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09 September 2002, 09:26 PM
Ok I finally got something in mind I can run with for this one. Is it just me or have these last two challenges been really, well, challenging. Should post tonite. Gonna try out the wacom this time.

09 September 2002, 03:25 PM
Well ok I dont know if when this is finished if itll actually qualify as an extreme sport but it will definetly be twisted. The orginally idea was quite different. Anyway give the crits

09 September 2002, 09:05 PM
Wel I donīt know with what he is jugling but if it is with 8 blue wales I might consider it a extreme sport.

great drawing.
wel keep it going

the 2d lags a bit with updates

09 September 2002, 10:04 PM
Given my dislikes for clowns ... I'm kinda hoping he's juggling live hand grenades. :D Good looking image so far! Makes me think of Tommy Lee for some reason ... where is that guy anyway?

09 September 2002, 08:29 AM
I too dislike clowns, unless they are extremely twisted clowns. This one qualifies. :thumbsup:

Have you ever seen that Bobcat Golthwait movie "Shakes the Clown"? Great Sick movie.

09 September 2002, 08:39 PM
NIce job on the viewpoint. Killer clowns from Outerspace.

10 October 2002, 08:22 PM
He was supposed to juggle kittens but I had problems getting reference photos for that.:D

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