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02 February 2005, 09:18 PM
Hi, i dont know english well, so i'mm write everything in points, so:

I have:

- A film recorded on my camera, with my face opening wide, and shut after few seconds.
- A movie made in 3Dmax, i modeled a flat plane on the place where my head and mouth is, and animated a Ball so it looks like it comes out of my mouth, there is also another plane in the back, i wanted to simulate glowing blue light that was coming to my left wall and light it up, the ball has an omni light in it.

everything is in PINK color, and rendered to Quick Time movie (milions of colors+)

What i done:

I moved the 2 movies into Adobe after effects, the program asked me "what color to make aplha transparent" (or something like that), i made that color pink. then i puted the movie done in max on top of the first movie


a movie where everything i set to PINK color is transparent with semi transparent blue omni light spreading onto the wall, the sphere is coming out of my mouth, the plane in the shape of my head blocks the view of the ball for the time it comes out of my mouth, everything looks like the ball is really coming from my mouth:)

Reality.... TOTAL FAILURE:

- everything i modeled and set to PINK color is still visible as pink color in Adobe after effects....

What i did before:

- i made a sphere, and made the enviroment PINK, then when i moved it into After effects, and set the ransparent color to pink, everything was fine...

What i think is the problem:

I think the problem is, that After effects work with Alpha channel so when i modeled the face , and eferything else, it rendered to alpha channel too... and after effects did not made it transparent.... but if that's the case, then:

How can i made it look like i want it to look??:(

I mean with the Lights going to wall and my mouth covered by a plane so the sphere can realisticlly fly out from it

Please help me solve this problem:sad:
Thank you

02 February 2005, 07:48 PM
could someone help me or is this thread dead?:sad:

If i wrote my post in hard to understand way, and you dont know what i had in though then let me know, i'll write my problem more specifically.

02 February 2005, 09:46 AM
Hi, it is kind of difficult to understand your problem. If I get it right you want the ball to come out of your mouth. To make that happen you placed the ball in front of a 3d pink screen you wanted to be transparent out.. Maybe you could post some pictures to make it clear.
I dont know if it is like this, but it seems a lot easier if you wouldt remove the pink screen . Then render your 3dscene to a tga sequence. The big advantaga over quicktime is that a tga sequence can have a premulitplied alpha channel. This means that you dont have to use a pink screen, empty areas will become transparent automatically. Then you can composite you ball over your face and it will come out of you mouth i hope. Oh, and you should use the "matte"material in max for your the model of the face.

I hope this will help

02 February 2005, 12:44 PM
Yup, listen to Matt, use the matte (sorry, had to say that :D :rolleyes: ).

The matte material will block the ball like you need to, and at the same time NOT show up in the alpha channel. So, that's what you need.

- Jonas

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