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03 March 2005, 11:57 AM
Gregory Werner has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

Challenge Page (

Latest Update: Final Image: Milady's new servant (

The story:

Milady is to picks out a new servant. She's is accompanied by her guardians on the hunt. He is caught on a side road while returning home. The bodyguards use an old crane from a nearby mill to immobilize him for the initiating ceremony. The human struggles but is soon numbed by the mistresses witchcraft. He no longer feels pain. One of the bodyguards in the mean while heats up the branding iron with the mistress’s crest & the hawk priest starts his chant to the gods of nature. The poor soul will of course carry his ladies crest branded on him as all servants before him....The ceremony commences as the first rays of light chase away the darkness of the night.

The relationship:
The master in this relationship is the dominant character. The servant is disposable. He has no will of his own. He is quickly replaced if he rebels. Of course the two races can not understand each other or communicate so the servant is pushed around and can rely only on a simplified sign language.

My aims:
I wanted to show a surreal picture where the human character wouldn't entirely fit into the crowd...seem like an outcast, surrounded by creatures only slightly resembling human form but of animal nature. They all see him as a lower being in the food chain. The human may have valuable knowledge and ides but the master will never be able to find that out because of the communication barrier. Just like in our world people who's job is to serve usually become only tools to their masters

My experience:
This challenge was a completely new experience for me. This was my first project on such large scale. I learned a lot about how to organize my workflow & work with high polygon scenes. Composite work was also rather new to me. I used to render out full scenes not knowing the power that is in layer compositing saving valuable time and speeding up the rendering process.

03 March 2005, 12:14 PM
what took you so long to show up here ;)

best luck mate, get ready top rock :buttrock:

03 March 2005, 12:30 PM
Can't quit my day job just yet...
I guess I'm a slave to paperwork & beaurocracy's my master:D

Firing up my scetch pad in my spare time. Gonna have some concepts up in a couple'a days once I refine em.

Thnx Sacha I'll need a train load of luck to get my master plan done :twisted:

03 March 2005, 06:09 PM
hi chief! Good luck and hope to see you among the "I did it on time" guys:)

03 March 2005, 08:05 PM
Just a little something that came to mind... will refine it. Still deciding on what to make the little soldiers (bored of the human race a bit :)) Anyhow they'll probably end up as animal characters in armour..Gotta keep in mind that they'll need need to rely heavily on textures so I can get a lot of em in there. Still need to place the main master somewhere...I'd prefer a crowd running out but I'm not sure I can waste the time on scetchin them.

03 March 2005, 08:25 PM
Wolf soldier sketch....

03 March 2005, 08:31 PM
Not submiting it yet ....the main sktetch still has to evolve a bit....I'll let it simmer for a bit

03 March 2005, 08:35 PM
Hi Gregory.........Nice to see you in for some fun and action......

I see you moved forward quite quickly,quite an involved idea............

I'll be watching for your progress,and hope to give you a good extra set of eyes and a good cheering section......Good luck and have fun Gregory.....:arteest:

03 March 2005, 09:32 PM
Update.. a new angle that hopefully gives a better view at what the heck is going on...Hopefully I'll expand the battlefield once I make my new 3d minions :twisted:

Viruoso it's an honour to see you here :bowdown:Can't wait to see what polygons are cooking in your pot for this challenge :D.

03 March 2005, 09:51 PM (

The first draft...A man in a strange land. Enslaved by one of the fighting civilizations is forced to help them in their battle. Characters still in rough developement..

03 March 2005, 10:00 PM (

Concept of one of the soldiers. Decided to stray from the all human concept, the furs gonna fly this time

03 March 2005, 10:01 PM
Damn my bad...I guess I'll have to update by the challenge page ONLY ...No need to flood you people here :banghead:

03 March 2005, 10:23 PM (

First steps to bring a wolf soldier to life

03 March 2005, 10:28 PM
A good start. Nice job sketching out your idea.

03 March 2005, 10:41 PM
slow down, I know that the deadlin eis tough, but come on, give me a chance:)
but seriously, nice idea, I hope you will manage to finish it!

03 March 2005, 11:30 PM (

Modeling the body...Might go into overtime tonight and try to finish him...well at least the modeling part

03 March 2005, 12:34 AM
seems more like a rat-donkey-man to me :curious:
I suggest you fetch some wolf photo/anatomy references before modeling :) you look like having a correct modeling technique, so I'm sure you can pull out a great wolf - man if you do some researches .
good luck!

03 March 2005, 12:35 AM (

Addded paws..some muscle and head refinements

03 March 2005, 12:48 AM
Or, instead of looking for references(which is actually quite boring), just call him "rat-donkey soldier".

03 March 2005, 01:23 AM
I agree with 'nny. A quick search of Google Images with the word "wolf" yielded the following:

The snout's very different and the eyes are less side, more front. If you go back to reshape later instead of trying for the right shape from the beginning it could lead to headaches (as I discovered with my rabbit project -- I had to look at rabbit photos for over a year before I figured out why they didn't look bunny-like).

Anyway, can't wait to see the next post.

03 March 2005, 01:46 AM (

Yep I'm pretty much nuts ....its 2:45AM. Anyhow here's the latest update..The rats ears are no more

03 March 2005, 01:48 AM
Wow so many people are already modeling...I feel like im so far behind. Nice start so far, good luck with your progress.

03 March 2005, 09:36 AM (

Fleshing out the volume of the wolf soldier..Using character studio more as a guide..doubt I'll use it to pose the characters later on.

03 March 2005, 10:21 AM (

Ok a couple of extrudes here and there and vertex welds and he's starting to look ok. Still lots to though

03 March 2005, 12:09 PM
Whaouw... you work very quickly... best wishes for the WolfGuy :scream:

03 March 2005, 12:25 PM (

Yup I started adding the costume. I'll redo the feet once I start doing the boots. Still lots more accesories and shiny things to come

03 March 2005, 12:28 PM
Nice to see you visiting Lemog it's nice to have such a high standard audience ... Gotta to finish this, now that all my favorive CG artists are watching :) (more are invited of course :D)

03 March 2005, 02:11 PM
ha, fastard. lol, maybe i flush concepting now and start to model too. hehe, i recently sleep u know ;)
nice woolfie, will he get hairs? the handjoints need a slight volume correction. the backhand normally almost builds a straight planar transitioning to the lower arm.

tumbnails could look a bit more inwards, towards the hand.

go go go!!!

