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02 February 2005, 01:54 AM
Hi here is a short animation test I've been doing for my character.

Drop and 700K (

Any criticisms or comments would be great :)

02 February 2005, 03:52 AM
that looks pretty good.

the fall, impact and recovery all look great. It's the final drop that I have a few crits for.

his body should probably "decompress" from the bottom up. as in his feet fall straight down, pulling his legs straight, then stretching his torso vertically as he starts to fall.

The best possible example of this I can think of is when they "remove the plank" from underneath Worf at the beginning of Star Trek Generations. They have it in a wonderful slow-motion shot too. get the dvd and scrub through that clip.

What you have is quite believable at full speed.

good work! looking forward to updates!

02 February 2005, 11:29 PM
I would say this is looking good. My only crit is that the jolt in the camera movement is cool, but it is a little distracting at this point. I would love to be able to see how the character hits the ground without that camera shake. Mainly just so I can focus on the follow through of the character.

Keep it up

02 February 2005, 12:04 AM
hey... nice animation... the fall... form the top looks really good... u can actually feel the guy hit the ground.... but on the way down.... it looks a bit fake... i tried slowin it down... all the hand movements look great... but it just doesnt feel right... u miight wanna try a bit of stretch in his lower body... kinda comic style... and raising the hands a bit early might help... but as i said... it seems it is right... but just might make a differencs.... and i think the body falls into the hole at a constant speed... i dont know how u are gonna want to do it... i mean.. there is so little time involved... but u might wanna accelerate the fall... :P.... try it in wire frame and see the character fall into a deep hole... might help...

hope this was helpful... :D


just a thought...

02 February 2005, 09:04 AM
Hi guys, thanks for the replies and crits

Heres an update, I've added some anticipation to the drop and delayed the hands and body on the drop.

Drop and fall update 700K (

and a version without the camera shake

Drop and fall no shake 700K (


02 February 2005, 12:18 PM
The fall looks good!

I have a few comments on the drop....

-The anticipation just when the door opens makes the character move a little up..I think maybe only the lower part of the body should start moving down just before the upper body follows.

-The speed he falls with is quite unrealistic. He's not accelerating but the speed seems to be constant. Try working with the f-curves so that the speed increases as he falls.

Hope these points make sense...


02 February 2005, 08:00 PM

Cool animation, I agree with the other responses but one other thing is bothering me. When your character takes a step after getting up, I think he needs to lean to his left a little more to show some weight shift. Right now he looks a little light or floaty(?) to me. I hope my 2 cents helps.


02 February 2005, 10:52 AM
I think the camera shake has it's place, but in the first version the camera pans down slightly just before he hits, so the camera and the figure are both moving down at the same speed, then he hits, and stands up, with the camera following him again. This just seems a little weird. It might be okay for the camera to track him if the camera pans up to see this speck rocketing down and then making an almighty crash when it hits the ground.

How about leaving the camera static and then shaking a fraction of a second after he hits?

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02 February 2006, 11:00 AM
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