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03 March 2005, 07:54 AM
hi everyone.
I'm "hiddenloss", junior designer/creator of the Loss Lands.

The loss lands team is a non-pro team who's working, via a "virtual studio" solution, to put up a clean and correct game demo online.

The project's currently in "programming team search" mode since last month. We lost our programmers from the french version ( those who know a litle about us will remember that we started in french in version 1.0 ) and need people/team who's interested in working on the game demo project.

two way of working is possible for programmers interested:

just join us in "normal ways" by writing me at and taking a username via the forum HERE ( . Please put your real name in your username details or send it to me so i can put together realname/nickname together.
in another way of work, we can collaborate with an already existing programming team interested in game dev. Your engine must be ready in a couple of month OR using a free solution ( like irrlicht, ogre3d or others ) and your team must be interested in putting up a game demo for the end of this summer/fall 2005.
the tasks for the basic demo are :

programming/integrate the basic game engine
programming/integrate objects classes (class "1" can do this, class "2" can do that and contains this)
programming/integrate a "neverload" map using exterior/interior levels
programming/integrate an action batle system (zelda like, jak)
programming/integrate a quest systems ( get me this, go their, talk to him etc.)

[ The next features are, i think, necessary for a game in 2005, but knowing that this project's about non-pro's and volunteer team, we know some features will be almost impossible to implement. You could say those features are a "wish list" of mine hey hey ]

Task for a more "up to date" engine would be :

programming/integrate a physic systems ( npc pushing objects, fight broke table)
programming/integrate the leveling systems ( making "this" update "that" skills )
programming/integrate an action based AI (fight,block,flea)
putting up a "lan" and/or web multiplayer capabilities ( secret for now ha ha )
programming/integrate map editor ( devteam use and player )
and mush more ...

So if your interested, please contact me (
feel free to visit us and hope to see you soon in the team...


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03 March 2005, 07:54 AM
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