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03 March 2005, 02:49 PM
I wanted to develop my colour insight(since I actually have none). So I'm going to try different things completely based on colours themselves and what I want to do with them. Loads of fun with painter in very short bursts of creation. If you have anything to say whatsoever, like those colours seem very boring like that or I like that, please do if you have the time. You are witnessing the very first baby steps into coloromania by yours truly.

thanks for checking...

First up is colourThemed number 1: Hephaestos (

and a modified version through equalise function: (

03 March 2005, 03:57 PM
I can't get past the thought that the sphere is a baseball and you can see the stitching. Given that premise, the first image has a hazy sepia look like that of an old photo. The second has a warmer, more glorious look that would be used for a trophy or religious event. I know I'm imposing my own meaning, but it's the impression I got. Interesting experiment.

03 March 2005, 04:42 PM
:bounce: exactly what I need, glad you stopped by.


weird that I painted a gate in my view...The doors to your subconscious have opened, beware...

03 March 2005, 12:48 AM
hi :)

In the first one, I think that your colours are nice and vivid in the outer edges, but once you work your way into the center, it gets a little too washed out....maybe the white/peach shouldn't be used together too much in contrast to the darker blues, at least not when you have something white in the center of takes away from the importance of the thing in the center...hmm, i'm learning here too!!

Your second one is way better. Wonderfully fiery colours and a lovely feeling of warmth and contrast. I'm actually taking notes here....'for important things in composition, surround it with a contrasting colour and avoid washing out.. just a little bit of washing is ok, gradations of tone, but then eventually you sort of lose your highlight.

Hope this helps!


03 March 2005, 04:27 PM

helps a great deal! I read somewhere in a post by Stahlberg that for instance the highlights should actually have only a value of about fifty to eighty percent. Makes a lot of sense what you're saying. The power of suggestion, is way more powerful then I thought.

Would you like to take a look at my queen of hearts entry? I'm not so sure of how to proceed. Well at least I'll try to make it all dark and contrasty, a bit like the second one :D . But I don't know about the placement and wether it comes across allright.

C Ya!

03 March 2005, 07:29 AM
Felt like doing another one!

Was fiddling with a more ethereal feel this time, I wanted it pretty intense at first but quickly got into a moredreamy thing.:)
Hope you like and please tell me what you think! (

03 March 2005, 07:34 AM
1st one i feel is good for monsters, I feel like i amlooking into a beasts eye....a big beast
2nd one is great for inviorments, i am in a cave searching for incretible treasure
2rd one is a mythic myst of some kind..a final fantasy kind of feel......?
great experiments

03 March 2005, 07:35 AM
The purple at the bottom left goes well with the blue, but the green somehow desaturates it? Wonder why. It's beside blue on the colour wheel but you see that a lot in paintings. Maybe it's just an unbalanced light/dark contrast?

03 March 2005, 09:26 AM
Baki, that's a good guess on the last one! It's actually the river Styx, the river of souls you have to cross to get into the realm of the dead. Looks like I'm getting somewhere! Yippeee!

Thanks for telling me that! I think it's exactly what is happening, the green mixed with the red in the hazes is mixing into a literally more grey colour because they cancel eachother out I think. Maybe I'll change it because it is bothering me a little bit.

btw, fyi, it's the same with blue and orange, try it with real paint. You'll find that they'll desaturate slowly and turn to grey or black, also red and green. The same happens if they're sort of close to complementary to eachother.

03 March 2005, 12:38 AM
My noticed my latest doodle came out very flat on another monitor than my own. It's supposed ot be viewed at very contrasty settings, so maybe you can imagine more easily what I wanted it to be.

Cheers and you're free to let me know about anything you think of them.

03 March 2005, 01:36 PM
Well here's an update on Styx, I think I fixed the desaturation. (

03 March 2005, 02:15 PM
The desaturation is gone, but the whole image looks rather flat. There are no interest points, all the focal points are the same and so the entire image falls rather flat. You should have different focal points in different areas in the image which have different 'interest' strengths, maybe like one med. light part, one small red area, a biggish dark part and have them scattered very randomly....see how that looks then? Check out stahlberg's composition essay, it's great.

03 March 2005, 02:50 PM
Thanks paperclip!

I was afraid of that, maybe I can find a way to work mor green back into it without letting it appear as if it's desaturating, because it would make it more interesting I think. And ofcourse higher contrast.

05 May 2005, 02:37 PM
I made a brush with textures like described by Enayla in the art discussion forum, gave it a testride and ended up with this colour thingy. Ithought it was interesting, so I'll post it. Tried to put in some natural looking colours :D. Whatever that means. (

05 May 2005, 04:38 PM
Ooo! I like this latest one. Nice work with the textures. I'm trying to think of what it reminds me of.

