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victor throe
02 February 2005, 02:19 PM
ive noticed people have different workflows for storytelling. what is your prefered routine from the initial idea to final draft?

how valuable are post-it notes to you?

02 February 2005, 04:31 PM Kenneth Atchity. It's a very project-oriented book by a professional writer, which recognizes that the one problem most of us have is time.

Workflow for writing involves at least six distinct stages: daydreaming, outlining, drafting, editing, revising, polishing. Each stage has different requirements and may involve different activities.

For instance, daydreaming requires that you put your feet up and listen to music (or ride your bike or whatever) without looking at the manuscript. Outlining involves post-its, scrap paper or whatever works for you. Drafting is usually done quickly and from beginning to end without going back to revise. Editing is done with a printout in front of you (never from the screen). Editing and revising can be group activities.

Mastering this particular workflow consists in discovering which of these activity-sets you enjoy and gravitate to, and which you hate and avoid--and then finding ways to enjoy the ones you don't like to do. People who don't do this end up stuck in one or more stages--always daydreaming but never outlining, or writing draft after draft without editing and revising. You've probably known a few people like this yourself.

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