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03 March 2005, 04:57 AM
We're the Reca|| to He|| mod team [35 members] creating some more
intensive and atmospheric game-mod for doom3. (

Here are some extracts of our work, we did till now:


It's a kind of biomechanical ceiling creeper,suddenly dropping down on his victims!

> and some further kinds of blueprints and concepts you can see here: (

Models: (

We already did some untextured modeling work, you can see here:
> (

Maps: ( ( (

here are further mapshots:
> (

So we have a really talented bunch of modelers/concepters working very
motivated within our contexts. But to get apart from the original game
we have to do quiet more own stuff to realise our ideas...that's why we're
currently searching for new talents.

we may use your skills for some tasks...are you interested?!
For further information don't hesitate to check out our mod-project
"recall to hell" at: (

> We offer you an interesting activity in a motivated team.
You are free to decide if you just want to design a couple of things for
us now and then, or if you want to become an integral member of the
> There's no compulsion, no force, no deadlines - just tell us and you are
free to leave the project at any given time. Together we are aiming at the realization of a long-term project. Therefore we will permanently provide you with tips, detailed sketches,
concepts as well as a lot of individual liberties. so you get some
modeling ideas blueprints and concepts from us.
> You keep the full rights of your work - you can presentate/use it wherever you want. We only will use it for integrating in our modproject. We will also presentate your works at the newssections of all famous games-/fan-/and doom3-sites. With your name and maybe a link to your portfolio if you want us to do so. So you'll get more eyes looking at your work...

if you're interested then: reply to our forum: ( and submit in "Jobs" a little
description about your skill, expects, suggestions and of course
yourself...or drop us a line via email: (

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03 March 2005, 04:57 AM
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