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03 March 2005, 09:07 PM

We are Spritekin Entertainment, an independent game development studio currently in development of <a href=''>Warscale</a>, our first MMOG.

Warscale is a turn based game where each player takes control of an army and invokes creatures in order to kill the oponent. The concept is similar to Magic:The Gathering crossed with Final Fantasy (combat scenes) and a Warcraft3 view.

We have finished the game engine and desperately require game models. Each model in the game is an animated entity, fully riggged and animated. The engine supports models with skinning, subsets and effects in each subset so the artist is free to mix them as he sees fit, (i.e. a fire aaxe in the right hand and a ice shield in the left hand, a leather armor and helm of lighting). Effect files can be imported and associated with any subset if required. The engine is fully compatible with nVidia FXComposer for easy edition of subsets. Meshes are exported in SoftImage dotXSI format.

Of couse while the game engine supports a lot of features, we have to limit the resources (as the target video card is a GeforceFX 5200 64Mb ram). So we can use up to two 256x256 textures (2 color textures or bump and color for example) and shared effects (water, fire, ice and the like).

As I said, models are required to be rigged and animated. At least Stand1, Stand2, Attack, Damage, Special Attack and Dead animations should be included. For best engine performance, two models should be included. A 'high' poly version of up to 3000 polygons and a low poly version of up to 500 polys (for hit detection, shadows, reflections). Low poly version must also be textured and animated with the same textures and bones of the original model. Both meshes should be included in the same file.

Art style is similar to Warcraft.

Ok, if you are interested, we currently require:
Skeletons (fighter, archer, warrior, etc)
Elves (ranger, cleric/druid, wizards, archer).
Humans (one for each 'class')

In fact... any model you would like to create will be welcome.

We cant offer you much except credits in the game and any help with your protfolio and maybe some gift (we have a little money for this project).

So, if you consider yourself up to the challenge, drop me a line:
Subject: Help for Warscale


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03 March 2005, 09:07 PM
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