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02 February 2005, 08:39 PM
This must be the place to find creative , skilled and devoted wannabie director of a music video? i know many of you are thinking i cant do this , i dont have the right skills and so forth. I KNOW YOU are the one im looking for. SO if you are up for the challenge pm me and i will give you more detais.

Music style:
Hardcore metal

band: unsigned

Style of Video:
its up to you. if you are into 3d and can make a whole video by yourself thats great. If you can do some shoots and know a few friends how can help you out with everything ,that great. I dont feel that we are bound to be living in the same country either, I can shoot performance shoot on dv if your creative idea demands that (i wish i had the money for 35mm or 16mm , but im a poor bastard) . I hate boundaries thats why i dont want to give out to mutch information or ideas. IF you really want to do this , then your enery will make this come true without me telling what to do and so forth. YOu have the full controll over cutting and the final outcome. THere will be no money to spend only a great oppertunity for you to acts a a direcort and get the sence of who its is to make a video with a proffesional attiude . And last but not least this piece will fit nicely in to your portfolio......

this is no joke so if your really serious about this please contact me..(pm)

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