03 March 2005, 02:40 PM (

Added boots and started modeling the belt

03 March 2005, 02:42 PM
Thnx for the tips Sacha. I'll look into remodeling the hands tonight

Sneaking in pics between work breaks....I'll fire up my engines at about 19:00

Not sure about the fur. Will probably rely on textures and alpha....I'll have to experiment a bit. I'm thinking of testing out maxes normal mapping for this project. There's gonna be a little army on screen once I finish (hopefully) so poly count might be a major problem here...Hopefully maxes bag of ticks will come to the rescue

03 March 2005, 02:54 PM
I am a first timer. To me your idea seems to be HUGE!!!
It is a great concept...i think i'll learn lots by keeping a track
of how you go about it.

Best of Luck!!!

03 March 2005, 02:57 PM
Nice to see new faces on CG Talk....I hope to learn a lot too :D

03 March 2005, 03:20 PM
Dude...could you take a break please :eek:... excellent progress so far!

It sucks to have a day job when you want to be at home modeling....boy do I have some catching up to do!

03 March 2005, 04:38 PM (

Rearanged verts on the hands...added an extra finger (now he's got 5) Some minor changes to the helmet...still not too happy with the boots

03 March 2005, 05:57 PM
• Holly mother of God! u have allready started modelling! great start Gregory! looking forward to it's development! :thumbsup:
• I don't even know what to do :banghead: yet!

Have fun and welcome!

03 March 2005, 06:20 PM (

Some minor changes made. Added detail to the belt, added a cape, color scheme test with noise...added scimtar and shield. Shield will probably changed to a round one sooooon

03 March 2005, 06:22 PM
Man I got to start optimizing soon. Don't want to end up with a one character scene :).... Now to find out the secrets of normal mapping....lucky I used turbosmooth for this guy...

Should I keep the breastplate on him??? Need feedback...

03 March 2005, 08:11 PM (

Finally he's rigged and ready to take on a horde of enemies...Still have to finish his shield though. Looks a lot better round. Skin wrap is a life saver...

03 March 2005, 08:14 PM
Hmmm once I finish the shield I'm gonna start work on the textures...UVW Unwrap Bleeee.....wolfi will look better once I start adding fur....

03 March 2005, 08:36 PM
wow great work and so fast too! Keep up the momentum!

03 March 2005, 08:59 PM
Hmmm gonna have to switch to a bone I predicted character studio crashed while cloning :scream:

Guess I'll have to build a rig tomorrow....Any way positioning at least 20 of these guys with CS seemed like a slight horror anyway... Back to basics

03 March 2005, 04:45 PM
Hey, whatta fast work, no doubt you're on the wave! Keep it up man. Thanks for your comment about my machineflesh entry. I will keep an eye on your thread.

Keep it up!

03 March 2005, 06:55 PM
I was able to fix the cloning problem....turns out I had helpers hidden so when I copied the biped I did it without the box helper.....and biped went nuts...any how it works now. Did a little composition test and wasn't very happy with the result...couldn't get it look good at any angle...too little was happening on one screen...Gotta rethink the settings....characters will stay the same so I didn't loose time here...

03 March 2005, 07:12 PM
wow, that's insane speed:) slow down a bit:bounce:
I like this guy, can you make some renders? I would like to see him in a better quality

03 March 2005, 07:26 PM
No probs I'm post some renders once I start texturing...For now I have to finish the refreshed concept....another character will join the pack soon :twisted:

03 March 2005, 08:18 PM
Slow down there young man.......Give the rest of us a chance.....Speed modeling,real quick,and on a nice road.......Keep it in the fastlane gregory.......You should have about 50 of these guys by the end at this rate......;) :arteest:

03 March 2005, 09:38 PM (

Ok still rethinking the main concept...the one I've got at the moment looked a little on the boring side when setup in max with bipeds...anyway I've pretty much nailed the human character design. Still not decided if I want the wolfmens rivals to be hawk or puma shaped... Meanwhile on to modeling the human..I'll have enough time to decide

03 March 2005, 10:39 PM (

A quick sketch made before I start modeling, tried to capture the previous sketch as much as I could...happy with the results :]

03 March 2005, 10:42 PM
Virtuoso: Nice to know you still drop by :)...I finally get to do something creative after a long day at work doing some totally boring stuff. I guess I'm just a little too pumped before I sit a the computer...

03 March 2005, 11:10 PM
• Who let the dogs out, ho, ho..ho ho :buttrock::buttrock:

03 March 2005, 11:29 PM (

Ok of we go.....Time for a little turbo boost....Modeling shortcuts are a must!!...The dreaded ear modeling is just around the corner

03 March 2005, 11:37 PM
fast forward, boost the speed and fire up the nitro! Looks like you're on lightspeed and unstoppable! oh well, i better get back modeling then! Basemodel looks good. Just remeber the nose mouth transition lies a bit in front of the nosewings, (profileview).
Lookin good my friend, Just keep on firing!

03 March 2005, 11:47 PM
Woooah thanks for the reminder a bit carried away. Good thing I got to it while the mesh was simple....guess I'll go do something simpler for the time being....neck extension here I come

03 March 2005, 12:10 AM (

Thanks to some tips from fellow CG Talkers this thing is starting to have a life of it's own....

03 March 2005, 12:13 AM
BLIMEY! you move really fast.

You've done loads since last time I checked out your thread.

