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02 February 2005, 06:21 AM
Whats the best particle system for ae?

02 February 2005, 07:01 AM
Hands down, 'Particular' from Trapcode is the best. It has an amazing amount of features and controls, is completely 3d and is actually quite fast given the complexity of particles in 3d space. Also the price is fairly inexpensive too (299us$), and if there is a way for me to stay in AE to create particles, rather than having to open up another program or 3d package, its well worth it.

Hope this helps.


02 February 2005, 08:08 AM
I must agree that particular is a one neat plugin. Much more render friendly than AE particle playground and it is pretty flexible. the only thing is which I don't understand why but it does not give you absolute control over particles. I kinda miss Y particle rotation. it let's you rotate the particle as an individual only on X axis. :( which is kinda bummer.

After all it is well worth the $300, but I would in that case rather consider buying the whole trapcode suite for cca $640 or so and you get like 5 great plugins or so. 3D Stroke is pretty trypping as well as soundkeys. ;)

02 February 2005, 04:16 PM
I'd say trapcode is great, but I'll add particle Illusion, its is slated to be added
as a n AE plugin, hopefully soon, but the renders can be imported from the stand alone app, as is.

after some diggin it looks like it will be about May 2005, but thats just an est.

02 February 2005, 01:41 PM
Trapcode Particular is the uber plug-in for partical effects and they offer GREAT one on one support at Creative Cow's Trapcode Forum.
You can download a demo and try it for yourself. It's amazing!


Darth Mole
02 February 2005, 05:58 PM
Damn, I'm late for this one - but I don't care!

Agree with all of the above: Particular from Trapcode. It's the best particle system for AE, hands down. Not only can it generate particles, it can also do super-realistic smoke and fire, it can generate particles from lights or objects (inheriting the colour), it can react to 3D layers in the comp (sticking, sliding or bouncing off) and it can spawn particles on collision.

It's great for adding particles to scenes rendered from a 3D app (like cinema 4D) where you can output a match-moved file. C4D outputs the camera and light moves into AE, and so your particles move properly with the render. Add a 3D layer, and you can even get them to bounce of 'rendered' objects.

if you don't have Particular, go buy it now and spend the weekend playing!

02 February 2005, 06:46 PM
I like Particle Illusion and its ability to ad blockers and deflectors,
Can Trapcode's plugin to this, if so How?

02 February 2005, 08:24 PM
no, not that I can see. Cant wait for the PE AE plugin. coming in May

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