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03 March 2005, 11:15 AM
when doing a texture batch bake with mr, maya makes a surface shader node with the new texture plugged into the outColor. this is all fine if you'll only ever be doing 'fully lit and shaded' baking, but there may be circumstances where you need the global illumination baked to a texture and plugged into something other than a surface shader.

the problem is when scenes have many hundreds of objects, after a batch bake going through and reconnecting hundreds of textures to a new shader, and just finding which textures go with the right object etc, this would take *forever*.

is there a script or something out there that that tells mr to make for example a lambert shader and plug the new texture into the ambientColor...? or better yet, keep the original shader applied, but make a switch node and feed the object and texture into that...of course the script would have to be smart enough to detect an existing switch and if there was one just add the new entries to the switch list.... hey that would actually be the ultimate solution!!

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