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02 February 2005, 04:18 PM
I've known for a long time, that right angles damage the reality of an image. This is fine when I'm building a single object, I can make sure to bevel as I build in such a way as to avoid said angles.

However, I'm running into more complex models now and it's getting to be rather laborious.

Example 1: I've been asked to make a desktop wallpaper of our company logo punched into a steel plate.

Since our company logo contains 30 letters, this means I've got to eliminate a whole heck of a lot of right angles... or else rebuild the logo from scratch and plan for avoiding right angles as I go along.

Example 2: I was building a city-scape. In order to help myself visualize the whole scene before going to detail, I built a bunch of rough geometry buildings. Now that I'm going back in to do detail I'm hating myself.

A friend of mine looked at the way I was building one time, and skoffed, saying that I "do everything the hardway". But he wouldn't elaborate on the "less hard way" (note that I didn't say easy-way).

So I am turning to you cgtalkers to ask: Is there a better way?

Oh, and since someone's bound to ask: I'm a LW 7.5d user.

02 February 2005, 06:29 PM
Sometimes, clever way of selecting edges to be bevelled helps a lot - example using wings 3d workflow would be selecting edge ring, converting it to faces selection, and then to boundary edges - hard to see without example, simple in reality. Other thing to keep in mind, bevel tells a lot about object scale - small objects have relatively more 'smooth' edges, big ones appear more sharp. In case of buildings, which by the way are not shiny (so no edge highlights), maybe you don't have to bevel EVERY edge.

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