No prizes for finnishing first! :)

03 March 2005, 01:29 AM (

Ok some refinements of the lips, eyes and nose. Gradient ramp for the eyes. Mix of falloff maps for the skin (temporary just to get the feel of light reacting)

03 March 2005, 01:33 AM
Ok my bedtimes near :scream:.....Don't ya just hate it when you suddenly check your clock to find it's 2:30 AM.....:twisted: See you guys in the morning...won't be able to do much till I'm off work....guess I'll scrible some more concepts....on post it notes :)

Night all..

03 March 2005, 02:02 AM
very stylised, and i like the last render - good lighting. got me subscribed

03 March 2005, 08:44 AM
WOW:eek: . You left a lot of us in the dust. You've already got one character fully modeled and rigged! Crazy. Hope you find the best cocnept for your entry.

03 March 2005, 07:13 PM (

We'll had a little overtime today so I'm starting a little late. Added ears (will probably refine till the end of the challenge) & back of head. Started adding facial hair. Still have to make more alpha channels for the hair to get a range of strands. Beard is on it's way to still making changes.

03 March 2005, 07:37 PM
Hi Greg.............turning out clean and smooth.Pumping out the models towards your idea in lightning speed............Keep it going,your doing a fine job......By the way have you looked into Vray? It's got Vray fur?Or hair FX?I have done some experiments lately with it,and came up with some interesting solutions.........If your interested PM me,I can give you a hand on some pretty cool solutions,hair and fur wise.......Kind of found them out on accident,just by endlessly tweaking.........See you soon............keep it rolling......:arteest:

03 March 2005, 09:14 PM (

Ok had a go at vrays fur. Haven't used this feature before so It'll need some testing to get it right. Happy with the hair-style though. Got it rather close to the concept. Yeah I know the lighting bad in this one will be nicer

03 March 2005, 10:17 PM (

Ok I guess it's another shot at anatomy modeling...gotta get the muscles right this time !!!

03 March 2005, 10:37 PM (

Ok main body boxed out. Slightly smoothed to get a better feel, Will start tackling joints soon.

03 March 2005, 10:38 PM
Wow didn't even notice when I passed my 300 post mark !!:buttrock:

03 March 2005, 11:26 PM (

Not much progress made today :-/ Reposed for better rigging. Feet are still a mess. Need to connect the front of the neck & torso....long way to go...

03 March 2005, 12:05 AM
Just take your time. Still 2 month, almost. The body so far looks proportionally quiet fine. detailing will follow, i'm sure. the neck could use a bit volume, its a bit thin compared to the rest of his body. don't remember if you own a zbrush. a trick to make fast male hair look right in positioning, to paint a mask in bz directly on his head (submat style working) thats the way in shaghair. makes it very eaysy to place fur. :)

you are working with "symetry, are you?" don't collapse the stack before you have all extrmities into place, where you want them. unwrapping also is faster if you just unwrap the half of him, then when unwrapped, just mirror the other half and stitch em together. and, fastest way to unwrap, split into arm legg torso, neck face and so on detach and map seperately, then weld back together and stich piece by piece... you might already know...of course.

might be the missing collarbone, but yet, the arms look a bit srtange in position. Just keep on going!
go go go greg!!!

03 March 2005, 07:36 AM
Thnx for the encouragement & tips guys :)...

Yep 1st_Angel he's fully symetry. I'd hate to unwrap the whole thing (that'd be insane).
I'll be freshing out the details later on today (muscle structure).

The only thing thats done ok with the arms are the palms the rest will be remodeled I just wanted to make a base mesh on which I could work on.

No collar bones yet but they'll b there soon enough. Making people just takes longer...

03 March 2005, 07:42 AM
Nice going with the head of hair. Hope to see a more complete body soom, although with the speed your wroking at i dont have to hope. Humans sure do take longer to model:banghead: .

03 March 2005, 08:39 AM
amazing progress! He needs a lot of work, but nevertheless, your damn fast:thumbsup: I'm waiting for some detailed body now...
good luck

03 March 2005, 09:04 AM (

mORE defines muscles added the collar bones but they need a little reworking..He's slowly begining to take shape

03 March 2005, 09:38 AM
nice modleing man... the hand and shoulder of the model needs more works. Ur doing great..keep up the good works :thumbsup:

03 March 2005, 10:32 AM (

Tried a little work on the arm muscles, rebuilt the armpit, added a sixpack, started welding the legs with the torso.

03 March 2005, 10:35 AM
• vrays fur? is not the shag hair plugin? or it is another one? great development Gregory!

03 March 2005, 10:55 AM
Nice progress, make stomach muscles wider. Keep the good progress up!

03 March 2005, 10:59 AM
Thx Omar. Man I just noticed your jumping into the 2d Category as well...Pic looks great by the way :thumbsup:

This dude is slowing me down a bit.....I wanna do some scenery !!! But not yet. Once piece at a time..

Arturro thx for pointing that out...made em wider ...they became narrow once I started cutting them..didn't notice it....fixed now..

03 March 2005, 11:14 AM
nice progres, loking in later for update see you and :thumbsup:
maby head is alittle small,(youst my view)

03 March 2005, 11:29 AM
Looked at some more refrence pics and your right the head is a little small...Fixed & now looks a lot better

03 March 2005, 01:18 PM (

Ok legs are connected. Still need to remodel his behind..Slight adjustments on the hands, legs and torso...the heads a bit enlarged too

03 March 2005, 01:22 PM
great progress. only sugestion, isnt his backhead a bit too small yet? looks good so far, i'll be back to see how you're geting along! Smart birdie :)

03 March 2005, 01:28 PM
Right agian Sacha... Forgot to adjust it (his jawline is lightly lower than the refrence)

03 March 2005, 02:55 PM (

Started adding clothes. Minor changes to the hands...not doing toes decided on boots ...(end design may vary)

03 March 2005, 03:24 PM
mutch better, its getting there, se you later (have to go for a pint now) :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

03 March 2005, 03:31 PM
I think your doing a good job so far. One suggestion wold be to give him a little bit of a neck though.

