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02 February 2005, 07:18 AM

im about to render a short and some other shots from work to compose my demo reel. im planning to send it to many different countries, so i must make at least one version in each format, NTSC, PAL and SECAM.

i know that professionally we should break shots in many different passes to compose later. also, we should render especifically for each video format also. a single artist working at home is able to make different passes, but to render everything 3 times is too much.

so, if you could do only one render to be used in three different systems, which resolution would you use?

from my research, i already found this information:

NTSC to PAL? (, post 8 ( has plenty of information;

Animation for both NTSC and PAL - in which format master should be? (http://showthread.php?t=209249);

difference between NTSC D-1 and DV... (http://showthread.php?t=205305);

Sending your Demo Reel to a Foreign Country (;

i know this is almost a cross-posting between the second link, but i really donīt know what to do, and i donīt think the general discussion forum would be a good place for asking this also. (mods, please delete this thread if apropriate).

i think thought that i will follow gga tip ( and render it 768x576, but at 30fps, then scale everything to the right format. is this doable?

it sounds reasonable. square pixels, they distort a bit, 0,1 for ntsc, and 0,06667 for pal. not the 1,06667 of distortion i would have if i had everything only in one format. do you think it works or do you thnik i will be like this in a couple of weeks: :banghead:

i could stick to my original plan to make everything NTSC DV and deal with the other formats in a video bureau and thatīs it. what do you think?


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