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03 March 2005, 02:44 AM
David Clement has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Well, I suppose that's it! I'm off to LA for E3 tomorrow, so that's all the work I can do with this.

I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I got some great crits, which really help shape it. I think if I were to start it all over again, I'd do it differently, but the whole point of my entering this challenge was to keep in practice, and that came through for me.

Good luck everyone!

03 March 2005, 02:45 AM
SOOOO many possibilities on this one, I think it's too good to pass up.

03 March 2005, 07:21 AM
Here's some preliminaries of the slave. My idea is a "slave suit" - an AI enhanced robotic suit that the "master" can pilot, with the slave following his/her every command, but augmenting with severly good AI, so that the master can pilot the suit with a point and click style interface, similar to that found in first person shooters.

The master would sit inside the slave suit's chest, operating from there.

This particular slave unit is designed for roboracing - a brutal new sport that combines the physicality of rugby with the speed and engineering of the F1 circuit.

I think for the illustration, I'm going to focus on some quite time, where the master is busied doing maitenance on the slave suit. Which of course, begs the question, which one is really the slave after all?

04 April 2005, 09:58 AM (

A bit of a quick and dirty to get the layout, not so sure about the colours, and the posing may change too. She's the master, it's a slave suit used for racing. But sometimes even the slave needs tending to.

04 April 2005, 01:21 PM
:wavey: nice idea, it's a cool robot design, what's the background? some kind of forest?
I think that right now the girl is too big to go inside the robot (or the robot is too small...)
good luck for the challenge!

04 April 2005, 01:26 PM
i like the concept, but i love the colours!!:thumbsup:

04 April 2005, 01:44 PM
I like the colors as well, though maybe brighten up the figures a bit to help them pop. I agree that the girl seems a bit to big for the cockpit, unless she is very limber. However I don't think it needs to be to much bigger.

My only other comment is that if I didn't know the story I wouldn't know what was going on in the picture. Perhaps the mech needs some other open hatches to sugest the repairs, possibly some smoke or steam (like an overheated radiator or something). I think you could have her replacing on of the tires. The Mech could be posed like someone in a shoe store being fitted by a salesman.

Having said that I know this is a lose comp so you may have some ideas already.
Good Luck! :)

04 April 2005, 09:32 PM
Nice Dave. The colours are great.
If I had one suggestion, it would be to give the girl a better silhouette by either moving her a bit to the right or the robot leg to the left. Then there could be some nice negative space between the two of them. Right now she is lost in his leg.
Good luck!

04 April 2005, 08:36 PM
Actually, after looking at key other people's work, I realise this concepts just not going to cut it, so I'm ditching this in favour of a new idea:

Slave to Addiction

Concepts to follow soon.

04 April 2005, 08:43 AM (

Decided to drop the other idea entirely. For this one, she's the slave, slave to her cigs, alcohal, caffeine, chocolate, like so many of us. I'm going to litter the drawing with metaphors, including the demons in the smoke, and more as I get the details on her, and get the background in.

04 April 2005, 09:49 AM
whats wrong in being addicted tochocolate, um, well except that you're getting fat from it...:D
great concept, very harmonios colours..and a spoooky avatar:D

04 April 2005, 10:17 AM
The new one has something about it. I like the sketch and the pose, awsome in fact but I reckon there needs to be a little more focus on the relationship and interaction between the cigarette and the girl. Maybe have her looking at it or a closeup of her taking a drag?

Just a few thoughts.

Just realised the smoke is a demon with keys (stoopid me!) nice idea but I still think it could have a l;ittle more emotion? Awsome style tho!!! Stay with the dark style!

04 April 2005, 10:48 AM
Your concepts are very good, this last one as lots of potencial, i like it! good luck


04 April 2005, 08:53 AM (

Pencils are pretty similar to the concept, since I used them to make the concept.

04 April 2005, 08:55 AM (

A start on the colouring, since the line art was no biggie.

