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02 February 2005, 07:16 PM
Can someone give me advice on rigging for a simple character composed out of multiple objects? I have two characters at the moment a Rooster and a skeleton the Rooster is basicaly two teardrop shapes with all of the rest of the geometry as seperate pieces, the skeleton is a seperate skull, neck, jacket, pants, shirt and bone hands composed out of lots of little bones. All of the facial expressions of each character are seperate objects that will just be made visible in invisible. BTW I am rendering as 2d outlines so the deformations dont have be terribly correct.

So the question is what is the best way to rig this so that all of the objects are connected to the skeleton and the skeleton can selectivly deform some (jacket and pants etc) and not others (bones on the hand etc). Anyone know of a good tutorial covering something like this? I want to have the ability to stretch the joints as i please, Iwant the whole thing to be quite squashy.


02 February 2005, 08:55 PM
In here ( will find a riggin sections in there will have tutorials an smoth and rigid binding. You can compbine both methods to get what your after. As for the squash and strech just experiment with it and see what happens. If you get stuck just post again with some screan shots.

Good luck:bounce:

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02 February 2006, 09:00 PM
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