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02 February 2005, 11:17 PM

i have a strange problem with the mapping coordinates: the undo
function don't work with UV's
Is this possible ?

I wrote a small script which illustrates the problem:
if you click on "create", the script create a box (editable poly) and apply a checkerboard on its surface
and if you click on "modify":
- the position of the box is modified
- the position of 1 vertex is modified
- the position of 1 vertexUVW is modified
and that's work...

but if you press UNDO (max menu), only the position of the box is restored and position of the vertex... But not the position of vertexUVW...
Has anyone encountered this problem ?
Thanx for help


02 February 2005, 12:29 PM
The code is:

rollout testRoll "test UV undo"
button create_osd "create"
button modify_osd "modify"
on create_osd pressed do
obj=box length:100.0 width:100.0 height:100.0 \
lengthsegs:2 widthsegs:2 heightsegs:2 \
pos:[0,0,0] mapcoords:true
convertToPoly obj
tm.coords.U_Tile=true; tm.coords.U_Tiling=4
tm.coords.V_Tile=true; tm.coords.V_Tiling=4
mat=standardMaterial diffuseMap:tm selfIllumAmount:50.0"box_testUVundo"
showTextureMap mat mat.diffuseMap true
max views redraw
on modify_osd pressed do
if IsValidNode(getNodeByName "box_testUVundo") then
obj=getNodeByName "box_testUVundo"
undo "box_undo" on
obj.pos.x+=10.0; obj.pos.y+=10.0; obj.pos.z+=10.0
polyOp.moveVert obj #{26} [-25,0,0]
vIdx=polyOp.getMapFace obj 1 5
coord=polyOp.getMapVert obj 1 vIdx[3]
coord.x+=0.25; coord.y+=0.25
polyOp.setMapVert obj 1 vIdx[3] coord
max views redraw
if testFloater != undefined do ( closerolloutfloater testFloater )
testFloater = newRolloutFloater "test" 128 128
addRollout testRoll testFloater rolledUp:false

02 February 2005, 05:31 PM
any idea would be really appreciated :thumbsup:

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