112088606_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=30667)

And that is a coooll a thing ...
The history well don't matter but have a loot of spontaneous intricacy ..

ok a futuristic ambient we see ...

With a .loot of sentiment ..

http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112427963_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=32272)

And a loot of action there ..
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1112985454_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=34464)
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113054896_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=34644)


And then some extraordinary backs .. with like global curvilinear landscaping ..
With never seen perspectives ..

http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113070170_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=34706)http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113078096_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=34739)http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113154499_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=34901)
And again some extraordinary breath taking action ...

And its all ok till here ...

We imagine a really great job ..

And then ..

Watts this ...?
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113397791_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=35628)

A station ?
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113449119_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=35794)
Watha Heck ...

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04-28-2005, 11:17 PM
Continuation ...

http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113516280_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=35953)
lol i mean ..

But well its nicely achieved also ..
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1113753292_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=36597)

And there is some footage going on ..

http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1114076075_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=37618)

And its very emotioned and very nice the overall ...

http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1114590834_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=38954)
And you are starting putting some extremely nice details into it ..

And some very extraordinary ..
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1114656284_small.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/masterandservant/image.php?entry_id=39148)

but then ...
I Think .. you are a hurricane in person ..

but you are dividing and dispersing yourself ...

Much like me .. 2 years ago .. as you are 2 years younger ..
And you do a loot of job ...

But well why not to effort in one sole piece that olds al your ideas .. and do not Stoll you too much time that you should use to perfectionate to the limit the one piece that you are working ...

I guess what you need right now its a little bit of good example in this point im putting here ..

And if i think .. off all your works .. and the way you should be drawing and dowing things 30 years from now ...
I just cant think of a better example to you than the japanese , mr Kagaya ...

And you are already the bases of much like him ..

you just need to concentrate .. more and be more concentrated in one variant in what you are doing ... instead off splitting all your efforts ..

you can .. and you should obviously aply them all those details into one great Massive composition ...

And you say to me .
" Come on don’t joke me .. "

And i just say this ..

”look Kagayias , Site over here :

http://www.kagayastudio.com/ (http://www.kagayastudio.com/)

http://www.kagayastudio.com/celes/celes.html (http://www.kagayastudio.com/celes/celes.html)

Or more in details images here

http://www.51wall.com/html/star/arts/20040510143453.htm (http://www.51wall.com/html/star/arts/20040510143453.htm)

http://www.51wall.com/art/kagaya/images/kagaya_014.jpg (http://www.51wall.com/art/kagaya/pic/kagaya_014.jpg)http://www.51wall.com/art/kagaya/images/kagaya_007.jpg (http://www.51wall.com/art/kagaya/pic/kagaya_007.jpg)http://www.51wall.com/art/kagaya/images/kagaya_034.jpg (http://www.51wall.com/art/kagaya/pic/kagaya_034.jpg)http://www.51wall.com/art/kagaya/images/kagaya_024.jpg (http://www.51wall.com/art/kagaya/pic/kagaya_024.jpg)http://www.51wall.com/art/kagaya/images/kagaya_022.jpg (http://www.51wall.com/art/kagaya/pic/kagaya_022.jpg)

And after beying atonished in the come back ..

And now think plz :

- You really can apply all those images .. in one huge and massive and extraordinary composition ..
Even that train station .. if its a little dark part in the overall off that massive city scape ...

Imagine all things that you pictored .. happening

And now imagine one image off mr kagaya .. were details are leveled at extreme ... and so mani things happen at ounce majestically ...
And you look here you see this .. and you look there you see that ..

And the overall if you see all you see something different and with another overall main action ...

And there is were your efforts could reach ..

And sincerely were you should level your art ..

Well as all great things in live .. Art is nothing without good examples isn’t ..
they push us higher ..

We just have to search them .. and the appropriated for us .. could be next corner of live ..
but you have to search them and that learning endlessly .. everywhere .. to find them

Also that in live ..


Sorry the extension here ..
Have fun .. with yourself ..

And keep that enthusiasm .. With you ..
its the greatest thing you can have to reach you higher ..

cheers friend ..

Thank you .
Well got to work now ..
Deathliness are coming to us all ..
See us .

Rubem Ismael .

04-29-2005, 05:56 AM
Wow.. what an eyeful from RUBYWORKS, but very insightful for you, Archie! I hope you will stay on to one idea from now on and be able to finish it in time. I wish you all the best!

04-29-2005, 07:20 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1114759206_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/entries/8/6706/6706_1114759206_large.jpg)

Wa sup guys,

Okay, here are more detail parts of my piece. As you can see, i'm pretty loose on the paintings. Anyway, texturing that wall and pipes were a pain in the arse. I had to use 3 to 4 different kinds of brushes, plus i made some costumize brushes to get that rusted effect kinda look. Well, as you can see i'm not done with the top part of the wall (i miss that window area, hehe).

Well, more to come.
Let me know what you guys think.

Cheers y'all

04-29-2005, 07:29 AM

ARKINET - Salamat meng... Talaga palang magagaling mga pinoy maski san eh no, heeheehee. Sino sino ba tayo dito... dapat lahat tayo keep in touch at suportahan ang isat-isa...LAKAS PINOY MENG. :thumbsup:

RUBYWORKS - Dude, that's quite a complement. I am very flatter and really thankful for taking the time to do all of this. I hope i don't dissapoint you or everyone else who's been supporting me here in this challenges. THANKS DUDE.

JEROMOO - Hey, thanks for dropping by. I do appreciate it a lot. WIll be checking back on your thread later on. GOODLUCK to you too dude.

