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03 March 2005, 07:12 PM
Dear Developers and artists,

My name is Flavio Rodriguez and I have been programming video game technology for fourteen years now. We are creating an independent group of developer’s codenamed “Delta Team”; our mission will be creating a top ten tactical shooting PC/XBox game; we are using a cutting edge technology Xbox portable, it will permit a relative easy platform conversion and we have contacts being done to guarantee game publishing.

We have no budget or money start-up the business model for developers is royalties based guaranteed in contract.

We are looking for serious people that understand the great title we are trying to create here, if you are serious, creative, mainly talent professional and if you have a few hours free in your week to dedicated to this project, we are looking for you!

Positions available:

Visual Arts
Animator – Experience 3DMax6 Morph Target animations to facial expressions, Skin Bones system, desirable at least to know the meaning of Blend Animation, Pivot, ResetXForm, Matrixes and Vectors, those terms are constant part of the vocabulary in the development of this project.
2D Concept Artist - We are looking for talent designer capable to draw objects and characters in several plans and styles, our game is cartoon style; knowledge on movies, comics and storyboards would be a must.

2D/3D Texturing – Experience in Adobe Photoshop, at least a little knowledge 3DMax6 pre rendering lighting techniques possibilities, Z-Brush would be a must; the interest professional could to know a little about render to texture, shadow maps, pre-lighting techniques, 3dSprites, Mipmap, DDS, procedure textures, movie textures. Alpha Blend would be a must.
Level Designer and Modeler - Experience in 3DMax6 low-poly modeling; the interest Professional must know at least concept cub map environment, BSP, LOD, Portal Culling, Fog, etc... If you worked with some game engine or mod, it could be considering a must.

Game Design
Game Designer and Writer – Creative, good write, this professional should know as doing shooting script, to define characters' concept and texts for storyboard and character speaking.

User Interface Designer – We are looking for a talent professional that understand the real means of User Interface, playability, usability, that artist would know deeply Adobe a little of 3DMaxs and perspectives and mainly think as a gamer.

QA/Testers – Tester is not just a player, all of us are players but not necessarily testers.

We are looking for a responsible tester to help us in development of efficient test processes detecting bugs and picking operation or operation sequences that resulted in bugs. this guy must be smart, responsible and curious about technology, he will work together programmers.

Documentation Developer and Asset Manager – That’s the guy; Following a couple of development rules, this Professional will be responsible to keep the things in right place right way. This professional works as human compiler that will learn about a lot of production software tools and keep all assets under rules. Version controls, nomenclature, file rules names and places, delivery disciplines, backups, agenda; this Professional must be intelligent, curious, know about backup systems, LAN and internet. This Professional will reporting directly to COO, CTO of this project.

We would receive material from everyone interest in participate, all project status report, milestones, publishing and delivery will be controlled online using All interest people must to send resumes and portfolios to, please, if you believe you are a talent and have no idea about technical terms used here don’t excite contact us. Technology can be learned talent cannot be!


Flavio Rodriguez
Akwen Interactive

03 March 2005, 08:57 PM
No offence, but isn't the goal of the project a bit too high? I mean, creating a top ten PC/Xbox game without a budget....that's quite a big deal.

03 March 2005, 12:39 AM
I am not offended and you are total right, however the budget lack is temporary, only until a point where we can introduce something to our partners, a lot of things are happening. With relationship the budget and great titles I don't believe that a direct relationship, Doom, Prince of Persia, they are examples of that, but in any way I understood your point of view and I respect that. I need an elite team that believes as well as me that the love can to win the money in video game market and I have already found elite soldiers on my side that believes in the same. We can to do that.

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03 March 2005, 12:39 AM
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