04 April 2005, 09:20 AM
Hi there, cool concept but couldn't help commenting. The anatomy seems a little off. The bottom of the torso and legs seem to be pointing one way, the top of the torso another and shifted over to the right and the head shifted way over to the left. Try drawing a skeleton over this and you'll see what I mean.

I really like your drawing style though. Very funky.

Would I be right in guessing that you drew this freehand on a flat surface? Because if you did, you can tell that it's sloping and sort of off kilter, which is what happens when you look at something from the left hand side of it while drawing. It's better to look at it directly, that way you can see where the lines line up properly....

Off my soapbox now. Keep up the good work!!

04 April 2005, 05:20 PM
Yeah, I'm seriously out of practice, doing all 3D game art and game texturing lately. Going to try and use the same methodology on this one and keep tweaking and reworking until it's good. It's meant to be an awkward pose, to emphasize the defeated slave aspect, but I realise that a few elements are not aligned properly, or are not the right scale.

I'll work on that though.

THE Wizard
04 April 2005, 12:49 AM
uuuuu a robot... Can I have one, ah, can I, can I? Oops I allready have one but I adore yours... Fantastic robot, and girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl! What, ...colors, oh nothing to say much-just fantastic! KEEP IT COMING!

04 April 2005, 10:12 AM (

Starting to get some shape. I've been adjusting some of the proportions, and laying down some basic colours and lighting. Plan is to keep reworking until it's good.

04 April 2005, 10:53 AM

I checked out your thread and couldn't pass by without mentioning that this guy had the same idea:

did his first (or second?) sketch inspire you by anychance?

yours is a very similar concept



04 April 2005, 11:59 AM
great work on the idea kind of reminds me of this one

but none the less keep up the good work.

04 April 2005, 12:01 PM
looks great,i don't think its similar to anyother persons work at all.

04 April 2005, 05:28 PM

I checked out your thread and couldn't pass by without mentioning that this guy had the same idea:

did his first (or second?) sketch inspire you by anychance?

yours is a very similar concept



I didn't see that first one. Yup, the idea is similar, but it looks like he's dropped it, so I have no issues continuing with it. Besides, I'm going to end up packing mine with a lot more metaphors than just a face in the smoke.

The second, I saw, but was in no way influenced by it, in fact I don't see the similarity. I was actually only influenced by the grim reaper/nun polishing scythe pic, and only because the idea was so good, and so much better than my previous idea, I knew I had to come up with something more inspired.

04 April 2005, 08:45 PM
I love the concept, as I am a slave myself to nicotene & caffiene, I can't wait to see the metaphors you plan on working in and see if they ring true. My only nitpick so far is the cigarette. either the filter is too short or she is holding it to low (near the firey end), also the pespective looks a little off in relation to the hand. Thats the only thing that jumped out at me, other than that its progressing quite nicely. Keep up the good work. :)

04 April 2005, 08:27 AM (

I figure I just hit around the 20% finished stage. Lots to do, lots of details to add, and lots of tweaking before I'm there. Starting to take shape though.

04 April 2005, 06:09 PM
got a unique concept there dude... love it, also ur avatar :D

04 April 2005, 08:59 AM (

The first of the demons - a start on him anyways. I think the cloud out of her mouth will likely have 3 demons, so I can get the flow nice like.

04 April 2005, 03:37 PM
That demon rendering is terrific! It almost looks like an X-ray. I really like the smoke still wafting up off of him. I sort of miss the whip that the rougher version of the demon had. That and the position of it was very cool. But this is looking nice, too! I don't know where or why you're going to fit 3 demons in there, but I'll wait and see... Good luck!


04 April 2005, 10:10 PM
Lookin good. I can't wait to see the finished version.

05 May 2005, 09:03 AM (

Still in this, even if progress is slow right now. Hopefully with "crunch time" behind me, I can get some really good work in on this one in the next couple of weeks. Added more demons, still more of that kind of detail to go in too.

