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02 February 2005, 03:48 PM
Hello everybody, I'm working on a short movie to end up with my studies and we've got a lot of different technical obstacles. I posted this thread like a bottle in the sea :) in order to catch any ideas of any kind that could help us. Let's make a list of these problems and see if you have cool tips for us ok? well let's go....(guess i've got to start with

ok, the movie deals with scarecrows and a black billed magpie (black an white bird) with a quite realistic render. Since we have to finish on the end of june, we're looking for great looking results with best time of render....if possible :) (working on Maya 6.01, polygonal modeling)

_first thing: THE BIRD! (:scream: ) : need tips for
*SETUP, RIGGING: the wings must be able to open/close themselves cause the bird is landing down several times.
*RENDER of feathers
For the little ones on the head, I got some quite good results with the shave and haircut plugin on a little test but don't know if it's reliable on animation (time of render, dynamic behaviour...??) is there a better way? anyone tried Maya fur with MR shaders like Muhair?...)

For the bigger ones like the ones on the wings, I modelized them and i'm looking for tips to make a great shader with an iridescent effect (changing colors between black/blue/green depending on angles of camera), besides, is there any known problems concerning the use of alpha masks for the irregular sides of each feather? heard it may take very long to render or give a too flat looking (?) was is your point of view?

_ SCARECROWS (:scream: ) : need ideas for
*SETUP: non symetrical there something special to know about that?
MAKING SOME STRAWi made some tests with paint effect but i'm wondering about shadows and close up (in which paint effect looks bad!) and the conversion of P.E. in polygons needs lot of cleaning ... well do you have any other ideas?
Need to make a close up on a nest made of staw, scarecrows have straw coming out from their body (sometimes on close up, othertimes far away of flying in the air (particles))
MAKING LITTLE ROPE some kind of coconut rope (see next pics for reference)
same problems than the staw with paint effect, i'm trying shave and haircut for now...did someone tested to make a rope using shave and haircut or maya Hair?...
MAKING FABRIC ("brown potatoe bag" or "coffe grains bag" style) any links for good textures?,
To simulate cloth behaviour, maya cloth? syflex? or using bones?
ZBRUSH: we tried Zbrush to simulate some deformations on the body (fabric bags full of straw) but i'm afraid that using normal maps as bump won't behave great in animation deformations...i'm a newbee in zbrush and don't really know how to use its potential the best way! advices could be great.

Okay I think it's already lots of questions, so i will stop here for now. I hope you will be able to give me a few tips. I will soon post some pictures to give you more details on the results i'm looking for, and maybe some pics of the low poly models of the characters we used for the animatic. THANKS A LOT TO ANYONE THAT WOULD ANSWER!!

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