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02 February 2005, 02:17 AM
When you have a completely weighted character in Maya, and want to change the geometry somewhat...what is the common procedure without having to reweight the skeleton. I've tried delete non skin history but it always unbinds my skin. I need to add a few points here and there and delete a few as well.
How would I go about this with the least amount of headaches? I have a feeling that you just have to re-weight...which would be unfortunate since the weighting took 12 hours since it's kind of a complex model.

I once used import and export weights, but it completley screwed up the skin and only added an extra 11 hours of unproductive tweaking that ended up in me just starting over.

Thanks, looking forward to your ideas

02 February 2005, 09:04 PM
Sorry to bust your bubble DS. There are work arounds but none are great. They will prob take you there 80%, then the rest is up to you. Because your altering the geo and messing around with the layout. Importing weights back in from the previous version, Maya does not know were to put the weight info because you have altered the geo. So were there used to be a joint that influenced a cv at a specific distance, well now there are prob more cv's, or less, at a different distance so they dont mach.

If you really have to alter the geo, take this as a lesson. Finish altering the geo before you start binding. :)

What I could recomend now to get you throw this is: Have the old geo that is bound to the joints. And the new geo wich is altered but not bound in the same scene and do a weigh transfer from one to the other. Don't import and export. Dont know Y it works better to transfer then to import but it does. This will take you about 80 to 90% there the rest is up to you. Serch Highend3d maybe they have something for this. Personally I dont know I never had to do this so I never serched Highend, if I knew I would tell you. We use referencing here at work so that kind of takes care of that little prob. Pllus if that really hapens to a point were I have to re bind the char I just scream at the modeler.

Good Luck:bounce:

P.S. (Y does the bounci smiley look like its on crack????)

02 February 2005, 05:51 AM
Thanks Notto,

I'm okay with doing 20% of the work over, heh. Considering how much doing over has to be done in Computer Art I'd be screwed if I wasn't willing to do that. I just wanted to make sure I know the way that wastes the least amount of time and it looks like you gave it to me!

And yeah, well what can I say, I got anxious to weight the model and didn't discover the little errors hiding here and there. Heh...happens I 'spose.

Anyway, time to get to work! Thanks again.

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