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02 February 2005, 09:46 AM
Just a quick question: I'm new to 3D and wondering: what's the big difference between triangles and quadrangles. I read some things on the web about it and now i'm confused about how i should model... On some pages i read that rendertimes can be lower using tri's instead of quad's. I also saw that if i export models to applications like realflow, it triangulates them all. is it better to just work with triangles and try to avoid quads?

02 February 2005, 04:13 PM
You can try modeling using tri's but i dont recommend it.
Thats why we use quads, its easier for us to create shapes using polygons with more than 3 sides, then you let the computer triangulate it when its rendering or exporting. If you export a model to whatever realflow uses (I don't know of this program) i assume it triangulates it in the export process. Adjusting this model will now be more diffiicult.

The reason for using quads is a more complicated affair invloving the smoothing of edges on meshes. This site and many others have tutorials/advice on this.

- Lee

02 February 2005, 11:21 AM
quads smooth better, when added a smooth modifier to your model when done, triangles can also caus really nasty deformation when animating, see for example the old game models like quake 1/2 its kinda spiky.

when using quads,deformation gets a nicer flow, and looks more natural,that why we model in quads, not to mention that its way easyer thinking in quads, in terms of puzzling your model together.

realflow, is a fluid simulation program, that also has a plugin for 3ds max, it triangulates models, to get more accuracy when something hits it. for collision purposes,but basicly with edit mesh in max for instance, your model is quads, aldo you use quads, you just dont see it. think its in ever t packige dont know for sure, but when rendering, it always calculates tr's so realflow does not really convert it, i think , just let them see,

02 February 2005, 12:13 PM
Quads are key, but its very hard to keep a true quad model. If you do start generate tri's, keep them tucked away in areas such as crease, joints, sides of head etc etc, as your'll get rendering artifacts.


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