It looks rather smokey, and the colours are well blended. My favourite of your experiments so far. Would make a great background for your Muses! :)


05 May 2005, 04:42 PM
I agree, it is a rather interesting smoky texture. It turned out really well.
P.S-- Really like the colors, but I think you should cut down on the highlights a little- they are flattening it out. I love the 'background' area of it, with the subtle colors and texture.

Which texture did you use while making the brush?

05 May 2005, 05:13 PM
seeing these "doodles", i think you do have a very nice insight on colors...the first two are the ones i like least, although i can't say they don't make me "feel" anything, the have a nice sensation to them, both very different feeling. i am crazy about the 3rd (and 4th), reminds me of rain on a window spilling down. i especially like that white streak in the middle. did you use a higher compression on the second purple one? it looks pixelish and kind of distracts me. other than that, gorgeous! the last one is also very beautiful, i am going to be a bit simplistic...but it really does looks like smoke coming from maybe a fire in the woods........ or the spray of a huge wave in the ocean...very fresh. you created really nice and particular moods with these colors, keep it up.

05 May 2005, 05:22 PM
Like Elaeria, this reminds me of smoke from a large brush fire, with the sun shining through the bright area. Great texture.

05 May 2005, 05:26 PM
You've started a really fun thread here. I often make colour doodles like that, especially in Painter and often I get ideas to start a new painting from a small part of the painting, well anyway.

Comments on your doodles/experiments.

I like the first two, and the combination of colours you've used, but the first one could in my opinion, be just a little bit more saturated in the middle (the "gemstone").

The two purple ones are, as have been said before, a little flat and, if you'll excuse me, a little boring, there should be more focus points and one more colour. Maybe orangish, mustardy or cyanish, but not bright colours.

The third "cloudy" one I absolutely love the colour combination. reminds me of my choice of colours in my paintings a few years ago. There is a little too much brightness in the middle/left part of the painting, I think.

One tip, if you haven't heard of it is "the rule of thirds", it's to make for better compostions. To put the focal points/important objects in certain places in the image. I quickly looked up "the rule of thirds" on google and found this, I know there are a lot more info out there.

I'll check back later, to see what else you've done, I love these colour doodles, especially if thery're made without thought and just paint over and over and over until you're sort of satisfied, well that's how I do it.

05 May 2005, 05:52 PM
I keep coming back to these colour "experiments" of yours man...Each of them stirs an image in my head and I quite like them...

The first two (forgive me for not commenting on them earlier) look rather like a ground view of a tunnel from someone lying on their side and looking toward the opening of the tunnel...(blah, does that even make sense? sorry...)

I really like what you are doing here and might try the same thing when I get home from work tonight. Nice work man! Which one do YOU favour? :)


05 May 2005, 06:35 PM

Elaeria, thx. It's a good idea to try all these texturised brushes on them. I didn'thave much of a pan for their background. But this one's too small, I'm going for print size(see if i can sell it somewhere:D, the muses I mean).
As to my favourite, I think it's the third one, the smirky swirvy one. I might want to try and animate it in maya or something. Should be kind of interesting. :D I'll be sure to check yours out if you post them, I'm curious where others would end up, I hope you do.

Paperclip, yeah, I was afraid of the bright colours, but I have a doomsday mode on me right now, I guess they fit then. The textures I shot myself on cloudy days for more even lighting, all max resolution of the camera, I had borrowed it from school :D.(no, not that kind of borrowing). it's a combinatin of thick bark, grass, and rained on dense soil. All done in 16 bit mode for better accuracy. It's kind of rocky looking and has soft edges mostly. :D

Vivien, I was hasty when saving the second one I guess, long time ago...I'll be trying more of these I hope. They're a lot of fun. I also like the purple one, I imagined the river of souls in it I guess, something likethat, a ghostworld. Glad you also like it :D

Keight, thank you :thumbsup:.

madart, thx for the in depth answer. I am going to try it out for sure. I like the idea of the purple one so I'll definitely be working on it then. More pronounced contrast and colours, I was a bit skittish about painter then. I should just save more versions I think. :D Then I don't have to worry, typical pighead I am, I just go ahead and do, lol. :rolleyes: Thanks for the link, I can really use it, because I'm rather fresh at paiting actually. It's a fun learning experience this way, not to mention good therapy!

I'll be fiddling with brushes for some time I'll bet, must be more coming!!! Thanks ladies! :D

edit: paperclip, if you want the brush, just ask. I can paste it in, allthough I have the 16 bit version myself. or I'll zip it for you.

05 May 2005, 09:36 PM
Sure, PM me with it or something. I was messing around with that tutorial as well today. Some of the results can be seen in today's DSG. Not feeling too motivated today though, I'm afraid!

...wonder when the m & s results will be announced, I'm incredibly curious as to who will win...

Playing around with brushes is fun, you just need to keep a careful eye on the opacity, or it ends up being useless.

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