03 March 2005, 03:35 PM
looking good. Maybe add some belt and pockets to the trousers?

03 March 2005, 03:37 PM
pockets belts and stuff are in planed...I'll look into the neck issue dmonk :thumbsup:

03 March 2005, 04:51 PM (

Redone the hair with FX. Looks a lor more natural (at least I hope so)

03 March 2005, 05:04 PM
Great speed 3DRaven, So you to in, expecting a great entry from you. You have completed a lot so let me go and start mine.

03 March 2005, 05:24 PM (

Ok setup the UVW map now on to my virtual colouring book !!

03 March 2005, 05:58 PM (

Started painting in the diffuse. Simple noise for the bump for now....slight reflection (bitmap) on skin and eyes

03 March 2005, 06:39 PM
Nice work. I like it :thumbsup:
Tak trzymac 3DRaven :)

03 March 2005, 08:02 PM
Thx PS doin what I can to get this right. Started unwraping the body. Will start texturing soon

03 March 2005, 08:24 PM (

Ok finaly done the Unwrap on him...not painting the feet they'll be choped of when the time comes :]

03 March 2005, 08:25 PM
hehe kinda reminds me of Tron now that I look at it :)

03 March 2005, 08:28 PM
Hi Greg......Real fast and it;s coming along well.....texturing already......blazing fast.....

Nice start on the diffuse map also....Nice body modeling.......Your coming along quite well.Now get back to un-wrapping.....;) :arteest:

03 March 2005, 10:04 PM (

Painting in the diffuse channel for the body.

03 March 2005, 10:08 PM
Thanks Michael , all your comments are more than welcome.
I'll finish texturing him of tomorrow still got the specular to go and bump maps for some regions.

Gotta refine his threads too.

It's getting rather late so I'm slowly finishing up for today......

03 March 2005, 10:35 PM (

Diffuse- Still need to line some seams up but it's almost done...

03 March 2005, 11:29 PM
Hey, you have a promising anthomical knowledge! This thread was a surprice fo me. Keep it up!

Time is on your side!

03 March 2005, 08:56 AM (

I Decided to setup a rig in the meanwhile to have a little break from texturing...Arnold eat your heart out. :]

03 March 2005, 09:52 AM (

Ok added in a ton of falloff maps for diffuse, spec, gloss etc. Still have to tweak the shadows though will be better next update.

03 March 2005, 10:53 AM
looking great mate looking good.. keep it up

03 March 2005, 12:10 PM (

Added boots...attached clothes and boots to rig. Need to redo pants. Will add further refinements

03 March 2005, 12:42 PM
Texturing? Rigging? Full body model? Christ sake Im slow :)

Nice progress man, love those boots. Dont know how old you are or if you even remember but he reminds me of the guys that would should up on the planets in the old "Star Trek" episodes...too cool!

BTW -- The wolf model is awesome!

03 March 2005, 12:51 PM
I've been droping by your thread too Anthony. Going just as good, just seems slower cuz your going into more details than me :thumbsup:

Watched a lot of Star Trek too (even the first movies). Must be my subconscious telling me how to model him :).
This dudes gotta get a pair of pants...thinking of some stylized shorts I'll see how they work out in the modeling process.

The wolf man will be hitting the texture factory soon :twisted:.

For the record hitting 25 this year.

03 March 2005, 11:18 PM
damn two charachters nearly you continue like this , you will be finish one month before the deadline :scream:

I like yours charchters , but i don't like the man cloths for the moment,not enough details i think
This problem will maybe disapear with the textures :)

For the rest , good job , and keep the rythm :D

03 March 2005, 11:49 PM
• Looking Good Gregory! Just need muscular refinement! :thumbsup:

03 March 2005, 11:54 PM
Yeah I'll wait till he's fully clothed then I'll focus on the uncovered body parts :D
The vest is still in the works...Like Arturro I'm leaving tomorrow cuz of Easter holidays....So updates will be small if any till Wednesday.

03 March 2005, 12:05 AM
witam rodaka:buttrock:

whoa - u're working pretty fast - have a break for a easter breakfest :) give us a chance to get you :)

it seems that you know what steps you want to make next - so i just drop in to say hello:thumbsup:


03 March 2005, 12:21 AM
Nice seeing you here Kru :)

No worries I'll be so stuffed with food tomorrow I doubt I'll be able to move :thumbsup:

Isn't Easter great

03 March 2005, 10:27 AM (

I decided to merge the two character scenes and get them the right scale...(man that hurt).. Had to be done before any more tweaks were to be made. Had to reinitialize the mans physique so I'll do some tweaks later on..

03 March 2005, 11:42 AM
woa! u got both ur character standing!!... amazing speed man... good job so far.. keep goin buddy :thumbsup:

03 March 2005, 10:47 PM (

Added sowing seems, belt buckles, new texture, color test....oh yeah and pants (still need better texturing)

03 March 2005, 11:43 PM
great work, and you dont waste any time, see you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

03 March 2005, 12:52 AM (

Had to rerig most of him so that the detailed mesh would work (skin wrap didn;t help here) :-/..enchanced gloves now deform properly, Still need to setup a cloth sim for the vest it's deformed by physique for now.
Changed the eyes a bit...Still not happy with them.

03 March 2005, 01:22 AM
good job!

why are u rigging everything - to expertise rigging craftmanship?(lol)
its going to be a still afterall! in a matter of a challenge it's a waste of time ( not in a matter of learning of course). Don't you prefer to use the spare time for shading/modeling?

(heh - what do i bother about - u are fast as hell even with rigging... just forget it)


03 March 2005, 01:49 AM
Two characters modeled, textured, and rigged; too fast, we just got to the second week. One thing though, maybe you can spend more time on the rig and get the deformations to look better. Keep those updates coming.

03 March 2005, 09:30 AM
A bit agree with ace! You're in time! No reason to hurry (if you're not too busy)! BTW the charcters and your topic looks fine to me! Keep posted!

