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02 February 2005, 11:34 PM
hi there; i got a problem thats givin me quite a headache; i want to animate a changing text (like the one in the beginning of the matrix) with card dance so i can do neat effects using the shadow map to affect the diferent atributes of the layer; the problem is,that i make the changing text with particle playground, and the only way for card dance to pick up every letter as if they where separate itīs to coordinate the grids options in the particle playground window ( the width and height, the number of particles across and down,and the font size,basicaly) in a way that every letter fill and exact amaunt of the space of the composition, so when you put in card dance the number of rows and columns,they match perfectly and every letter itīs placed in a diferent "slice" of the layer.Okey,the thing itīs like this, my composition itīs 720 x 480, in the particle playground options, in grid, i put these exact settings in the width and height spinner, so the letters can fill my whole workspace;i want to divide my space in squares of 15x15 pixels, so in particles across i put a value of 48 ( 720/15=48) and in particles down i put 32 (480/15=32). Then i applied card dance, so in rows i put 32 and in columns i put 48. I was hoping that everything workout just fine,but no, it didnīt, all my letters broke when i started to animate their atributes; for a distance of a few pixels,each letter began to enter in the square of the other ( i could see this using the grid, with horizontal set on 48 and vertical set on 32) Iīve tried everything, change the font size of the letter,move the grid position, change its size,etc,and they never match. Nothing has worked. I hope someone can understand the mess that iīve just told and can give me a little help, bye

02 February 2005, 07:14 PM
Do u want the grid particles to be influenced by gravity? if so they will start moving down the composition and wont remain in one place. Then they will get broken up when the card dance takes over as they will start to fall in between the grid. In that case... make sure that gravity/repel forces are all zero and that you keyframe the birth rate of the particles so that they dont start overlapping over one another in the same place at every frame. Hope i understood you right my friend. All the best. Lemme know. :thumbsup:



02 February 2005, 12:01 AM
thanks deano,you understood me right but thats not the problem; i set the gravity force to zero indeed ( i didnt want the letters to move,just to change the "letters",i mean,change characers), put the particles per second in Cannonball to zero also,and keyframed the font size value to prevent Grid from generating new text.On top of all that, i render that comp. and imported later in a new composition,and then i aplied the card dance to that rendered file;itīs a really annoying thing because the first 4 or 5 columns of letters are perfectly aligned so they are separate in each slice,but from then on,each letter begins to enter the space of the letter to itīs right (the problem,i forgot to tell, itīs with the columns,i mean the vertical lines of letters,not with the rows) iīve made the calculations that explained in the last thread like a hundred times or so.... i more than welcome any other suggestion,bye

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