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09 September 2002, 01:48 AM
Hello All.....Here is my latest Character Animation...i would like your comments and crits and i would also like a job:)




09 September 2002, 09:20 PM

09 September 2002, 11:53 PM
Hey pretty good. Some things I'd tweek if you have the time. The camera cuts are very harsh, specially the first one. There's no real reason for it, just make the camera settle on the shot #2's position and ditch the cut. Your character scratching his head, turning over and standing up is awesome! One tiny thing that bugs me is how hard his hand slaps back onto the ground. It make me think it's IK. Which distracts me. IK tends to pop if it's not done right and I'd rather just enjoy the anim instead of thinking "IK pop".

From standing and on, the anim and story telling fall slightly. Into the flex he goes, I like that anim, then into the point. For story tellings sake, I'd make him look to the ball while still flexing. Then into the point move. This will tell the viewer he's looked, had a thought, and taken action. Right now he isn't reading like he's thinking. If he thinks, he becomes alive, instead of a puppet. The harsh camera cut again. ahh! And the side step does the IK pop thing, just slow the move down a tiny bit. The down, grab the ball and stretch is awesome! I like the wiggly arms on the way up! The ball sits for 5 frames before the splat. The timing is off here, makes me think "what just happened". If you really want to sell it, go classical animation with it. Stetch the ball out of his hand a tiny bit, as soon as it touches the ground, it begins the quick squash to flat. Give him more time to see whats happened, then look up. Camera cuts to close up, give him a beat and a blink- then begin his fall, cut on the action and into your last shot. Overall I think it's good, and with a little tweaking it could be awesome. It looks great with the toon shader, and I can tell by watching that you know how to animate. As for all the cuts. I think you could do the whole short in 3 shots. Pan into position 1, stay there until you cut to your close up, then back to wide. The less cuts the better they say. Good job overall!!

Frank Dodd
09 September 2002, 11:54 AM
Nice little 33 second animation I enjoyed it, its well thought out and well animated it would be nice to see more work from you. I agree completly with Ripley excellent critique on the content and can add nothing to it I'm afraid.

I am a paranoid about compression though so I'll make a comment on that :) although 4Mb is no problem even for a modem and MPEG is really nice as its universal, it might be worth compressing it with DivX too into a second file if you have the webspace. I would think about 95% of people would get this version instead and I recompressed your video with DivX which resulted in a file that was just 1Mb in size. If all 330 people that viewed this thread also downloaded it you might have saved 1Gb of bandwidth.

09 September 2002, 02:05 PM
Hey guys thanks for the replies(i thought i wasnt gonna get any :D)

Xanbob...thanks for the bump mate:scream:

Ripley.....thank you for a great crit.....everything you say is spot on......I have this horrible habit of doing things as fast as i can and rendering it before it is really finished(i put this down to being desperate to get some work;even though i know it ll pay to spend a couple more days finishing all my work off i can t seem to stop myself.....I will go over the animation and all the poor bits will be taken care of....thanks again:thumbsup:

Frank....thanks for your general animation for compression...I prefer compressing using divx believe it or not...the reason i use Mpeg is that everyone can view it...i do intend to put a divx version out at some point though.



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