03 March 2005, 09:44 AM
You realy impressed me because you're going very fast. Your idea is nice and you 've done a great job so far. I won't tell you I hope you'll finish it on time... but keep it up and good luck to you.:)

03 March 2005, 10:17 AM
I must say, Im amazed by your speed. Leaving enough detail to model to get it smooth and good. And enough detail to textures for letting them take the indepth details. All you would need to know is how you can create normalmaps or Displacement maps, and you would be even one step better then now. Choosing Normalmaps over modelling details can sometime be very useful as you may know. Especially if you've already rigged it.

Best of luck!

03 March 2005, 03:11 PM (

Wolf soldiers face textured with a diffuese map. Added fur. Body already prepared for far just started painting the neck

03 March 2005, 04:38 PM (

Ok hooked up the fur, redid some texture settings. Need to work on the metal and finally decide on cloth patterns.

03 March 2005, 05:51 PM
your progress is killing me:) you should be given a ticket for too speed working:twisted:
You've got a nice fur, maybe show more of it? for example remove the trousers?

03 March 2005, 06:16 PM
Hmmm I'll think about the I'm making a pic to deform the breastplate...:) Waitin 4 your update Arturro :thumbsup:

03 March 2005, 08:18 PM (

Breastplate all nice and colorfull. Sun still a bit overbright. Gotta adjust it's spec.....guess I better get back to texturing eh??

03 March 2005, 08:50 PM
Hi greg........continuing to work at warp speed I see.......Nice results.Fully ready....well 90% +......I see you found a nice fur it FX?.....came out well.Keep this up,I like what your doing,and the passion you got is effident,great thing to have.See you as you progress......And slow down some,your fast.;) :arteest:

03 March 2005, 09:20 PM
Virtusoso :Yup it's FX, had to learn a lot though. Now it's seems rather simple when I think about it... A couple of maps, vectors and its ready. Z-brush would speed it up double but don't know it that well to be able to go to warp 9 :thumbsup: Guess FX would work nice for your Rudes eh? ;)

03 March 2005, 09:40 PM
Very creative idea. Looking forward to seeing more.

03 March 2005, 09:46 PM
Very clever my friend, this is shaping up quite nicely. Your making me want to start texturing my stuff...but I must stay on track :banghead: (http://misc.php?do=getsmilies&wysiwyg=1&forumid=0#)

03 March 2005, 10:34 PM
very fast! :thumbsup:
nice werewolf, or wolf.
I find the hair pops up a bit, like it need shadows (fibers casting shadows on the other fibers) to give it depth.

03 March 2005, 10:45 PM
I find the hair pops up a bit, like it need shadows

Yeah for speed reasons fur quality is set to minimum + no shadows.....can't wait for those preview need em going 100 mph :) In the final I'll switch to max details and shadows (if it doesn't kill my PC then)

Finishing for today....I need a rest..

Cya all tomorrow ....peace

03 March 2005, 11:40 PM
really nice fur and "the fairy tale outfit"


03 March 2005, 11:44 PM
wow.. great model..

waiting to see more.. c ya !

03 March 2005, 10:30 AM (

..I needed a rest from 3d so here's what I scribles in my spare time

The semi-animal kingdom will have a new member on the way....

03 March 2005, 10:32 AM
Don't want this to turn out looking like war of the clones so more species will be packed into the challenge

03 March 2005, 11:33 AM (

Started horse warrior model....not much to show just yet

03 March 2005, 11:44 AM
Um...SLOW DOWN!!! I can catch up :surprised your killing us man LOL !

I didnt mention it last time but I loved what you did with your male character as he looks much much better now. I really like your style for this compo it is reminding me of something sort of RPG-ish. Seriously, keep it up and just's inspiration for the rest of us.

03 March 2005, 11:48 AM
Thanx Kidmesh nice of you droping by...was a bit worried people lost interest for a while....

Anyhow the bullet express is slowly starting up....nearly done the horse head...gotta love speed modeling :twisted:.

03 March 2005, 03:35 PM (

Ok heads up :] Nearly done. Still need to fiddle with the proportions and probably rebuilt the jaw line

03 March 2005, 04:05 PM (

Ok used the wolfman body as a base for this. Vertex tweaks here and there and lots of face extruding. Gonna have to redo some muscles here and there. Oh yeah and gotta give him some hooves

03 March 2005, 04:11 PM
cool model man !!
waiting to see more !
c ya !

03 March 2005, 05:51 PM (

Ok scraped the torso and recycled the mans one it's a whole lot more suitable for him. Added hooves & more body detail.

03 March 2005, 06:55 PM (

Modeled the cloth and gloves. Rearanged a couple of verts. Gave him a new skin material (still have to paint the diffuse)..Started modeling his spear

03 March 2005, 06:57 PM
Man I'm gonna have to rig this guy with standard bones :argh:....

03 March 2005, 07:00 PM
kind of a strange one a minoautaur komdind whith a horse,(horse head) but its cool so :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: see you later and keep up the good work.

03 March 2005, 08:36 PM (

Ok built a little biped hybrid...ik legs 'n' stuff included.....all I have to do is chop his head off for morphs :] (damn that sounds brutal)

03 March 2005, 09:50 PM (

Ok his physiqued....all I need now is to map him out and make the spear...add another to the zoo :]

Might change his color....he looks ok but I'm afraid I'm loosing details...

03 March 2005, 09:52 PM
Man was that a bit tiring....gota get some shut eye or I'll get a total burnout :)

03 March 2005, 10:14 PM
nooo not again! :rolleyes:
how many of them are u going to make? :)
i am starting to feel a bit slow...

03 March 2005, 10:19 PM
Hi Kru...the next character will be feminine :)

How muny characters....hmmm dunno yet.... a couple thats for sure...need variety...

