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02 February 2005, 01:47 PM
How can I convert 3 selected vert. to 1 face?

02 February 2005, 07:51 PM
How can I convert 3 selected vert. to 1 face?

Is this in EditableMesh or EditablePoly?

In EditableMesh for example, you could use the meshop.getFacesUsingVert() for each vertex and then figure out which face all 3 share:

fn getFaceByVerts theMesh theVerts =
f1 = meshop.getFacesUsingVert theMesh theVerts[1] --get faces used by vertex 1
f2 = meshop.getFacesUsingVert theMesh theVerts[2] --get faces used by vertex 2
f3 = meshop.getFacesUsingVert theMesh theVerts[3] --get faces used by vertex 3
(f1*f2*f3) as array --get intersection of the 3 bitarrays, return as array

theMesh = snapshotAsMesh $Box01 --snapshot a box as mesh
theFaces = getFaceByVerts theMesh #(1,2,4) --call the function asking for verts 1,2,4
--print the result:
if theFaces.count > 0 then
format "Here are the faces: %\n" theFaces
format "No Faces found.\n"

Calling the same for #(1,2,3) returns "No Faces found", because the Box does not have a face used by these vertices.

You can do the same for EPoly using the corresponding PolyOp. function...


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