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03 March 2005, 07:10 AM
Hello there, I am looking for help with a film project. It is a short that is only a few min 13-15 in all. What I need is a charecter rigger, as well I am sure that other positions would have to be filled.
Production, charecter design and so forth. What I am thinking to create is a single charecter that will be robotic, he/she/it will have a good amoung to screen play, akin to the movements of golum from LOTR. Low to the ground animalistic, and always in the shadow.

Someone who is good at enviromental effects will be of great help too as well.
I will be shooting on DV. I will be editing it with either Vegas 5.0 or Adobe primere pro. I am assembling the script now, I am currently making some minor changes, I hope to have it complete in the current draft very soon.
Where this will go I am not sure, I am looking to distribute it, if it is worthy. I hope that withthe right team it will be.

So if you are intrested in this challenge then let me know.

I guess the story is simple, a guy has a robot hostage, and it is a diolouge between him and it. I am not sure that the robit will have any true native english speaking parts. I am going to work that out once I speak to the final assembly of the team.

I am working this to be live acting with real actors, however, I would like to do it with a mix of animation and real life/

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