03 March 2005, 10:28 PM
Modeling express central.........Pace yourself working 20 hour days?Loks nice,you got some well made creations popping up here......rigged too...real quick.....but just keep in touch with the details of what you have......You might be going so fast that you just zoom by the details needed for these characters.......Anyways,,doing a real nice job,,,,I love the passion you have with this,I can feel it all the way from here......Work well.....:arteest:

03 March 2005, 10:48 PM
Don't worry Michael all characters will get their turn in the beauty salon :)...During work I usually rotate from character to character so some changes haven't been posted yet (for instance the wolfman has textured boots) I'll give a nice group photo when they're done

03 March 2005, 10:50 PM
Just watching your back Greg.........;) ......Nice to hear.............Keep it coming gregory....:thumbsup:

03 March 2005, 11:31 PM
I go to sleep ealry one night, go to my classes, check mail, and i see you complete a horse, AND rig him. Man I've got to pick up the pace. The horse looks good btw.

03 March 2005, 02:02 AM
Your my hero dude :bowdown:

We kinda have the same philosophy with this compo..get done what you can quickly so you have more time on the backend to really hone in on the details. Yet your doing it 10x faster than most!

Excellent job man, and I only have two characters to do :argh:

03 March 2005, 06:26 AM
Incredible... you work so fast... well done mate :thumbsup:

03 March 2005, 07:27 AM
Rethinking the compo a bit I want the master servant theme to be more visible.....I'm thinking of scaling down the human to get more details out of the rest of the charcters (afraid they'll be less visible)....

Anway for sure a toad character's planed, still pickinig the animal for the woman (she'll probably be a cat ;) )

Kid Mesh: You're doing ok on your compo....see you're rearanging it a bit too

Lemog: Thanks for dropping by.....I'll try to keep the same speed till the end of the challenge

ace4016: Can't wait to see your characters head...the suspense is killing me

Virtuoso: Gues I picked the right guy to watch my back...keepin me motivated :thumbsup: Looking at you past challenge I can see big one-man scenes are I'm not holding back on this one.

03 March 2005, 07:49 AM
Hehe my 400th post ....:bounce:

03 March 2005, 08:07 AM
Hi there you creazy dude! You're totally insane:) but I like it, nice horse.
Keep the insane progress up, let everyone know how creazy Poles are:)

03 March 2005, 08:16 AM
arturro: I'm sure we've got enough nutz to go round. The horse warrior if far from finished. Lots to tweak till I'm fully happy with it. On to the feline. Gonna have a concept up hopefully today

03 March 2005, 08:48 AM
Hehe my 400th post ....:bounce:Happy birthday my friend :scream: Champagne :bounce:

03 March 2005, 10:33 AM
Rigging a horse you know what is FUN! Meybe you could change the shader of the hose (colors as you wrote that) now it looks a bit "flat". Everything else is well done!:beer:

03 March 2005, 02:16 PM
awesome progress... damn , and so fast! you spend 24/7 on this mate? lol the horse is very cool, and wolfie looks very good with fur now. very great progress, absolutely cool!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

03 March 2005, 03:30 PM
Slow progress today....had overseas guests so I was away from my CPU for quite a concept sketch will be posted either this evening or tomorrow morning

03 March 2005, 04:33 PM
loking forvard for what you are doing next. see you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

03 March 2005, 05:14 PM (

Concept for the catgirl....clothes may change in the final model...

03 March 2005, 05:33 PM

03 March 2005, 05:36 PM
Haha not so fast quickdraw....I'm goin out 4 the eventing....Wiping when the sun rises :)

03 March 2005, 06:26 PM
This is some great work, and very speedy! You should use a nice wide angle lens on your camera, a focal length of like 20-25 to really accent the scale difference.

Just suggestions, Nice work!

03 March 2005, 10:42 PM
Yep the concept is evolving will probably change it soon....Don't want a too wide angle it tends to make stuff distorted (hard to type back from party :))

04 April 2005, 07:29 AM (

K started the cat model....still a rough block I gotta cut at but the main shape is roughed out :]

04 April 2005, 09:05 AM (

Ok on the right track finally. Still need to take in to acount the thickness of the skin etc.

04 April 2005, 10:06 AM (

Trying to define the head shape better. Still need to work on the shape of the eyes and tweak the mouth....

04 April 2005, 11:23 AM (

Ok....body modelling started....Guess I'll have some fun here..

04 April 2005, 11:41 AM (

Tying to get the basic shape of the body...

04 April 2005, 01:47 PM (

A slight update...Legs look a bit like sausages at the moment will be fixed by next update. Got a bit carried away with the mesh so some optimizations will have to be done

04 April 2005, 03:01 PM (

Fixed up the legs, started modeling the paws (ultra tweaks still needed in this area). Tail stuck on. Collar bone accented.

04 April 2005, 04:15 PM (

Tweaked the feet pushing around vertexes..Hopefully they look less blocky now. Redid the palm from scratch. Simple clothes made my cloning body faces and pushing them out

04 April 2005, 04:19 PM
Damn can't fix the spelling mistake on the challenge page :eek: Guess it's have to stay as pushung vertexes :twisted:......Still not sure how I'll tackle the eyes for this character. They're rather essential to it's looks......

04 April 2005, 04:45 PM
great modeling raven, see you mate :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

04 April 2005, 06:03 PM (

Basic rig setup with Character studio. Was rather fast because I didn't have to rig the fingers and toes with the most care...She deforms pretty much as needed.

04 April 2005, 06:04 PM
Alex.h.: Hehe thx for the complement so far your models look like they're taking the lead when it comes to style and details....gotta love those nifty tools you're using....

Gonna have to spend a day or two on tweaking all these rigs so the muscles look ok. Lots to do......

04 April 2005, 06:21 PM
So have you burned a hole yet on your desk where you move your mouse?

LOL, your too quick for me!

