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02 February 2005, 08:37 AM
Hi guys!

I'm a beginer in animation and i decided to start this thread for beginer animators to show thir work and to get critique and boost for their work. Oppinions from guru animators would be very wellcome and please help us guys ^_^.

I start to put some of my newbie animation tests:

thanks very much guys...and i hope other animation newbies will post here and i hope the animation experts will help us.

thanks again

good luck to you all and happy animating

James Capadouca
02 February 2005, 10:21 PM
oh man.. i love your surfer character he's awesome. I'm not a Guru by any means, i'm pretty well a newbie working on my demo reel, but hope i can help. The surfer guy kicking that other guy clip, the guy who's kicking looks a little robotic, it seems like its from a teken game or something... might need some more anticipation on the kick its self, the guy falling on the other hand looks pretty good. ahh the soccer one. i've done something very similar to that b4 its not easy.. actually i think when the guy cradles the ball its pretty nice.. but it loses somethign as he kicks it.. not sure exactly what though. maybe he should be straightening his leg more as he follows through and kicks the ball. the arms shouldnt stay bent in that same position the whole time i think, it kinda makes the whole thing seem unatural. But like i said i liked the first part of the clip so your getting somewhere with that. that land and jump i thought was pretty good i liked the jumping and the anticipation, the landing maybe could have had a litlte better settle but its not bad. the steping on the crate i thought the step up looked a little floaty.. when he steps i didn't notice any weight transfer might wana try pushing off with the back foot more so it gives it that extra sense of weight. the walk cycle looks pretty stiff, its a good start but you might want to be rotating the back a little cuz now its looking pretty straight, same thing with the arms, dont keep them bent the same way in the contact position try making the arms straight or something so it just gives it some variance.
Sorry if i was being too critical, jus thought i'd point some stuff out cuz i know when the person who's animating looks at it they sometimes cant spot the errors i know that happends to me, u can check out my posting if you want be as critical as you like cuz i know i miss things here and there and ppl can spot and its pretty helpful for me. Enjoy

PS Surfer dude kicks butt,


02 February 2005, 10:59 PM
looking good, but on your walk you might want to twist you upper body and hips a bit so he doesn't look so stiff. also the ball just kind of floats when he kicks it in the air, maybe tweak some curves to fix that

02 February 2005, 11:34 AM

i spotted the same problems and i'll exercise more. i'm a total newbie in animation and these are my first animations so i have a lot of work to do :)

i'll work more and maybe i'll post some results here.

thanks again for replying and it's good to have critique, it's not something that makes me mad.....critique should be a boost for everybody.

i hope that other newbies would post here

good luck to you guys and happy animating

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