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03 March 2005, 05:38 PM
I'm using Painter 8, and I was thinking of upgrading, but the upgrade seems kind of pricey. Anyone want to share their experiences/thoughts?

03 March 2005, 05:03 AM
I've been working with Painter IX since it was released and for several months prior to release on the Painter IX Beta team. Below is a copy of my response to a similar question many months ago in October 2004, and I'd say the same now:

There's been great feedback coming in since the trial version was made available to the public this month and now that pre-orders are being delivered, feedback from high level professionals to hobbyists.

Speed is greatly improved. Per Corel, some brushes perform up to 10 times as fast and, on average, all brushes work twice as fast.

Digital Watercolor variants improved and lovely! DWC system improvements too (both wet Ditigal Watercolor paint and dry brush paint on the Canvas or a Layer at the same time without interfering with each other). Wet Digital Watercolor paint remains wet then the file is saved, closed, then opened again. Wet Fringe can now be changed dynamically.

Water Colors have been improved and some new variants added.

New Artists' Oils brush category and system. The AO brush variants work much like the Mixer palette brush. Very yummy!

Customizing keyboard shortcuts is greatly improved so we can set up shortcuts any way we like.

All palettes are both independant and dockable so we can arrange them however we want and save multiple palette layouts for various projects.

Brush Controls palettes back again, in addition to the Brush Creator introduced in Painter 8 for those who like to play with the Stroke Designer, Transposer, and Randomizer.

Layer behavior is even more similar to Photoshop than in Painter 8. Greyed out Collapse command problem is gone and Layers with different Composite Methods can now be Grouped and Collapsed.

New Align to Path feature added (paint a brushstroke that aligns to a vector based curve or Shape).

Quick Clone (File > Clone, Select > All, Edit > Clear, turn on Tracing Paper all in a single command). File > Clone remains for those times when it's needed.

Iterative Save (Use Save As once, then use Iterative Save and the files are given a series of numbers added to the original file name).

New Welcome Screen that opens when we launch Painter, looks like a spiral bound book with four tabs, includes drop down lists for recent documents and templates. As you flip through the book, a rotating sampling of work from top Painter artists is displayed on the pages along with a link to their website.... and more.

Free training videos.

Handbook containing tutorials from top Painter artists.

In a nutshell, it just feels good and it's fun to use.

Download the Free 30 Day Painter IX Trial ( and see what you think.

I'll add there are some stability issues that not everyone experiences and some which are also experienced by Photoshop users (i.e. crashes or corrupted files). With the proper management of one's system and Painter IX files, and following all of the suggestions you'll find in the Sticky thread at the top of this forum (open the Sticky and click the link named "Keeping Painter 6, Painter 7, and Painter 8 Running Smoothly"), problems like this can be minimized if not eliminated completely.

I'd say it's worth upgrading to Painter IX, since it's far better than any previous version.

03 March 2005, 02:06 PM
thanks for your response. ( i did try a search for previous topics, but whatever terms i put in just didn't seem to turn it up. :shrug: ). looks like i should pony up.

04 April 2005, 04:53 AM
Personally, the speed increase and the artist oils were well worth the upgrade. The new oils are really nice, but the speed...ahhh...such a difference. Now if I make a brush large, it doesn't completely bog my system down or crash like it used to. I haven't experienced any of the negative issues others have. Overall, it is one of the better upgrades I've done for any software.

04 April 2005, 07:06 PM
Hell I was sold on align to path option outside of some annoying bugs I would suggest it :thumbsup:

04 April 2005, 01:27 PM
In my opinion, Painter IX is faster an runs better than 8 and seems to be more stable. The artists oils are a lovely addtion. What I don't like is the change they made to digital watercolor and watercolor, now you can only blend them with blenders in that category ans some of my favorite brushes now act a little different than in previous versions... but that's just me, since most people seem to love these new watercolor controls though.

04 April 2005, 09:48 PM
What I don't like is the change they made to digital watercolor and watercolor, now you can only blend them with blenders in that category .....

With Painter 6 and earlier versions' Water Color variants and with both Painter 8 Digital Water Color variants and Painter IX Digital Watercolor variants, some of the Water Color/Digital Water Color/Digital Watercolor variants can be used to both paint and blend, without using a specific blending variant, even in those brush categories. When blending this way, it helps to lower Opacity quite a bit and it may also help to lower Grain somewhat.

For some strange reason, wet Painter 8 Digital Water Color paint can be blended with, for instance, the dry brush variant, Just Add Water, though that's not true in any other Painter version at least as far back as Painter 5 or in Painter IX.

Just as with Painter 5 and Painter 6 Water Color, Painter IX Digital Watercolor paint has to be dried before it can be blended with dry brush variants including the dry variant, Just Add Water.

Have you tried drying the Digital Watercolor paint then blending with dry brush variants? The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl/Command+Shift+L or you can find the command, Dry Digital Watercolor, in the main Layers menu or in the Layers palette menu.

Painter 7 and Painter 8 Water Colors and Painter IX Watercolors are very different in their brush technology from that used in Painter 5 and Painter 6 Water Colors, Painter 8 Digital Water Colors, and Painter IX Digital Watercolors. It's pretty difficult to blend paint on the Water Color Layer/Watercolor Layer since the brush variants just don't do blending well at all.

However, when the Water Color Layer/Watercolor Layer is converted to a Default Layer, then the Composite Method is changed to Gel, or the Water Color/Watercolor Layer is dropped to the Canvas, existing Water Color/Watercolor paint can be blended using any dry brush variant with blending and smearing characteristics.


04 April 2005, 01:35 PM
In my opinion the real interest of this realese is the stability (with winXP R.8 was catastrophic!). Painter is a great log but it works slowly for big project (project for printing) and the effecta are always slowly with big brush (with r.8 or r.IX, same problem).

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04 April 2005, 01:35 PM
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