04 April 2005, 06:25 PM
used to make swiss cheese out of my pads.....I bought a gel pad and life got a whole lot easier......a wacom helps too :)

04 April 2005, 06:32 PM
I haven't been here for a while. Great progess. :thumbsup:

04 April 2005, 07:08 PM
Nice kitty you got here:twisted: I'm impressed by your progress. Keep it up mate!

04 April 2005, 07:25 PM (

Testing if my machine doesn't choke on the poly count yet....Imported all the character so far into one scene....unfortunately the horse warrior is a little out of scale getting him the right size won't be easy. So far everything's working ok...hope my luck lasts

04 April 2005, 07:27 PM
No new characters will be coming for a few days....need to get my new crew textured and ready (at least to the quality of the wolfman)

04 April 2005, 07:29 PM
looking good, but my suggestion would be to make the kitty smaller than wolfman... It looks tsrange bigger or same size to me...

04 April 2005, 07:52 PM
Yeah, scaling them all now I'll use your tips Arturro. Fortunatly I was able to scale the horsewarrior without any major problems :)

04 April 2005, 09:17 PM
Alright....well done greg.......:arteest:

A group just got to love them...nice cast too......Doing very nicely......Looking forward to those additons and extra polish...Real nice update greg....working real well......:thumbsup:

04 April 2005, 09:46 PM (

Cat head fully mapped out....on to the painting...

04 April 2005, 10:31 PM
One word - " Amphatimines " :bounce:

The speed at which you get done is insane. LOL

04 April 2005, 10:34 PM (

Head texture slowly taking shape

04 April 2005, 10:43 PM
it's good to see you are still advancing

i think you should make the big guy a little bit older - he doesn't look like a warrior now (face). Maybe some scurfs would fix the problem.
what' s more important, the master/servant dependence isn't very clear right now.

04 April 2005, 10:48 PM
kru: Yeah I know a new idea for the concept has been in my head for a couple of days...but I'm still not happy with the meanwhile I'll continiue with the details....I usually get my ideas while doodling new textures

One word - " Amphatimines " :bounce: Yep let the human be on the other side of the leash for a change :)

04 April 2005, 10:52 PM
i dont like much the textures but ur work is great !!

c ya !

04 April 2005, 10:52 PM
Have to say the dog soldier made me howl. Can't wait to see what you do with this guy. Good luck. Ta Sean :thumbsup:

04 April 2005, 11:13 PM
gra7: The texures are barely it's a little soon to judge.....I'll do my best to make them better

UK3D:Happy you like him. Hope the rest of em comes out just as well as he did...

Back to texturing....gotta finish the feline :)

04 April 2005, 11:24 PM
lol, I feel so slow. Im still on my first character, and your just about done with 4. Gotta speed up. One word - " Amphatimines " :bounce:

who's your supplier, looks like I need some:D :argh: (joke).

04 April 2005, 11:30 PM
ace4016:I dropped by your thread not that long ago...If what you say is correct than your character looks ace taking into account that it's your second human ever built...the face looks nice. good proportions and all......just google an ear graphic, it can help heaps :) Hate doing the ears too they take up time..

04 April 2005, 11:46 PM (

Ok the cats welcomed to the world of tron :] Fully unwrapped and ready for a coat of paint....

04 April 2005, 11:49 PM
Ok enough for today....unfortunately I'm back to my old LG flatron CRT.....:argh:....I already miss the LCD.....gotta get one to replace this radiation emitter....

Cya CGTALKers tomorrow....peace..

04 April 2005, 12:11 AM
Thanks for the compliment. Can't wait untill tomorrow, I want to see more:bounce: .

04 April 2005, 04:14 AM
Hey looks like you are really getting through your work here....godd luck with it all .....Looks like you will be trying to add some fur here sometime soon..... Nice puss..... Later Gregory :thumbsup:

04 April 2005, 06:51 AM
Wow, i turn away for a couple of days and you already have all these characters?!?!

I need to get working!


04 April 2005, 09:40 AM (

Ok started painting the body textures...still have to add details...trying to get the colors right for now...changed the clothes a bit too but nothing too drastic they badly need textures...

04 April 2005, 12:06 PM
Body textures nearly done....still gotta twaek the legs...I'll be sending an update probably pretty soon

04 April 2005, 12:09 PM
hey... donīt you sleep?
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
I feel the whole thing a bit color-saturated, donīt know if itīs the final look or not, but itīs just a thought.

04 April 2005, 12:58 PM
amazing progress as usual, only one suggestion from me...

I think that "her" boots should stick to "her" legs. And maybe should be a bit longer, just something like halle berry as a cat-women:) some heels could also be a good idea.

04 April 2005, 01:14 PM
I feel the whole thing a bit color-saturated, donīt know if itīs the final look or not, but itīs just a thought.

Bealobo: It the lighting has a lot to do with it. In the final compo I'll have a mix of hot/cold lights that will break the feeling...Working on the clothes textures now. They will be darker and have creases and stuff and hopefully they won't be oversaturated

think that "her" boots should stick to "her" legs. And maybe should be a bit longer, just something like halle berry as a cat-women:) some heels could also be a good idea.

Arturro: I doubt I'll be rebuilding them a lot of clothes to paint. Not sure if her bone stuctur would allow high heals...(another joint)....but I'll do some test and see how it works out

04 April 2005, 02:16 PM (

Unwrapped the cloths (major pain) and started to texture them. Body texture nearing final version.

04 April 2005, 04:43 PM (

Ok this was rather a clean-up session. Needed to finaly fit the texture seems....tried to define the cloth better through textures, although the sleeves still are rather lacking in details...Added belt and collar...

04 April 2005, 04:50 PM
dang, thats a really wierd looking cat! haven't seen anyone els doing anthropomorphized animals on this challenge [but I'm rather new here, so...] so I guess its original!

04 April 2005, 05:07 PM
• Wow, Catwoman has never been so catish :D, :applause:

04 April 2005, 05:14 PM
The horse warriors going for a major overhaul the meanwhile I'll try and do something with her shoes...

Miezis: Thanks for droping was a nice suprise to discover your thread..:thumbsup:

Climax: Yeah she's no Halle Berry that's for sure....might add eyelashes later....:)

04 April 2005, 06:07 PM (

Unwrapped the horse head and ready for texturing...did I do something wrong to find a chopped of horse head on my desktop??

