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03-11-2005, 12:14 AM

I am the Lead Artist for Insurgency Mod, which is a modern infantry combat total conversion for Half-Life 2. The website is at http://www.insurgencymod.net - you can find much more information about us including features, FAQ, and general information here (http://www.insurgencymod.net/info.php).


We have quite the talented and experienced team running the show at the moment. Some of our members have worked on the following highly successful projects: Day of Defeat for Half-Life (www.dayofdefeat.net (http://www.insmod.net)), Red Orchestra for Unreal Tournament 2004 (www.redorchestramod.com (http://www.redorchestramod.com)), Desert Combat for BF1942 (www.desertcombat.com (http://www.desertcombat.com)[/url]), and the German Front for Call of Duty ([url="http://www.germanfrontmod.de"]www.germanfrontmod.de (http://http://www.desertcombat.com/)).

Below, you can find some examples of our work. However, there is a lot of material that we do not show wish to show, due to being in-game work in progress. Our work is always being updated by our art team as we continue to perfect the visuals of the mod.

http://www.insurgencymod.net/images/media/abrams_t.jpg (http://www.insurgencymod.net/images/media/abrams.jpg) http://www.insurgencymod.net/images/media/t72_t.jpg (http://www.insurgencymod.net/images/media/t72.jpg) http://www.insurgencymod.net/images/media/ak47_t.jpg (http://www.insurgencymod.net/images/media/ak47.jpg) http://www.insurgencymod.net/images/media/aks74u_t.jpg (http://www.insurgencymod.net/images/media/aks74u.jpg) http://www.insurgencymod.net/images/media/l1a1_t.jpg (http://www.insurgencymod.net/images/media/l1a1.jpg) http://www.insurgencymod.net/images/media/m67_t.jpg (http://www.insurgencymod.net/images/media/m67.jpg)


We have also released a couple of sound demos featuring the work that our Sound Team can develop. You can find them here (http://www.insurgencymod.net/media.php) towards the bottom of the page.

We currently have a few jobs to fill in our team. Reaching full-development on the mod, we are seeking dedicated, hard working individuals that possess a keen interest in the concept of the project; who are able to work at a rapid pace. If you feel that you meet these requirements, and find Insurgency compelling, please contact us (http://www.insurgencymod.net/contact.php) with regards to the following opportunites:

2d Character Artist (1)
-Experienced in Photoshop as a skinner.
-Ability to skin characters photorealistically.'
Note: We will be extremely selective with this position

-Ability to model or unwrap
-Experience creating custom skins for the Source engine
-Experience working on a previous mod team

Level Design Prop Artist - 2d (2)
-Experienced skinner with the ability to make photo-realistic props to be used within levels.
-Hard Worker

-Knowledge compiling textures for the Source Engine
-Ability to model or unwrap
-Experience working on a previous mod team

Weapon Animator (1)
-Extensive knowledge and experience with 3ds Max 7
-Ability to work with Character Studio

-Previous custom animation or mod experience with the Half-Life engine ideal

High Polygon Modeller for Normalmapping (1)
-Ability to model high-polygon versions of low-polygon characters
-Ability to create normalmaps from this high and low polygon version of the same character

-Experience working on a previous mod team

Graphics Programmer (1)
-Extensive knowledge in the C++ programming language
-Familiarity with the Source Engine's Shader system, and Shader Authoring (http://www.valve-erc.com/srcsdk/Code/AuthoringShaders.html)

-Experience working on a graphics engine
-Willingness to work on other coding needs other than graphics: such as vehicles, physics, special effects, or even bug fixing.
-Experience working on a previous mod team

If you are interested and feel that you qualify for any of these positions, please don't hesitate to contact us (http://www.insurgencymod.net/contact.php)!
Keep in mind, we are fairly selective with who we let on to our development team, and will most likely accept no more than the amount of each position as mentioned above, as we currently have a fairly well established and almost full staff listing.

Thanks! And I hope to see a few applicants from here.

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