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02 February 2005, 01:52 AM

I am producing a sequence for an Archaeology program and want to achieve a sand effect. Below i have linked an image of the type of look i am going for. The sequence involves an object half buried in the sand. Wind will blow away some sand around the object to reveal it even more.

I'm thinking of having two main elements. The 'solid' sand around the object, probably just an undulating plane sunken slightly around the pot which deforms and sinks further over time. Secondly, particles to produce the sand being blown away.

Maybe i could use softbodies for the ground around the object to achieve the correct deformation or displacment or morphing? I'm thinking out loud ;) Or could it be done with fluids ie realFlow, i've heard great things about this prog. Will it react to fields ie wind and 'push' sand away from an object in this way?

If anyone has achieved a similar effect to this pls tell all! also if anyone knows of any video reference for an object buried in sand being revealed by wind, it woul be great! lol im sure i've seen an old 80's film ident somewhere that did this. hmmmm

thanks for any ideas :)

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