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Steve Warner
09 September 2002, 05:20 PM
Hi all,

I'm wanting to create a fairly simple effect. I've got a magnifying glass image that I want to use to magnify a picture under it. I'm using the CE Magnify effect. I've applied it to a large, scaled down underlying image and set the magnification level accordingly. This allowed me to magnify the image without getting the pixelated look common when resizing smaller images. I then added an expression to the position of the Magnify effect so that it would link to the position of my magnifying glass. But when I move the magnifying glass, the CE magnify center gets offset and the magnification area moves out from under the magnifying glass.

So I played with this awhile and found that the problem is my underlying image size. Since I've used a larger image, the expression is matching the coordinates of the smaller magnifying glass to the larger image and the effect gets thrown off. I tried applying the expression twice, once to the x and once to the y positions, hoping I could then set an offset factor in the expression. But that didn't work and I got a syntax error.

I then tried precomposing the background later, but when I ran the magnify effect on it, I got the pixelated look, as the CE magnify effect is magnifying the comp, and not the high-res image in the comp.

I even tried making the magnifying glass image at the same high-res size as the background image, hoping that the coordinates would match and everything would sync up. But I still got weird offsets.

Has anyone successfully done this? Is there an easy way to create this effect, or do I just need to hand keyframe it all?

Thanks in advance,


Ian Jones
09 September 2002, 07:54 AM
ok, I'm a total newbie, never used that magnify CE thingy... but why don't you try something simlar to using a mask in Flash... like if you wanted someone to move a cirle around like a magnifying glass you would have a small version of the pic and a big one. Masking the a hole in the small pic showing the bigger one through. It isn't perfect though... and may be a toatlly useless suggestion... :p

09 September 2002, 02:11 PM
it may be a challenge to achieve the stretching around the diameter edge of the glass... everything always seems so simple in concept... and then you realize just how much trouble you have gotten yourself into ;)

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