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02 February 2005, 02:30 PM
Hi, ive been creating menu screens with after effects where Ive made several animated buttons on a background image. The whole screen was then rendered out into a series of jpgs so that each of the buttons could be cropped. Our programmer needs us to crop the full screen into all of the individual button parts , which are then rendered out to be used as roll overs. Ive started doing this by changing the composition size so that it is the size of each rollover area and then rendering out a series of frames (JPEG's) which the programmer will then overlay ontop of the whole screen JPG to position the buttons.

THE PROBLEM- when we position the rollover images ontop of the full screen in photoshop to check alignment, the rollovers dont line up with the flat image underneath they seem to be a fraction of a pixel out. Could this be due to changing the composition size from the full screen size to the size of the button .

Any ideas anyone, or should I try and import the frames into photoshop and then do a batch selection and crop. so that it crops the same button out of every frame of the full menu screen.

Any ideas, hope i explained this ok.


02 February 2005, 07:39 PM
what are the rollovers for? (web, DVD...) If they are for TV, I would load them in and check thme on the acual TV. If they are really only a fraction of a pixel off, you'll never see it.

02 February 2005, 09:30 AM
These roll overs are for viewing on a computer monitor at 800 x 600. dont ask me why we dont use 1024 x 768 cos i dont know. The pixel movement is noticeable in the beta test of the screens. Ive found one way round this i think, for starters changing the composition to say 85 x 65 to crop a button doesnt line up in photoshop but if u change it to 100 x 50 it works, and instead of rendering the whole screen then re imnporting it and then cropping the buttons i decided to parent everything and am having better results.

One thing tho I cant figure out how to move a lightning effect, with the rest of the layers. It just stays where it is and you end up having to move both its points.


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