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02 February 2002, 02:38 PM
Hey there all so it has been brought to my attention that Geocities tho free and all............sux so I'm re posting with links that actually work now........I here goes.........

Reo Prendergast

02 February 2002, 06:55 PM
nice detaling and style! maybe her head is tad off from the torso.
who is she and in what environment does she live in? what is the equipment for?

02 February 2002, 08:01 PM
hey yah.......she's from a world where the atmosphere is all but gone and there is a lot of toxins in the one must wear protective gear and air filters to breath.

I wanted the character to have a 18 th century dive suit look but also incorperate some more modern touches........

So I guess I just keep tooling away know how it is .........just ....more .....tweek.........pull points..........must ........pull points.......................meh

Thanks for the feed back


02 February 2002, 09:52 PM
Here is the breathing thingy- mer- bober I was talking about......

still have lots of work left but it's coming along...........

Well back to it....... later monkeys


02 February 2002, 10:17 PM
Great Job!!

Where is the navel? ;)

02 February 2002, 10:58 PM that is looking good!

If you have problems with posting pictures, try uploading your stuff at "" you need to know a bit about FTP... (b.t.w. I'm not advertising!!! just suggesting!)


02 February 2002, 02:29 AM
Okay Guys a new render for you a few more things stuck to her then before ............

Thanks for the coments everyone........

Null to your Mom


02 February 2002, 03:03 AM
I like the details going on on your model. There are some proportion problems you may want to address before adding more details. The head is too large and arms, hands and pelvis too small. Do you have plans for the large ring thing around the neck? It looks like it's for a helmet.

02 February 2002, 03:31 AM
Yah I do think the head might be a bit big but right now it's just a rough I'm going to give it an over haul soon......... the hands as well.............

thanks for say'n some thing ....

oh yah here's some wires for you guys



02 February 2002, 09:44 AM
Hey this is looking real good. I can see some really cool knee pads on her.

02 February 2002, 12:51 PM
Thanks for the good words......

funny you'd say knee pads ...cuz there the next thing I got on the go for I should have a new render or two soon....

Thanks again guys keep on posting.......


02 February 2002, 06:25 PM
Hey Guys got some new ones for you to check out

yah I kind of started to go nuts on the still has alot of work left in it

Well untill next time.................Nar to your ma


02 February 2002, 09:17 PM
that's a reel piece of art broken cycle!! damn I was going this direction too :rolleyes: oh well..

02 February 2002, 03:06 AM
Well there you go buds look likes pascal finally said something. Well I dont know about the arm, have to see how much farther your taking it I guess. Could turn into a weighting nightmare, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there I guess, seem as we both got bitchy models. Anyways I wanted to see the helmet all done, im pouting cause I figured you would have it done. Oh well, ill talk to you tonight..



02 February 2002, 09:00 AM
interesting amtmospheric touch you got with your style and lighting. Lost sadness it is emitting in a faint but strong way %).
the mechanical arm does not match imo (ahh.. sorry for being so blunt =). also some of the issues mentioned by muckywetnoodle might need to be looked after (especially the head).

again, besides the really small issues, it looks great!

02 February 2002, 10:45 AM
I absolutely love this character. Great details.

IMO the neck and lower face need a bit of tweaking but not too much.

Did I say I love this character :)

02 February 2002, 04:05 PM
that's lookin good. But now that she has the helmet, don't you think the rbeathing mask is a bit redundant ??

and what happened to that fabulous arm you did :(

that was excellent man . . .

02 February 2002, 04:24 PM
That is so great! I love it!:D .Any weapons?

02 February 2002, 11:16 PM
yah so I went and rigged before she was done but I could'nt help my self ...

so here you go posed and run'n some where


02 February 2002, 04:11 AM
Well shes getting there bud. Okay lets see, add open ended fingers on the right glove. Sharpen up the sword, maybey add some engravings or something on it to liven it up. Knee pads are floating, they need straps or something. And get back to work on the head, lazy ass. hehehe. Oh yah its your turn to try to solve the world hunger thing. Anyways ill talk to you tonight



02 February 2002, 04:14 AM
Oh yah the second render looks great, finally got those damm setting right. Maybey accuracy up a notch and itll be there for output. Oh yah where is she running?.... Later


02 February 2002, 09:07 AM
The only thing that bugs me is that the hands are gloves... and being gloves, there's to much definition to them (kind of like cut off hands).

Are they latex gloves? ;)

Awsome job brotha

02 February 2002, 01:21 PM

She's running to meet your Mom........ : )

rendermonkey23 :

Thanks for the imput guy I am quite greatfull for it........

yah I know the gloves seem flat....I'll see what I can do about it....

they are ment to be big leather work I guess I was going to texture in a bit more detail......but since you brought it to my attetion I can see they look a bit back to the drawing board.......

Spirit :

Damn buddy crack the whip or what : ) yah head needs some work.

02 February 2002, 05:47 PM
Hey shes running to meet my mom after being frieghtend away from yours. hahahah. good ol mom jokes. Anyways I ended up partying instead of working tonight, happy birthday me. talk to you later, wheres the update do know im kidding. But seriously you're a slacker.... hahahaaha


02 February 2002, 05:50 PM
Oh yah im cracking the whip......accross your mommas ass. later Reo, I think I may actually have you on that one, does that even the score, prolly not. Laters!!!


02 February 2002, 12:32 AM
Actually I like the gloves a lot. I just dont think you would see all the crevices and nuckels and whatnot. They look like hands with all the detail. Good luck man.

Your momma so fat... when we were done, I rolled over and was still on da bi***. :D

Joel Hooks
02 February 2002, 12:42 AM
beautiful work.

This is just personal idea here, but i'd like to see the glove gone entirely from the right hand. It's so bulky, makes her have "man hands" ;)

It doesn't look so offsetting on the left, but they have definitly grown since the first images (where the scale was pretty correct)

Good stuff.

02 February 2002, 02:40 AM
So I'm not sure what the future holds for this characters development guys.......the server that holds all my work has been hit with a rather nasty virus ......I've been told it's from MSN messanger ....but know I await an up date from the tekie...........oh well........leason learned more back ups.....

well I do have this character backed up but it's before the new arm and I will loose all my riging but other than that I'm alright

but still fingers crossed


Joel Hooks
02 February 2002, 03:09 AM
man :/

That is horrible! I hope everything is OK, I really like this character!

02 February 2002, 03:24 AM
hey guys I'm still moving in the right direction the server miss hap is over and I still got all my with any luck I'm going to be throwing up a new post soon


02 February 2002, 05:16 AM
That's good to hear. I hate when crap like that happens.

By the way, I couldn't place what this reminds me of but I figured it out. Jason Wen's f8. Good stuff :)

02 February 2002, 05:07 PM
Check your email bitch i sent you a wicked setup for chain's or a necklace deally.


02 February 2002, 04:01 PM
hey guys and gals........just a small post for you......

I fixed up the head abit and the character is now fully weighted and riged so I can do an animation or two with her soon.

So I keep on keeping on

02 February 2002, 04:42 PM
She looks cool.Are you going to use textures?

02 February 2002, 04:55 PM
here you go......I did a test the other day.....

now remember this is only a test I know there are some issues with streching I'm still working out the unwrap in XSI 2.0

but with this test you get an impression of what I'm going for

what do you think???


02 February 2002, 05:13 PM
Hi Hi:D ...rusty,i like it.Hope to see her fully textured soon.Great work:D

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