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02 February 2005, 10:53 PM
Should there be a writer-seeking-artists thread?

It could include links to all of the threads that are posted by writers, so that the writers don't need to post every week or so to keep their names at the top of the queue. CGTalk is very pro-writer-animator-collaboration so it would be good to do this right.

There would appear to be three or four solution vectors: logline/concept people who need writing and can say so; writers who have fifty pages but are not writing for scenario; scenario-writers who do not have the will to finish their fifty-to-three-thousand pages, and then the next unnecessary step -- some sort of animatic.

Studio's like Klasky-Csupo have said that they can take a two-three page description of characters and story dynamics and make it into "Spongbob," and you'd think it would be easy to write something short once you try to distill "Gilligan's Island" to two pages.

So, say what you need. Say it here, if you want. I only recommend that you say exactly why you're here. Don't say you have a script if you only have an idea, etc.

I hope there will also be some strong suggestions for writers groups/url's of one kind or another. ( has an animation subgroup, or did, though animation writing has a long history of excluding residuals.

There is also the "collaborative" area, and if you have money, the "post jobs" threads. An animatic for a feature starts at $5,000 non-union, though you can find guys who'll bust their buns for a piece of the action and a ten cent cigar. One warning, though -- and you'll find it elsewhere -- ideas shared remain shared. Don't collaborate without a pre-nup saying who gets what ideas.

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