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02 February 2005, 06:58 AM
I've heard people talk about the Final Gather Freeze option and was wondering where do I enable this at in MR Maya? Or is this just a MR 3.4 option?

02 February 2005, 07:11 AM
Here's a copy from Paolo Berto MasterClass

"This is equivalent to finalgather rebuild off, except that the final gather map, once created by reading it from a file or building it for the first frame, will never be modified (unless the finalgather file filename or the finalgather accuracy is changed). Extra finalgather points created during rendering will not be appended, and the finalgather file on disk will not be modified. The user is responsible to make sure that the finalgather map matches the scene and viewpoint in an animation. This is useful if multiple concurrent renderers share the map."

Final gathering supports a 'rebuild' mode called 'freeze' (.mi syntax). It prevents final gathering from touching the cache (final gather file) at all in subsequent renderings of the same scene. This is more restrictive than 'rebuild off', which permits to append new final gather information to the cache. To enable the 'freeze' mode a new attribute needs to be created on the mental ray options node that is in effect (miDefaultOptions), named 'finalGatherFreeze' (boolean). It is respected if the final gather rebuild mode has been turned to 'off' in the final gather section of the render globals.

So, howto add the dynamic attribute:

select miDefaultOptions;
addAttr -ln finalGatherFreeze -at bool miDefaultOptions;


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