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09 September 2002, 10:42 PM
OK. I Have run into a small brick wall in search of making something a little easier. I have a character that I am animating
(All FK) that is interacting with an object. I have finished setting keys on his left arm and I wish to copy those keys to his right but the results are less than I hoped. The Right arm (once pasted to)
freaks out and seems to go through the keys that were set put on it's own rotational pattern. ANY ideas? or am I just going to have to animate the other ARM. For what I am doing I need to have them identical.


09 September 2002, 06:42 AM
just a quick suggestion, why not bite the bullet and just animate the right arm individually? it'd probably look better and you can most likely get it done in about the same about of time that you would figure out how to copy the keys, and then offset and tweak the keys so they're not identical to the left arm. just a suggestion.

to copy keys you should just be able to go into the graph editor, select the keys you want to copy, and do a good ol' copy paste. you may need to play with settings in the paste options. also, be aware that it will paste the keys at whatever frame you are currently on, so if u want the arm to start copying the movement at 1, make sure the time slider is at 1. also, you may need to scale certain channels by -1 so it moves in the opposite direction of the original.

hope that helps.

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