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View Full Version : wxWindows and SDL?

02-21-2005, 01:19 PM

I'm starting a small game just for learning purposes and, since its a 2D game, I wanto to use SDL.
The problem is that since I need some menus and other stuff, I started created them with wxWindows (included with the MinGW Developer Studio version I'm using).
The problem is that I can find tutorials on wxWindows, and lots of tutorials on SDL, but I cannot find a single tutorial that teaches how to use SDL with wxWindows.
Is it possible to do?
And if so how?
And how am I going to manage the events? using wxWindows or SDL?

Thank you very much.

Best regards

02-22-2005, 05:43 PM
can you explain what sdl is to me? id like to know heh.

and is wxWindows similar to wxWidgets by any chance?

02-22-2005, 09:03 PM
SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) is a cross-platform mulitmedia library. Lots of people use it to create 2D games or 2D stuff like the options menus and welcome screens for 3D games. It also provides a low level interface to other hardware like audio, keyboard and mouse and game controllers. You can find out more info on it at www.libsdl.org (http://www.libsdl.org)

JPGargoyle - I wish I could give you a direct answer to your question but I haven't used SDL or wxWindows enough. However I am familiar with what they do and can offer a few suggestions. For one you can check out Allegro, which is an extremely easy to use game library that has some GUI functionality built into it. You may be able to get everything done thru it. - http://www.talula.demon.co.uk/allegro/

Another thing you may want to look into is GTK - a library that offers similar stuff to wxWindows and may or may not use its own event handler. - http://www.gtk.org/

I'm interested in seeing how it turns out.

02-22-2005, 09:49 PM
can you explain what sdl is to me? id like to know heh.

and is wxWindows similar to wxWidgets by any chance?

wxWidgets was wxWindows, they changed the name because of microsoft.

There is a nice documenation and a wiki on http://www.wxwidgets.org/

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