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02 February 2005, 06:00 PM
I don't expect anyone to have an answer for this considering I've asked on several shag hair forums, and they couldn't answer it.. but here goes. With the hair plugin, shag hair, for max 6 and up.. how do you make a pony tail.. like what would be the steps to do this. I know it has something to do with using restricters, vectors.. but that's about it.

02 February 2005, 08:21 PM
hi! seams the doc. for shag is kinda lacking. anyway, i've had alot of experience painfully messing around in shag and am now quite experienced/fluent with using it, when i have time i'll create a tut on what your looking for, specifically gathing of the hair to make thicker strands, took me a while to get around it to make smooth hair instead of this friz that is caused by arraying the shag splines over a curve with no other modifications applied. i think most have problems with it because they aren't familer with the ui setting and setup of it, there are many strategies for creating photoreal hair styles in shag - best way to learn it is play around with the setting and mess around with your spline and find what works best for you. i find a photoreal female hair style can take up to 80 different spline shapes, each with unique shag settings arrayed and overlapping on some 40 or more texture channels on the scalp. this can take up to 30 hours to get right (atleast for me), so break out the coffee :D

02 February 2005, 04:57 AM
what about a combo type setup?

instead of trying to create a totally Shag:Hair pony tail, which really now is just being done by the big effects companies, why not instead use a mix of process

here is a old, basic tutorial my bro-in-law did a while ago

it shows a simple setup for making polygon hair. you can animate this hair with bones, flex, spline based, or dynamics.

then you could layer in some shag hair over that CORE polygon hair if you need that much extra detail. at a distance though you won't see individual hair.

I'm trying to remember in Toy Story two, I believe mom had a ponytale and it was all done with polygon mapping. Where as in Monster Inc. Boo had a pigtails done wtih hair rendering.

I know that on Ice Age one all the hair was painted polys that had a dozen or so hair on each little poly card. then that would rotate to face away from the model and filled in when layered iwth more little "hair" cards. now on Ice Age 2 I think they are using a fur plugin.

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