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02 February 2005, 09:15 PM

i. Time to write my rib without an archive: about 30 minutes.

ii. Time to write my rib and the archive: 30 minutes

iii. Time to write my rib and read the archive: 5 minutes

In the scene file, attach a RIB Archiver to the groups you want archived. The attached shaders will stay on them. The rib archive is named by the group it is attached to. The archiver will write one rib for each group itís attached to.

Render the scene. A rib archive will be generated, which does not have the full rib information, just the information for that group.

Do not change the Display Name in the renderman globals. This is how Renderman finds the RIB archive.

If you change the shader assigned to the objects, you must re-write the archive for the change to show up in the render.
If you change the settings on the attached shader, you DO NOT need to re-write the archive. The changes will show up.
If you must change the job name, will the new render work if you change the name of the rib file?

The next time you render, LAZY COMPUTE MUST BE ON. The rib archive will say whether itís reading global lazy compute settings. Ė
the RIB will be smaller than the previous times. This is because all that archive information was once in the RIB, but is now called from the archive.
If you have already written the archive file, and you wish to attach the RIB archive to additional groups, the next write will write a new rib for EACH of the groups, even the ones already written. You should probably make a new RIB archive and attach it to the new groups so the old one doesnít have to re-compute.

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