04 April 2005, 06:54 PM (

Ok started coloring in the head...begining to look better.

04 April 2005, 07:35 PM
Cool felinoid... and now your working on an equinoid cool. Looking good. Keep at it!

04 April 2005, 10:02 PM (

Finished unwrapping the horse.......

04 April 2005, 10:20 PM
Gosh man u r fast! :) so many characters.... they look lowpoly but pretty good :)

Keep up with good work !

04 April 2005, 10:38 PM (

Basic filler paint.....I'll add the details tomorrow

04 April 2005, 10:42 PM
they look lowpoly

Dodgeas3d: hmmm guess bump maps and displacement maps are on my to do list :) Hope they'll help to get rid of the low poly feel....thanks for the comment made me look at my models from a new perspective

04 April 2005, 10:46 PM
||) |V| |^|: Man sorry you slipped in between posts, just noticed you in my mailbox :D. Thanks for the comment, nothing like encouragement to get a man back to work :thumbsup:

04 April 2005, 08:41 AM (

Basic shadows painted in

04 April 2005, 03:59 PM (

Trying to get a nice body texture for the horse but it's tough

04 April 2005, 08:06 PM (

Started modeling the horsewarriors halabard...

04 April 2005, 12:47 AM
Look at em go :eek:

Your like a freight train man LOL....keep it coming quickly cause its pushing me :twisted:

04 April 2005, 01:26 AM (

Ok finally decided on a's the story

mi'Lady picks out a new servant. She's is accompanied by her guardian and two bodyguards...the poor soul will of course carry his ladies crest branded on him as all servents before him..

04 April 2005, 01:28 AM
Thats a busy bunch of skeletons......nice layout.....Nice halberd too greg....keep it going....Looking real nice....:arteest:

04 April 2005, 01:31 AM
I'm happy with the new concept...the two bodyguards will be leopards..still deciding on the guy holding the branding iron....might add signs of struggle in the final composition...

Kid Mesh: I do what I can man :thumbsup:...was a bit depressed earlier so work on the project nearly I've finally go a clear goal so things will speed up soon.

Might change the background.....I'd like to add a little croud behind them but I'm not sure I'll make em in time...

04 April 2005, 01:35 AM
Virtuoso: It's the bunch that makes it fun :)...hope to fill all those skeletons with flesh and bones (and a bit more).....I see you haven't been beating around the bush either......great job on your about a jump in progress :thumbsup:

04 April 2005, 01:37 AM
Yes Greg,,,,,lots of coffee needed for us both.......:beer: .......Ok pretend those are coffee mugs....;)

04 April 2005, 01:42 AM
Dude are you making a movie? LOL...I feel like Im prevy to dailies and images from a production. Great stuff man :)

04 April 2005, 01:53 AM
Kid Mesh: I wish man
nope it'll stay a still frame....the guys at pixar have all the fair..

Anyway to lighten the atmosphere here's a little production blooper it came out during the fur test
Sorta reminds me of the sheepdog from loony toons :)

04 April 2005, 01:55 AM
ROFL :scream: Too cool man!

04 April 2005, 01:57 AM
Signing of for the night....yup it's 4:00 again.....time for my four hour sleep in the mornin :D

04 April 2005, 09:17 AM
That concept scene is excellent WOWWWA! You chosen a very good topic about this challenge! Rock on mate :buttrock:

04 April 2005, 09:34 AM
Nice going on th updates; I just got an email notifiaction afterb all this work done. Glad you finally decided on a composition; I'm still juggling a few ideas myself. Keep speeding through:buttrock: .

04 April 2005, 01:16 PM (

Ok I resized the human...placed all the characters in there places...(other scene was made of biped quick standins)...Still have 3 characters to go at the minimum

04 April 2005, 01:19 PM
I might go for a wider shot and try to catch some of the surrounding (want it to be autumn with trees..... and maybe a building out back)

04 April 2005, 01:33 PM
Looks pretty good, but on critique with the camera angle or position of the human and guards: its hard to capture both the face of the maser and the servant, but maybe you can get a better angle for the humans face; although you said you may show signs of struggle which is where you can show the face of the human a bit better. I don't know, thats just me though.

04 April 2005, 01:38 PM
ace4016: Yeah gonna have to hack at some morph targets pretty soon. Give the guy a nice pair of teeth too. I'll try to fiddle with the heads a bit...

thanks for pointing that out Ace I didn't realize how much I'd be missing of the masters gaze....I mean mistress ;)

04 April 2005, 05:10 PM (

Still not too happy with the camera a lot in this time but it's hard to notice the wolfmen are holding him back....and you can't see servent master eye contact....

04 April 2005, 10:50 PM (

Started modeling the surrounding buildings...

04 April 2005, 10:45 AM
Looks lie the camera angle is giving you trouble. I suck at camera angels myself, but I remeber reading a documanet about good camera angles at (I think). Nice start on the building. Hoep the scene will be more focused on the master and servant though.

04 April 2005, 11:18 AM (

Ok got a nice camera angle with more focus on the master & servant...fiddled arround a bit with the lighting. It'll probably change draticly once structures will start covering the light above and to the sides of the characters...

04 April 2005, 11:24 AM
ace4016: thanks for the link :)...I'll be sure to check out what valuable info they have there..Although I'm actually quite happy with the last shot...let me know what you think..

Still have to add a broken chain to the human character and work a bit more on his clothes texturing...

rigging tweaks will also be done...the other cat character will probably get a new texture. I'm thinking of redoing her in dark tones with bits of white.

Gotten past the 3,5 million poly threshold and things are still working ok....hope my cpu doesn't melt on the final....:)

04 April 2005, 11:35 AM
I like the new camera angle, but I think the placement and poses of some of the characters could use some more work. Right now, they look randomly placed and posed to me. I don't know, have'nt really gotten much sleep, I'll probably have something better to say later after some sleep.

04 April 2005, 11:46 AM
They were setup to the previous shot...I'll move em around a bit so that they don't overlap so much