Thanks again y'all

04-29-2005, 07:39 AM
I really like the atmosphere of the piece, and wierdness of the creature servants. They are very striking and different from each other. The back story for this one is really cool sounding as well. I like that we're seeing a flashback and not necessarily an image of the present. It really sets the stage nicely.

one thing that you should try and do is really sharpen up the edges of your areas that you couldn't create with a selection tool. the pipe edges, etc. They lack the edge quality your more controlled areas and decor have and bring a subtle disorganized effect to the image. especially in something this cerebral you don't want to distract the viewer from the characters as much.

04-29-2005, 08:12 AM
No way are you disapointing us, your work is really taking form and the amount of details is just amazing, I can't wait to see the final image.

04-29-2005, 08:33 AM
wow, you definately gave the feel to this scene. each character has something unique about him, and that's very easy to see. great work on delivering the mood!
i hope to see the complete scene, right now it's hard to make a complete picture in my mind. but i like this work in advance =)

04-29-2005, 10:39 AM
Your details just keep on getting better and better, your entry has alot of atmosphere, reminds me of a grey day.

04-29-2005, 10:50 AM
whoa...major flashback im seing midgar and were missing cloud, awesome man!:thumbsup:

04-29-2005, 04:30 PM
i know ur not done yet, pero i suggest highlights lalo na sa main characters... aside from that cant think of anything besides "HURRY UP!!!":scream: ... jst kidding bro... keep it up:thumbsup:

04-29-2005, 05:31 PM

MAGINNIS - THanks for dropping by dude. You know, they are sharp, but somehow i keep loosing the sharp edges and highlights when i compress it. I'll post a new one again and check on it again. Definately taking your advice on that. :)

ARLUTIK - Thanks for dropping by again bro and for the support. I'll be checking your 3D entry in a min, but i took a pick and... somebody's been busy adding stuff ;) , hehehe.

LONTREE - Thanks for dropping by dude. I really appreciate the support and comments.

THE_MIGHTY_M - Thanks bro. Will be checking yours in a min too.

NEBEZIAL - Thanks for dropping by bro. I think they're about to find cloud here. DUDE that game rules.

ARKINET - GOTCHA, idadag-dag ko yun. Thanks for looking out. Kailangan ko rin nang TULOG NO :cry: hehehe, puyatan na naman.

Thanks again guys. Will be posting the overall piece soon.

04-29-2005, 07:13 PM
hiya Archie!:D

everything here looks so great! i admire the details. :thumbsup:

04-29-2005, 08:51 PM
Hey! your new concepts is cool, nice gang you've made there! they are all very good characters. I even think your low saturated colors in the background kinda works with the theme you'r going with here. Keep it up! :)

04-30-2005, 02:20 AM

CALISTO - Thanks Linda. I'm glad you dig the details.

AM7 - Thanks for dropping by again dude. I really apprecaite the comments. Your new piece really looks cool too. :thumbsup:

cheers guys. 3 more characters to go and cleaning more of the background...sight...

04-30-2005, 05:01 AM
Hey, now that is just so cool. you are makin' some sick progree. i'm just adoring the detail and hard work your putting into this.

Good job man your really making this look great.

04-30-2005, 05:08 AM
Wow, this is just great. :thumbsup:

Very dramatic, and I loved these colors too.
You are a true creative person!

Thank you for your posts, and for sharing the 'ultra' and 'samurai' feelings :thumbsup:
I'm with you too!

Gratz and good luck, I will keep in touch and tracking your work too.

04-30-2005, 05:17 AM
I really like your character. I think the whole image is looking pretty sweet! The details are are starting to show up nicely! Good work, man!:thumbsup:

BTW, thanks for checking out my entry, I appreciate it!:)

04-30-2005, 05:32 AM

DULSHAD03 - Thanks dude. WIll be posting the overall piece soon. Just taking a bit of a break right now and checking everyone elses works.

DJAMPA - Thanks for dropping by dude. I will keep up with yours too. Hey, i grew up watching ultra man :thumbsup:

FENSTERER - Hey, thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it. I will be keeping up with your thread too.

Thanks again guys. Just needed a little break from work. Will be going at it again in a couple of mins.


04-30-2005, 06:43 AM
dali pare, i'll push you up the 1st page:scream: !!!

04-30-2005, 08:10 AM
Hi Arc80, love that alien, cool colors and details, keep it going like this for the rest of your illustration man. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

04-30-2005, 08:47 AM
I don't know how to put this out.. cause honestly I too am not sure of what it's about.

You definately seem to know what you are doing, to have a grasp on the overlaying colours for possible textures.. you even seem to have a good sence of using the brushes... The painting of the pipes in the last update are a great example of proof to it if nothing.
But your images sort of have the feelin of "colouring between the lines" Does that make any sence?

Sort of like as if you are introducing alot of work to isolated areas without allowing transparecy overlays to other objects...
Like as you objects get farther from us, they get smudgier inside themselves than with other objects.
This IS a style.. I can't say that all the blah blah above was a crit or anything... It was just a something I noticed that would to my understanding help define your way of working.
I think I'll call in 'High Dynamic Colour In' ... HDCI for short :p

The details you are busying your self on are adding a definately impressive tough.
It's all going very good Archie.


04-30-2005, 10:42 AM
i´m curious what the hole picture will look like!! right now i must say i like the railwaystation a lot.. you can not imagine how often i dream of trains and stations and sitting in a train.. and catching the train.. and wondering where the train is going... stuff like that..
you captured the right mood with all these strange aliens waiting for that special train to arrive..

good work.. keep it up! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

and yes: hurry! i want to see the whole thing!! :D