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02 February 2005, 10:49 PM
Hello everyone..I am a BRAND NEW NOOB to maya and i am creating an animation (eventually) that is going to be used in flash. It's going to be a cave tunnel that the user
flies through that has stalactites and lightbulbs connected to chains that are swinging back and forth from the ceiling. Right now, i am just concentrating on getting the cave walls and stalactites of the tunnel to look realistic. But, I am running into some problems as I am a novice at any and all of this stuff. If anyone knows how to texture and create a cave 'look' to stalactites and wall planes...i would love to hear your input.

Okay..bear with me...i'm probably doing a gazillion and a half things wrong here..but remember, this IS my FIRST model file i've ever done..

download the attachment to check out what i've done so far...

What I've created so far are a bunch of NURBS basic cone shapes to 'resemble' cave stalactites...and then i put 4 'planes', or cave walls eventually i hope that surround the soon-to-be cave tunnel.

Now, I've gotten to a point where i'm kind've stuck. The walls need to be surfaced somehow to look more 'cave-like', and more bumpy. After that is done, somehow i need to unify all the cones including the walls and then add a texture and lighting to give it a realistic cave appearance. How the heck do I do this? Remember, i'm i'll need explicit instructions on how to go about doing this.

I tried finding some reference materials, but nothing got specific in the books i checked out at the library about applying rock textures, granite, etc..

After all the texturing, lighting, shadows and everything is done..I will need to vector render this because it is going to a flash file after this. (that is, after the light bulbs and chains get done too).

IF anyone out there feels like helping out a very inexperienced maya user...i would really appreciate any help i can get! that's why i put my can even do some things to it as an example so i can learn if you are like me and have a lot of time on your hands. lol.

thanx all...

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