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03 March 2005, 05:57 PM
Hey all, Its been along time since ive done Java script and i wanted to get back into it. problem is that i cannot for the life of me find the program/compiler. the java.sun site has so many things but i cant find the development kit. i just want to write some java. compile, and make applets for some practice. could anyone point me to the proper link or proper name of the program?


03 March 2005, 07:45 PM

oh...sorry for the double post :(

03 March 2005, 07:53 PM
Are you talking about JAVA or Javascript?

Java is a compiled language created by SUN & Javascript is an interpeted language that is not created by Sun.

If you want to write javascript just use the correct tags within your html code and the browser will execute it on the fly.

If you want to write a JAVA program then you will need a JAVAC compiler which is part of the sdk.
If you want to write JSP code which is more robust than Javascript then your gonna need a Webserver like Tomcat which offers the neccessary services and uses the JAVAC to compile your code and run your embeded JSP code in the browser.

03 March 2005, 09:59 PM
sorry, i believe it is javaScript or jscript that im looking for. i wanted to practice making some applets to get me used to the programing basics again. my goal after that is to write some tools within Softimage XSI using jscript. all i remeber from 3 years ago is that i used a program to write the script, compiled in that program and made applets to toy around with numbers/puzzles/games and ect. and im looking for the program that i do that in

does this help?

and my a friend just told me that i need j2se... ok so i go to the link that was posted above. what exactly do i download?? there is like 3 updates. some documents. and other things, cant it just be as simple as here is the setup file.. now install. im realy confused as to what i need to do or download

03 March 2005, 10:28 PM
if you want j2se download this

JDK 5.0 Update 2 includes the JVM technology

03 March 2005, 11:17 PM
Hmmm really if your ultimate goal is to create 'scripts' in softimage then downloading the j2se sdk is basically overkill.

In the end your going to be creating 'scripts' which means that variables you create will most likely consist of a intrinsic data types meaning everything will be declared like so:

var varName; //maybe an object
var varName; //maybe a string
var varName; //maybe an int

But in JAVA you will have to actual determine your data types for memory reasons like:

String address; //Object
int Weight; //Integer Object
char myInitials; //character

Not to mention, you wont have to deal with the overhead of OOP. Scripting is pretty much straight forward procedual top down level programming like old fashion C.

Point being is that you really dont need all that hassle if your end game is just to 'script'. Now you mentioned Jscript which is cool and is part of the WSH (Windows Scripting Host).
That is exactly what you need if you want to start messing around with scripts.

Windows Scripting Host Downloads (

That link should get you set up with all you need to start playing around with the Jscript language which is easy use and has great documentation. Just write your code in notepad, save it as whatever.js and double click :)

Hope this helps.

03 March 2005, 11:46 PM
fox, if you want to learn to script for XSI there are two main types of scripts/SCOPs you will use.

one revolves around pipelines, and to learn that the best scripting books (that can also be applied directly to XSI related stuff that is) are the OR books about python.
learning python and the cookbook will get you a long way.

the other kind is tools, helpers and operators, and for those an understanding of linear algebra and basic programming and interfacing is more useful, along with the knowledge of XSI's scriptingAPI SDK.

in neither case books and tutorials about JScript or JavaScript will be of much use since they are mostly weboriented and hardly ever offer any relevant insight about instancing and managing objects (and even the scripting API of XSI is heavily OO) and even less about the same stuff applied to the most common tasks for 3D dev.

approaching programming from a language POV is the most common mistake I see with people starting to script for XSI (even if they're scripts we're still by all means in the programming realm).
a language is just that, language, with its syntax, standard libraries set etc.
books about JS or VBS will heavily focus on the tasks these languages are most used for, none of which applies to scripting for XSI.

you're better off investing in either learning real programming (and everything you'll learn will trickle down into scripting as well), fundamentals of those branches of maths that apply to 3D and the XSI SDK.
everything else will happen on the way or will follow naturally.

03 March 2005, 12:47 AM
In that case then learn C++ and some simple OGL / glut examples just to get yourself oriented programming for 3D. But from your orginal post it sounded like you havent been coding for a long while and just wanted to code 'anything' to get the feel for it again so simple Jscripting sounded feasible to me.

Regardless, I agree with ThE_Jaco and not because he is a moderater but overall because his assesment was sound.

03 March 2005, 07:21 AM
my first goal is to learn how to properly script tools inside of xsi using jscript, "helpers and operators" as jaco stated.

my second and long term goal is Pipeline tools, addons, exporting/importing between different softwares, plugins, ect. in this case C++, Python and the Cookbook are inline to be learned and looked at, but i do mean longterm. in a couple years when i have a stable job, im thinking about returning to school to learn full out programming.

since it is my first goal to begin making tools for inside of xsi, i will take your advice and look into learning more about XSI's scriptingAPI SDK and some basic programming.

This has been very insightfull, i have had very little guidance to show me where i should begin.. actualy the only info I have ever gotten has been from Jaco in other threads. Thank you both for your input so far. and just wondering. what is glut? :p

05 May 2005, 02:29 PM
OK, I know this thread is really old, but this is an issue that I see over and over, so I will post what I think and hopefully some one will read it:

1) is a very serious programming language. It may be somewhat higher-level than C, but I (among others) have spent years learning it, and it is a deep languge, with, I think, better OO than C++

2) can be used for applets, but, like C++, its primary use is, in fact, stand-alone applications. A lot of people get confused and assume its only for applets. NO

JavaSCRIPT (note the script) on the other hand:
1) is a dinky web language. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but, as such, it is much easier to learn and use than java, and much MUCH less powerful. Almost all of the JavaScript I know I learned in about 3 afternoons.

2) DOES NOT do stand alone applications, so , its not really (IMHO) a programming language, per se.

3)DOES NOT do applets. While they may not seem like it, applets are basically applications that the client downloads and runs on thier computer. They are not like Javascript, which is read like HTML.

learn JAVA if you want to know a robust, quickly growing, powerful, and deep programming language similar in many ways to C++.

learn JavaSCRIPT if you want to make neat little web accoutrements as part of your website.

Just my (lengthy) 2 cents :)

(and by the way, KidMesh, Java is both compiled by a compiler, and then interpreted, by the JVM, which is why its both really slow and universally compatible)


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