05 May 2005, 09:40 AM
David nice work on the colors, and that smoke with the creatures is really cool

Great work so far :thumbsup:

05 May 2005, 05:28 PM
Okay, now I see how 3 demons fit! :-D I'm still not quite sure why you need 3 demons, though: It seems like the additional 2 have keys just like the first one does, so I'm not sure what they're bringing to the table, so to speak. Maybe if they all his different aspects of master-ness: i.e. one could have a whip (I liked the whip from your earlier comp!) and another could have... i don't know, a crop? handcuffs? a baton? Anyhow, just an idea.

One part that is a bit confusing now is the decoration over the door. Why are there big black holes in it? The bottom-most bemon has his hands positioned in such a way that he looks like he's floating up out of the holes... which works against the whole idea that these are smoke coming from the girl's mouth. Perhaps a simpler, flatter design would blend back inot the background more where it belongs...

Anyhow, nice work, and good luck!


05 May 2005, 09:30 AM (

Mostly worked on the jacket and the bodice. Hope I can get everything I want to into this...

05 May 2005, 12:44 AM
Nice. Very nice. I love the style. All the little subtleties and highlights on the corset. All very nice.

All I can think ofÖ and itís piffling reallyÖ not sure about the smoke demons. Two of them have straight right arms. It just makes them seem a little less fluid than what they could be. As I said, Itís a little tiny crit.

I do like this pic though. :)


05 May 2005, 07:58 PM
Damn, how I've missed seeing your sketches. Coming along nicely. I rather like the three demons -- reminds me of the "elephants on parade" scene from Dumbo with some "Night on Bald Mountain" mixed in. The pleather bodice and the reptile skin jacket have such a realistic texture. Only crit to offer is the stool -- legs should be wider apart or she's gonna fall right over, but I'm sure it's just a placeholder for now.

Good luck!

05 May 2005, 08:20 PM
I just had to say, I love the concept here! ^^ And the texture work on the jacket is deeeelicious. :)

05 May 2005, 11:32 AM
Absolutely love it! Great concept. Cool style. Well done so far :) :thumbsup:

05 May 2005, 10:35 AM (

Working out the details, hope I can finish in time, let alone finish to the degree I originally wanted...

05 May 2005, 03:57 PM
Looking better and better. The linoleum is nice and subtle. And is that a pillory behind her? The holes look just big enough for a head and two arms. Outstanding!

05 May 2005, 04:52 PM
Very interesting work! Оч нра!! :thumbsup:

05 May 2005, 05:31 PM
Cheers for the kind words, but what does Оч нра mean?

05 May 2005, 06:05 PM
This picture is very good, and it is so true.

05 May 2005, 10:55 AM (

Added the cigs and book, as well as some of the bar detail. Also fixed the floor, I wasn't happy with the reflection, and I think I got the perspective better this time.

05 May 2005, 01:17 PM
This is really coming togetehr nicely, dargon! The details all fit togetehr really well like ... um... a lock and key. The floor texture, her "lock"et, the books on the counter, all of them help the theme cleverly. There's one thing that's been bugging me a little, and I'm hesitant to point it out becaus it's on part of the image that you've already "finished." But what the heck, better you should know and decide for yourself: It's been feeling to me like her eyes are pointing in two different directions, looking at two different things.

Anyhow, everything else is looking great. Good luck with all the rest of the details!


05 May 2005, 10:30 AM (

I guess this can be called final colouring, because I will only have time for 1 more submission. All I plan on doing from here is touching up the elements that are already there. I think I've added all the elements that I want to include.

In this update, I detailed the under bar, the stool, the cig machine in the background, and got the cuffs in.

05 May 2005, 11:27 AM
Hey david, WOW! this is great man. I love the colour and composition of your piece.
Good luck for the final

05 May 2005, 09:14 AM (

Well, I suppose that's it! I'm off to LA for E3 tomorrow, so that's all the work I can do with this.

I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I got some great crits, which really help shape it. I think if I were to start it all over again, I'd do it differently, but the whole point of my entering this challenge was to keep in practice, and that came through for me.

Good luck everyone!

05 May 2005, 12:29 AM
wow, how could i have missed that. gave u 5 stars for your fantastic character design, she's simply beautifull. congrats on your great final piece, loving it! best of luck! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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