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02 February 2005, 12:29 AM
Freehand painting in photoshop, my first project on my new wacom. Photoshop is used for it.

As this is my first drawing digitally, I have had so many mistakes. Things I started with(The clouds, the moon, the cave) probably needs to be repainted, as I have learned so much in the process. Now I want some crits, to guide me in the right direction. On the dragon there is a lot of unfinished areas, I would prefer some crits on areas that looks pretty finished. What do you think? Please hit me hard, I really need to know what Iīm doing. I know this is pretty ok, I wonīt try to sound like I have no self awareness. But what can I do to make it better? Where are the weak areas. Iīm so blind at the moment. Please be constructive...

Hi res(Itīs massive, 6000*4000 px., aprox. 1mb. so be patient...):

02 February 2005, 02:50 PM
Hi viewers

Well, as I was asking for things to improve, no replies must be a good sign......hehehe......hmmm. Silence can tell a lot....

Guess my painting is too good to be called bad, and too bad to be called good.....somewhere in the middle. Or maybe because dragons arenīt in at the moment...But I love them, the ultimate living. And they just look cool, I think.
Just happy the painting didnīt get the "what the hell is this???" reply...and ok, maybe a little disappointed, it didnīt get just a little "That looks fine, but..."

Iīll come back when itīs more in progress, so feel free to guide me along.

02 February 2005, 04:28 PM
From what I have a good start. The wing anatomy is all over the place though. The dragon looks as if it has a cape on-not that it has wings. You may try defining them more. Your head and neck regions look real good but the background combine with the dragon is too busy. Find a way to pop the dragon out more from the background. Try to vary your line quality as have the same type of wavey wispy lines flowing through the wings and the background, that is why everything seems to blend and dissapear into itself. Also, your pictural placement is boring...right smack in the dead center....I would cut the dragon figure out, shrink it, and place it in a bigger pictoral space....learn how to crop a figure within a square to give a more interesting perspective.
You have the beginnings of a good lower light source, but you need to pop the reflection up on the dragon a bit on body parts closest to the source, as well as add more shadows in places hidden or away from the source. When ever you use this type of light source you have a strong creation of chiaroscuro.

Otherwise keep going. You have a brillant start on what can be a great piece. And yes...silence on a piece can be good nerve-racking, but don't let it hold you back.

02 February 2005, 04:39 PM
I like the wings just the way they are. I think it's a nice change of pace not having them be typical batwings.

The sides of the image are very distracting, perhaps if you toned down the brightness on them it could help. Right now they seem to draw the eye away from the wings. The same could be said for the ground; I see it more than I see the dragon, really.

Perhaps you could make the skin of the head and the skin of the feet have a more unified feel. The feet look really good, but I don't know about those big scales all over the head.

The base of its left wing is a bit confusing and looks very lumpy. Try to give the wings a more unified feel.

It's really looking good, so keep at it!

02 February 2005, 09:52 PM
I appriciate both of your comments so much. About the wings.....well, I see the problem of them being very confusing. But Iīm not sure how to fix it, they are both in a very non streched position, which, I think, would make them very folded. I thought of making scales on the parts of the wings which are solid, donīt know the word for these parts, but the one with bones under the skin. Because right now, they disappear in folds and wrinkles. The problem is mainly on the right wing(dragons left). In the left wing I have the semi transparency to help define what is what...But I see the problem, and Iīll try to solve it.
About placement of the dragon...well, the story should end up with some dragon kids in foreground, one standing up front to the left, not fully visible(cut by image format) with a lot of DOF on it. The other is sleeping right in front of the "motherdragon" in some hay...But as the motherdragon has taken so long time to make, I think Iīll keep this as an exercise...Now Iīll just finish this dragon and itīs surroundings....maybe....not sure yet.
By the way, I agree on the big scales in the head...I think Iīll try flattening them, they look a little too round...But again, I donīt know.

EDIT: Oh btw, they actually are typically batwings in anatomy, just folded in....So somethingīs really wrong in my way of portray the wings. My mistake, Iīll see what I can do.

Anyways, thank you very much, I look into what you both pointed out as problems...

05 May 2005, 12:27 AM, havenīt worked on it for 2 months, then suddenly I jumped into it again. The original isnīt this orange, something odd happens when I use the function "save for web" in ps. I have tried everything, it just keeps changing the colors against orange...:eek: Never experienced that before...or maybe just not noticed. Anyones familar with that problem?

Anyways, changed a lot on the pose, which means Iīll have to redesign the cave totally. Doesnīt matter, it was in a very early state anyway. Also, will change the background, as it is just too...boring...The dragon still needs some work on the "hands", and to get some rear legs....also a tail would be very much appriciated, Iīm sure...:)

There will be some dragon "childs"(?) in the cave as well, before this will be called finished.

Original resolution: 6000*4000 px

Hit me...

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